Arsenal backed to sign 28 year-old with ‘unfinished business’

Arsenal are backed to sign former midfielder Jack Wilshere following his release from West Ham.

The midfielder left the Gunners in 2018 on a free transfer to join up with the Hammers, but that move didn’t really work out.

Wilshere has now agreed to mutually terminate his contract in East London, and will now seek a new club for the new campaign.

There is links claiming that he could join up with a lower-league side to train with in order to keep his fitness levels up whilst he searches for a new club, but that may not be needed.

TalkSPORT‘s Adrian Durham believes a return to Arsenal makes much more sense however, especially after hearing his return being rumoured.

“I’ve heard a rumour that Jack Wilshere was going to go back to Arsenal”, Durham told his listeners live on air.

“I know people might scoff at it, but actually I think there’s a lot of sense there.

“He won’t be playing every week, but with a Europa League campaign, I think he’ll be well managed by Arteta.

“I think it’ll be a sentimental thing but I think it’ll be a positive thing for Jack Wilshere to go back to Arsenal and contribute.

“There’s unfinished business for Jack at Arsenal. He was meant to do something really special at Arsenal Football Club.

“If he goes back there he’s got an understanding manager who will put his arm around him and allow him that time to stay fit and to play and express himself.

“I think it could be the perfect thing for him.”

Wilshere would likely be welcomed back to Arsenal by the fans, but I imagine the club would be eager to weigh any such contract on an appearance basis.

Could Arsenal offer Wilshere a route back to Arsenal? Would Arteta’s approach be ideal for bringing Wilshere back into first-team football?


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  1. Adrian Durham hates Arsenal and you believe what he says?????
    We should only bring back Wilshere if we want someone to clean the treatment room.
    I hear Arsenal are after Rosicky as well

  2. Pay as you play. Simple at that. Hes earned enough throughout his career and obviously got a pay out for West Ham to terminate his contract.

    He would need to stay injury free and play well to get a permanent contract anywhere in the higher leagues.

  3. Seems like a pointless signing. Awful injury record, never broke into West Ham XI at any point during his time there either. The last time he played consistent football was years ago. From an Arsenal perspective, why go backwards? His best Arsenal games were still when he was a teenager. Thats a decade ago now. I think many fans still cling onto the false hope he’ll reach those heights even though he’s in his late 20’s now. He’ll do well to find a Championship side.

    1. You sound harsh in your assessment RSH but the reality is that his best days are behind him. I agree with you so that makes me seem harsh too 😔. It’s such a shame that his career has gone so awry

  4. Football is a ruthless business and no room for sentimentality. We’ve got to remember that he left 3-4 years ago coz he was surplus to requirement brought by injuries. As Gary Neville once said Wilshere had not improved since leaving junior academy. Add to that injuries 100k per week he earned onerous for any club. We can support but can’t make them do what we want.

  5. Top level fotball clubs can never hope to be successsful if run on sentiment. I am heartened to see those posts so far saying,in effect, exactly that.

    I will be astonished if the new professional thinking by those now in direct charge of the team give a moments thought to this clear non starter idea, thrown out in typical controversial style by that arch self publicist and low class radio man Adrian Durham.

  6. Not even on a pay-as-you-play please. We can only register a 25-man squad and we have too many at the moment. The last thing we want is to drop a player for another who could be injured most of the season

  7. Wilshire is finished, he has earned himself a fortune lying on hospital beds, I will be shocked in a club offers him another professional contract. He’s a lucky man to have made so much money without playing football. As far as I’m concerned, he can only come back to Arsenal as a ball boy, so he can work for some of the huge amount of money he earned from the club when his daddy Mr Wenger was still our coach. Do you know that if Wenger was still our coach, Wilshire will still be an arsenal player?
    Hell No!

  8. Don’t worry about Jack Wilshere, if you want to resign any one sign the Gunnersaurus , he’s been loyal, never had years off injured, the kids love him and he’s a lot cheaper than sicknote.

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