Arsenal avoid big guns in FA cup but face tricky visit to Sheffield

I bet there were a lot of unhappy Arsenal fans watching the Spuds get knocked out of the FA Cup by lowly Norwich last night, and I would have loved to see Jose Mourinho’s face at the end. So we won’t have the pleasure of knocking out our noisy neighbours, but we were lucky enough to avoid Chelsea, Man City and Man United in the Quarter Finals.

We will probably have to face one of them if we get past Sheffield United, but with us and our three biggest rivals all drawn to play away from home there is every chance of an upset or two…

Sheffield United vs Arsenal

Newcastle vs Man City

Norwich vs Derby or Manchester United

Leicester vs Chelsea

Chelsea will certainly not have it easy at Leicester, who have only lost three home games all season, which is less our opponents Sheffield United, but it must be noted that in their last 15 games in all competitions, Sheffield have only lost to Liverpool and Man City (twice) so it is certain to be a very tricky game indeed, especially as we have already lost at Bramall Lane this season.

I hope Arteta has improved our away form by then, as we have to go to both Man City and Brighton before facing the Blades…


  1. Unhappy arsenal fans??
    I bet almost all fans are happy they got knocked out!!
    who would be unhappy because spuds got knocked out? I guess no one

  2. Our biggest rivals are within our team, not the opposition we play.If Arteta selects his favorites then the opposition will be gifted a chance to win the game on a platter.Umpteen number of time the so called “seniors” have lets us down, yer get continually selected. Maybe he too wants to get a quick compensation for his by inviting a sack, who knows? Why does he keep selecting players who let Emery, Freddie and himself down? I do not seem too confident of his selections and tactics. Has he improved the end result? No in my opinion. Get rid of Aubameyang and we are doomed to keep company with the relegation teams next year. Progressing to the FA cup next round will depend who wants to win it more Wilder or Arteta, depends on which players want to win it more Sheff or Arsenal. Sadly most fans know these answers.

    1. Spot on! A like a lot about Arteta, but he’s making the same mistakes that his predecessors made. How the likes of Luiz, Ozil, Xhaka, and Bellerin are STILL starting is mind boggling!

      Say what you want about Emery, but at least he had the balls to drop Ozil.

      1. If I remember correctly, he had the balls to drop Xhaka, drop Luiz, drop Ozil and drop Bellerin – he dropped everyone it seems and what happened?

        We were in a relegation fight , the club was in turmoil, the Emirates was half empty and the players were in revolt against him.

        But forget about all that, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER is that he made the decision to drop Ozil (who he made captain of course) and what we CAN say about Emery, after this momentous decision, HE GOT THE SACK.
        No need to say anymore really!!!!LOL

          1. RSH, let me ask you this, name me UE’s first team eleven from the eighteen months he was here, because I haven’t a clue!!!

            I think he brought back and dropped every single player he had, so I don’t see what point you are making, especially as he was sacked for the results he achieved?

            Perhaps, in retrospect, the fact that he dropped Ozil (along with so many others), then made him captain, then dropped him from the squad, then brought him back in the team, on and off during the eighteen months he was here, probably did set TMJW’s heart a thumping, as he always rated UE?

            What we must remember, with pride it seems, is the fact that he had the balls to do, as TMJW obviously does -personally I can’t imagine any other professional manager/coach making such a fool of himself over so many players and one in particular, can you?

          2. i guess we sort of agree in a way then. Emery was bad because he was bad, not because he dropped the right or wrong players.

        1. Ken and how much of the changing of line ups was due to the lack of depth in the squad due to injuries, particularly to defenders? It is difficult to not select underperforming players when your selection options are reduced by injuries. Unfortunately people forget the injuries, particularly the long term ones which Emery had to cope with. Arteta has had fewer injuries, but is still being let down as we’re his predecessors.

    2. Loose Cannon, Wonderful comments(he added SARCASTICALLY!!!) Yes, from the huge choice of world class players Arteta has in every single position, he actually had the temerity to select those players you list. What a dreadful crime and so off with his head! Anyone would think he actually doesn’t even want to win the quadruple that we are actively hunting for this season. And all he really wants is COMPENSATION for himself as you now reveal; now why ever did no one else realise that, I wonder! Not as if he had little choice IN SELECTION, eh?

    3. Very true especially the Aterta Lacazette affair it has costed us a lot…just to mention Europa league glory…
      If he can play Auba on his natural position flanked by Martinelli and Nelson will surely go a long way….

  3. Loose cannon…what an appropriate name you have.

    Our biggest rivals are within our team?????
    No, it’s fans like you, who question anything/everything that MA is doing, who are the biggest enemy at our club.

    Suggesting that he wants the sack to get compensation??

    What are you for heavens sake, a troll from down the road?
    You are certainly not a “supporter” of the club, with this kind of toxic statement.

    You say he selects his “favourite senior players”, simply because YOU don’t rate the players he is choosing – it has nothing to do with “favourites”, how could he have such players after just three months?
    It seems that you do have favourites however and have an axe to grind because he isn’t selecting your choices.
    He is selecting them on what he sees as the best to fufill his vision in every match, surely that is obvious, even for someone who thinks MA wants to get the sack!!!

    Your idea of supporting our club, is to question whether the players and coach do not want to win the game like Sheffield United and follow that with “sadly most fans know these answers – I despair that you see yourself as supporting our club, it’s so called fans like you who are destroying the club, it’s fan base and making easy targets for the media.

