Arsenal backed to finish above Spurs but NOT Leicester

Arsene Wenger himself suggested in the Arsenal press conference yesterday that it was Leicester City that was the main obstable bween his Arsenal side and the Premier League trophy this season, although the manager did suggest that we could do it with eight wins from the remaining eight EPL games.

He is a bit biased mind you and it will be a minor miracle if the Gunners can win eight in a row even though the remaining fixtures are not the toughest of run ins for us. Perhaps a more balanced view is required to get a more realistic look at the likely finish to the season and former Arsenal and Celtic striker and current football pundit Charlie Nicholas has attempted to do just that.

He gave his prediction to Sky Sports of how he sees the remaining fixtures going for Arsenal and our two main title rivals Tottenham and Leicester. Charlie does not think we will win all of our games but he has backed us to perform well and win six of them. But he feels that Man City and Sunderland will hold us to draws, leaving Arsenal on 75 points at the end.

And going on how he thinks the spuds will do, that would be enough for the Gunners to finish above our north London rivals, but not above the current league leaders Leicester. He does think they will drop points though and finish on the same 79 points that Arsenal would have with eight more wins.

How do you guys see the rest of the season going for the top three?

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  1. There’s this old saying “The season/day Tottenham tops Arsenal, then that season Arsenal will win the league”..

    Having said that’, we may finish above them this season… From all indications, we’ll top manu,manc, liverpool and chelsea but will end up not winning the league. That’s the sad thing about this season.

    It’s so sad!

  2. we are a point in time where many thinks finishing above spuds becomes a TroPhy!

    *HurtfuL feeLing*

  3. Lets just wait and see how these weekend game’s goe,
    I just hope that the rumours of wenger dropping Ozil for today’s game, were an April fools joke!
    Apparently Wenger wasn’t happy about Ozil’s comments,
    Where he clearly stated facts on how we messed up our chances of winning the premier league this season.

    All we can ask for is that our player’s turn up and fight as a team, for their remaining game’s.

    1. If Wenger drops Ozil it won’t be because of the comments he made although to be fair I would drop him because he does not believe in the fight anymore. If he will drop Ozil (not sure why would he though) is because maybe Ozil wants out. And that is something no one can do anything about it. Wenger included. Especially him.

  4. There won’t be any cause for us we the Arsenal fans to be sad over it. For Arsenal are going to be officially crowned this season Barclays Premier League Champions by the FA. And by consequence, that means they’ve finished above the rampaging Leicester City playing squad and the disrespectful to Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur playing squad.

    If it isn’t disrespectful, how can Tottenham Hotspur imagined in their wildest of imaginations ever think they’ll finish above Arsenal in the Premier League table era when St. Tottenringham’s Day is there watching over them with his 2 eyes wide open?

    The process of Arsenal becoming Champions of the Barclays Premier League this season will earnestly begins today at the Ems were the Gunners will send the Hornets flying helter-skelter for their dear lives as they are gunpowdered shot by the Gunners with 6 of the running Hornets falling down on the Ems playing turf as caught prey.

    And Tottenham Hotspur suddenly caught cold later today and Liverpool made a miss-meat of them at Anfield by walopping them 3-0.

    While Leicester received a setback to their ever Premier League title dreams as the Saints made them to see the reality that, to win the title when Arsenal are contending for it is a mountainous climb too difficult for them to climb as the Saints hammered them 0-2 at their King Power Stadium to the amazement of Sir, Alex Ferguson.

    AFC 6-0 WFC @ full-time 90m +.

  5. Liverpool win, Leicster/Southampton draw after we win today has to happen for us to have any chance. We play away to West Ham Next, Home to Palace then our game in hand at Home to West Brom… need to be picking up maximum points to be in with a shout! If we manage to win these games then we can consider being back in the title race.

    The boys need to show up today and make each game from now to the end of the season as must wins, full concentration and commitment to make up for this mess up this season.

  6. Good win today. I am happy. But very weak Watford performance. We will need to step up much more in the next 3 games. Because they will be much harder games. I have excepted we won’t win the league but it will be good to finish strong

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