Arsenal bang in title trouble despite Man City slip

It was a huge relief for Arsenal fans to see Man City slip to their first defeat, and their first dropped points, in the Premier League this season. West Ham did us a huge favour by adding the scalp of the league leaders to that of us and Liverpool. Let´s hope they can do the same to Man United and Chelsea.

But even though City´s defeat means they did not stretch their lead and that the Gunners are still just a recoverable five points behind them, we still have big problems in our hopes of winning the Premier League. Arsenal have played some decent football but we are nowhere near looking like champions.

Yes the referee Mike Dean played a huge part in our loss at Chelsea but having said that we have a lot to blame ourselves for as well. The defending for the first goal was slack and it is not the first time this season. The attacking play was not quite crisp enough and our strikers are not finishing the chances they do get.

In fact the whole team are just not quite at it yet. It is still early days but I am worried that time and games are getting away from us and we need to see the best of Arsenal very soon, because unless we do then I see our title hopes riding off into the sunset.

Do you think Arsenal can still do it?

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  1. No. A simple answer. No matter Man City slip or not.

    Be realistic with the players we have now. We are just an above average team aiming at 4th place.

    1. In the whole first half when we had 11 players on the pitch we didn’t create a single chance as much as the ref was terrible!

  2. i know costa did his part in Gabriel sending off…but its was cazrola and other teammates responsiblity to get him away from costa…
    i like the fact that with coq and gabriel we hav fighters..
    i m nw worried abt goals its just nt clicking for the team

    1. Yes goals are a problem we didn’t create any chances against Chelsea even when we had 11 players on the field,since 2012 when Mourinho came back to Chelsea we have failed to even score against them I’m not counting the community shield friendly

  3. This team is not ready for title. May be we can fight for 2nd or 3rd. This is being real. No shame in being realistic. And it will keep our nerves calm. The only shame is still believing that Wenger and the team that he built can challenge for PL and UCL. Get real. Period.

    1. You think cause you say “this is being real” that your assessment is accurate? That’s your opinion bro and I don’t agree with it at all. This team can win the PL for sure, I’m not sure about the CL this year but we have a strong enough team and squad to do it this year.

      1. And you immediately after dismissed someone else’s beliefs , exactly the s thing by saying you are ‘sure’ we can win the premises league.:)

        Arsenal under AW an with his team cannot and will not win the PL or UCL. Mark my words.

        1. I said CAN as in we are capable as in we have a fighting chance. He’s completely dismissing us from the title race. But your right I should’ve been more clear

  4. I think the next couple of weeks will tell us a lot of the make-up of our squad especially if Coquelin is injured.

    Speaking in regards to the match while Costa’s thuggery should have gotten him sent off most of our problems were self inflicted and this wa the Arsenal we’ve come to know and expect.

    First of all before the match EVERYONE should have been well acquainted with Costa’s antics and one of our biggest priorities should have been NOT TO LET HIM GET UNDER OUR SKIN. Gabriel has to realize, I’m n a yellow card and this guy is egging me on but it’s still anyone’s game, I have to walk away.

    He doesn’t, gets a straight red for a needless reaction out of nothing, gets sent off and leaves the team a man light at the toughest away ground to visit in the league, moreover he misses the next 3 matches as a result while the guy he replaces is out with a chest infection.

    The referee was wrong yes, 100% BUT our players have got to maintain focus, we were still at 0 – 0. But we then lose our concentration and get done by poor defending at a se piece yet again. Cazorla then gets sent off and Coquelin is injured.

    This is why I think we aren’t ready to win the league yet. In these matches we HAVE to learn to stay strong and get something out of it. A point would have put us a very recoverable 4 points behind City. Moreover we might have still had all 11 men on the pitch.

    The team has to be mre mature, it’s fine margins that cost you at this level

    1. So 5 points isn’t managable? If you think 5 points isn’t managable 6 games into the season then clearly this is your first time watching the premier league…..

      While I do agree with a majority of what you said I really really like what I saw from gabriel, I loved that he stood up for Koscielny and got right in that ugly f*cks face. I know that red cost us but I really liked the fight and loyalty I saw from him.

  5. Please arsene play the strongest team available against spurs. Whenever we get such a tight run of fixtures we always go down. We have already lost twice this week.
    And ya, I don’t think we will be winning the title.

  6. Your right cause wenger hasn’t won 3 premier league titles and 6 FA cups and in 18 years hasn’t finished lower than 4th but ya man your right. Can’t stand fans like you

    1. Yes he has won 3premier leagues the last being 12 going on 13years ago. Sorry but these days FA doesnt mean much you know that the big ones are the League and Champions league to be recognised as a great team but its just nice to win something for a change and kept wenger his job imo. Look the way things are we need a change arsene is out of touch and teams now KNOW how to beat arsenal… look at what the Zagreb coach said about Arsenes Arsenal team, 99 was last time they won a champions league game and Arsene now has the worst record for a manager in europe when it comes to losses. I was optimistic about Arsene and Arsenal when we signed Cech but we needed that extra boost or 2 in players and not even WC as everyonr raves on about but he didnt improve on what we had last season! Thats down to Wenger and Kronke.
      Wenger/Kronke OUT
      Klopp/Usmanov IN

  7. I absolutely love Gabriel, he doesn’t take sh°t from anyone, a real fighter. He’s Wenger’s best buy recently in my eyes. We need two, three more player’s like him.

    1. Agreed. I loved what I saw from him. He hasn’t been pampered like our other players he’s had to fight and work to get where he is, not to long ago he was in Brazil

      1. He cost us three points remember he needed to use his head more and keep away after he shrugged costa off off at the first incident.. i also liked how he stood for kosc but had that been done by the whole team atleast the reff wouldnt been able to single out one player.. we need unity .. gabriel needed support from all others to go in there and sorround costa and then shove him in between when the cameras are kept at bay.

  8. I agree with fans Gabriel is the only one who is aggressive the rest were yesterday like a bunch of school boys we need players like viera/piers/lauren/keown if costa had done that one of these guys they would have sorted him out

  9. For once, l thot Wenger had beaten Moron loud mouth to his game…. Keep it tight for as long as can be, they are already under pressure….. Throw in AOC n Giroud last 15 minutes n he them with TW upfront…. attack… see how it goes… But Dean n Costa knew exactly what they wanted… l will Never Never have respect for Dean. He is a disgrace… How does a thug like Costa get away with a yellow n Carzola gets sent off….. Um devastated…

  10. After the failure to strengthen any outfield positions. Winning the league was never realistic. And in truth the fans I talk to are not expecting this season to yield anything. We have tough games ahead without key players. I genuinely did not get massively upset by the result, in my head I knew Chelsea would win. We are a club that’s drifting at the moment without leadership at the board, management and on the pitch. We announced another 27m profit and the cash balance is 200m. What’s the purpose of Arsenal anymore?

  11. It’s way too early to say who can or cannot win the title. If aguero gets injured city are in trouble if hazrd gets injured Chelsea are in more trouble… Who knows what will happen if your going to predict at this stage Leicester or west ham will win with Watford in Europe…

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