    1. A troll from down the road? No brother a die hard Arsenal Fan since 1998, still upset at the Olympiacos loss with the players who in your opinion (and I do respect it) are raising Arsenal from the ashes, it’s the other way round. I’m not too impressed with Arteta at the moment.

    2. Ken , It seems Loose Cannon(well named too, as you say!) does not understand why MA failed to pick Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe and co instead of those HE HAD THE TEMERITY TO PICK. How could MA be so daft! Off with his head!

      1. Jon, the real sickener for me is that a supposed fan since 1998, believes that a man like Mikel Arteta is playing certain players in order to get the sack and obtain compensation from the club – and then another fan says “spot on” to that ludicrous view.

        Are these fans/views really meant to be taken seriously, or, as I suspect, are they just trolls from down the road?

        Everyone has their personal views on individual players, long may it last, but to actually put forward (and then be seconded) that a decent man like MA is deliberately losing games because of his choice of players is unbelievable!!!

      2. Good evening Jon.Can you explain how are Leicester, Sheffield and Wolverhampton above us at the moment without Ronaldo Messi, Neymar and Mbappe? Pal, it’s determination to win.Even Chelsea and United do not have an all star team yet they are above us. Sir, it all boils down to determination which is sadly lacking at Arsenal from head coach to players on the pitch, from owners to the directors. Maybe I have to start learning to accept mediocrity (only in following Arsenal).

        1. In case Jon doesn’t see this, I will answer it for him (he might disagree of course).
          If you follow The Arsenal, the fact that MA took over half way through the season from the disaster known as UE, couldn’t have passed you by, surely?

          We were fighting relegation, the Emirates was half empty, the players were arguing with the fans, the fans were arguing with each other – the club sacked UE.

          During this period, all the clubs you mentioned, plus Palace, Newcastle and more, were better than us and took the opportunity to be above us.

          Since MA took over, we have seen renewed determination, great man-management and strict rules, we are unbeaten away, climbing up the table and are within striking distance of a CL place….this with a manager/coach you claim wants to get the sack actually getting 100% more from the same players he has at his disposal, including those you seem to ridicule.

          If you are an Arsenal fan, making accusations about MA wanting to be sacked is as low as one can go – pretty sure Jon will agree with me on this, along with 99.9% of the fan base.

  4. They may well be happy with the draw, as we’ve lost there already this season.
    Let’s face it, there’s no ‘easy’ tie.. this is the quarter finals!! The holders are still in, some teams are hoping to win it for the first time, we’d love to win it again!
    I believe we’ll be up for this, let’s just hope Mr Dean isn’t refereeing!

    1. Just the name Mr Dean makes me shiver. 🤤😬😬😬😬😬. How can a fair tackle fracture a player ankle. There is not fair about a bone breaking tackle. Bolton went in too hard and that is looks malicious to me.

      1. Unfortunately Mobella, in a contact sport like football you have to go in hard or risk being injured yourself. The injury to Torreira was unfortunate, unlike the disgraceful tackle by Shaw of Stoke City on Ramsey.

  5. Shf utd away is a tough match but lets see and if i remember correctly we are unbeaten away under MA

    1. Shakir and MA has had the balls to select the players he feels will win him games and remain unbeaten away – not endear himself to any one fan!!!

      It will be a tough game, but quarter finals always are and we should have Tierney, Soares and Mari up and running to be, at least, considered for selection PLUS the unfortunate injury to Lucas, might just see AMN grab the opportunity to shine!!!

      No, let the blades worry about us, not the other way round.

  6. Not sure that there are unhappy arsenal fans regarding the Spurs lost. It was pleasing indeed.

    And I trust that Arteta will start taking the FA Cup seriously now. It’s a good chance to grab some silverware so I am expecting to see our more senior players in the starting lineup when the quarter finals get rolling. Lets gather some much needed momentum leading up to the Sheffield game.

    1. Gregooner, Oh, I don’t know ! I am a lifelong Gooner and so obviously have a real love for our beloved next door neighbours and so am bereft and heartbroken at Spuds exit, just as the article suggestd. Of course just like the article , I COULD be being ironic, incredible as that concept may seem to SOME! Wouldn’t you agree!

    2. Unfortunately it pains me to see that the Arsenal has fallen so far, that fans get a lift from the misfortune of others. There was a time we would have been totally indifferent and just worried about ourselves.
      Sheffield United away will be a test, but at least Arsenal are there to compete to make the semi finals. The game will be won by whoever is best on the day.

  7. We owe them one☝️ no easy games left in any case we beat Chelsea and man u in route to winning

    1. All I know is that, we are proceeding to meet with Chelsea or Man U.

      And any of the big remaining3 in finals

  8. Isn’t it amazing how silent all the Mourinho lovers are in the aftermath of Spuds loss in the FA qualifiers?

    The ‘greatest coach of all time’ and Arsenal missed out on hiring him and went for …Mikel Arteta instead?

    I have always known that we dodged a bullet there. Imagine… Mourinho. All those living the lie and thinking he was and has always been the next big thing since sliced bread, speak up now.

    Oh, you lost your tongue?

  9. Unimaginable, yes, but it happened. The ‘cheap option’ made by the ‘penny-pinching club’ has qualified for the quarterfinals of the FA Cup and beaten the great Carlo Ancelotti while at it.

    Strange things happening…

  10. First and foremost no diehard Arsenal fan will ever be unhappy at the loss of the Spuds. Secondly calling Norriddge lowly is unfair as they must have definitely played well to defeat the Spuds. Thirdly no game is easy and we cannot be complacent otherwise the same thing will happen that happened in the EUL game. We have to prepare well for the Sheffield game to win. Up the Gunners!

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