Arsenal back down on Barca but fans want transfer cash splashed

Well it might not have been a massive victory for Arsenal fans in the grand scheme of things, but I must admit that I was surprised as well as delighted to see that some pressure from us long suffering supporters has actually paid off for once.

As reported in the Evening Standard, the fury and frustration of the Arsenal fans after the club tried to sneakily add on a charge to next year’s season tickets because we are playing Barcelona in the next phase of the Champions League caused a backlash, with many contacting the club in outrage to protest.

And for once the powers that be at Arsenal have listened to us lowly plebs and scrapped the Barca surcharge, claiming that they did this because they felt that the fans might have been unaware of club policy. While this might feel like a small victory, I wonder if it shows that clubs are still aware of how important the fans are to them and their money making.

Maybe next we could use this new found fan power to demand that they actually start using the massive cash reserves gathering dust and actually splash the cash on some big transfer additions?

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  1. Arsenal will not cease to surprise me……..

    Keep talking bout issues ahead (meeting with barca) when we can barely even handle issues on ground (EPL) …… Infact our title chances are in Jeopardy and yet they are busy debating and dicussing bout a battle of the men (bayern, real, barca etc) and arsenal are the tender boys with a few cheap ammunitions

    Realistically, the EPL should have been the major focus (not saying i dn’t value the UCL) ….. But where do u think we really fit in most?

    If we fail to do what’s right against the cherries 2day and subsequent games ahead, then we have to take a long hard look at ourselves and wonder if we can take the fight to Barca!

  2. Arsenal and Wenger jst makes me sick,i hvnt been a happy man since yestdy wen i witnessd that leicestrs performanc against city…really why always us Lord…God u gave us almost 4 chances to cement the top spot and as always we blew them…i realy feel betrayd by Wenger coz its clear that we wont win it this season even aftr God made all our rivals weakr…does anyone out there feels like me or am jst on ma world of my own! 🙁

  3. “I think it’s great to see Leicester doing do well,” Wenger told
    “You always ask me, ‘Why do you not buy a big-name?’ but Leicester is a fantastic
    example that football is not only about just spending the money.
    “It’s the quality of work and it’s important to think that the quality of the work can get you there.
    “Leicester are a very good example for our league. The advantage they have until the end of the season, apart from our fans and the City fans and Tottenham fans, is that the rest of the country is behind Leicester.”

    Wenger gotta be one of the Biggest fooL from the planet of the Apes

    He got 12good yrs to have produced a Leicester X12 Arsenal….and he screwed all the chances over

    now he talking bull…… How much was vardy , mahrez, kante, morgan or even huth worth…..then compare em to how much he got squallici, denilson, chamackh, kim kardashian, sanogo etc not to mention the current crop of players prsently in the team doing absolutely nothing

    He should be ashame to think he’s been vindicated by Leicester

    1. Not to mention Leicester are playing with NO pressure because no one expects them to challenge for the title let alone top 4, as a result they’re able to play like they have nothing to lose, which in turn allows them to beat practically anyone they face. In addition they’re not in the FA cup or UCL so have a lot less to play in comparison to Arsenal. Shame on Wenger for comparing them to us, why not mention Tottenham who spent 120m on a squad and are currently above us with more goals ??!

    2. Soopa, what you and Wenger are failing to mention is how all those other seasons the top teams were very strong much better than in this season. Wenger should not get comfortable thinking this is going to be how things are from now on because the big teams will be back stronger than ever. And you should not be comparing this season to other seasons because this is a first ..and we are in the race if you haven’t noticed.

    3. @SA
      But yet you and many others on here cry about him throwing huge sums of cash to get “top, top world class Players” And how lower league players are not good enough, etc…
      You fools need to give it a rest already.

  4. In the summer we all know
    Flamini Rosicky Arteta
    and Sanogo are all gone.
    Debuchy (no good) Wilshere (injuries)
    Wellbeck (no good) should be off loaded too.
    Hopefully these three will get game time
    at Euro 2016 helping raise their selling price.
    It may be the right time to off load others too.
    Arteta 24 mill (price and salary combined).
    Flamini 7mill
    Rosicky 40 mill
    Wilshere 24 mill
    Debuchy 18 mill
    Wellbeck 22 mill
    Walcott 40 mill
    Chamblin 25mill
    Giroud 22 mill. Over 30 yrs
    Cazorla 28 mill Over 30.
    Mertesacker 24 mill Over 30.
    274 million needed to recoup spending on these players.
    during which time we won no EPL.

    1. Of course 274 million
      is only a small part of the
      1,700 million Arsenal
      spent on players and wages
      over the past 12 years.
      Does one EPL win justify the 1,700 million spend?
      Should we have won more for less?
      Or will one win be a good return on the investment?

      1. We would need to recoup money if we weren’t doing so well with merchandise ticket prices and advertising, those days of selling off players are gone and the ones being sold would not be on that list.

        I honestly don’t get the point you are making, is that these players are a waste and would have only been useful if we could make a profit. And the 1700 mil thing, you must be exaggerating of course to emphasise a point.

    2. Welbeck no good? You can’t be serious.
      There’s no need to sell Cazorla also. Maybe we should get in a younger competition for him. El Nenny might be that player.
      Mertesacker and Giroud will still be useful from the bench. Why sell them?

  5. Why would a club this big charge high for a single match albeit against Barca when ticket prices are at premium and then suddenly back down with knowledge that it is the costliest in the world, the club has great seats and no atmosphere. The team plays with Flamini and Ramsey which is such a great partnership who can’t pass the ball and lose procession in the middle of the park and a manager praising players when they perform while trying to play the failed Arsenal way. The club should be embarrassed and put Sir Alex in charge of this club before Wenger says it is a success of a season.

  6. I think most Arsenal fans are just as soft as it can be. I watched Liverpool fans actually walk out of the stadium yesterday. I asked myself,,,,,can Arsenal fans do the same?. Never . We love to talk but no action. Wenger will forever screw us till he feels ok n retires.

  7. I read an article on this site saying ***Arsenal must accept the Wenger fourth trophy***. Well these are the kind of fans we are. From the board to Wenger And from the players to the fans,,,,,specialist in failures. How should the site even allow such an article be published here? Incredible

  8. To the game people, hugely crucial that we dare not cock this one up. I am more nervous than I normally would be with a fixture like this. I really hope from the first minute we look to have game face on and just play ball instead of those nervous looking starts then sloppy passing. I reckon Alexis will will the ball into the net knowing how we have confidence issues in attack.

    Another thing, remember earlier in season Walcott was played and looked dangerous, he scored a few and others scored. Then things got sour over a three game period I think it was and Giroud upped his performances. Well Giroud has gone sour in a similar way, so Im wondering is Wenger going to switch back. I do remember Giroud was coming off the bench and doing well before he got his place back. If todays a blank then he has to try that or something at least.

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