Arsenal banish complaining star from first team training

Ainsley Maitland-Niles has been banished from the Arsenal first-team after he broke his silence to criticise the club on Social Media about his desire to leave.

The Gunners had fielded interest from Everton, who wanted to take him on loan with a buy option.

The Daily Mail says in a hastily organised meeting, he was told that he would be needed during the season and cannot leave.

He wasn’t happy with the verdict and took to his Instagram account to post ‘All I wanna do is go where I’m wanted and where I’m gonna play @arsenal.’

This message has angered the Arsenal hierarchy and he was told that he is not wanted around their first team training for now.

The Gunners remain busy in this transfer window and are expected to sell a few more players before the window closes today.

Maitland-Niles played on loan at West Brom in the second half of last season, predominantly as a midfielder, but he has since told Mikel Arteta that he wants to play as a full-back now.

He is yet to start a match for the Gunners and didn’t start when Arteta made several changes to his team to face West Brom in the Carabao Cup.

It remains unclear how long he would be forced to train away from the first team, but this might be a long and painful season for him if he doesn’t get a move away today.

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  1. MA ousting another player that wants to play…shocked! AMN was not sharp to do what he did but I’m betting it was as an absolute last resort because management weren’t taking him seriously.

    So he’s needed…but also banished from training???? MA’s logic in action again.

    1. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!!!
      Our club stumbles from one farcical situation to another in record time – how many more players are going to show their frustration at this debacle?

      1. Is his Mum back on the scene?

        Whoever is advising Ainsley needs sacking, he was happy to sign his contract and play at full back/wing back which was good enough to get him in the England squad. Then he has this delusional idea that he is suddenly a centre midfield, even though at least 5 managers (McCarthy, Southgate, Wenger, Emery, arteta) to my knowledge think otherwise.

        So after failing to show that and helping to take west brom down he returns to arsenal and states again he only wants to play in midfield.

        Everton make an offer that is not acceptable to the club, but watch this space, with a right back on the verge of signing, the club could yet let him go especially if we can now sign a midfielder, may be aouar on loan? Or perhaps a p/ex deal bissouma for Nketiah? Everton also looking for a striker.

        1. @Atid If he doesn’t enjoy itvas much that’s completely his choice.

          Imagine you tell your boss you prefer a different role more and he calls you delusional for it…that’s what you’ve just done.

          1. Not really. People are trained for roles, you couldn’t just say to a boss “oh I know I’ve done alright dressing bandages… how’s about you let me perform brain surgery now?” Admittedly I’m exaggerating for a bit of fun but seriously, you want to swap roles in a job you have to train and prove yourself, even if it’s just a change of departments (and then there’s the endless amount of forms HR would make one go through). According to reports AMN has flip-flopped between roles despite there always being a place for him at full-back, he just seemingly had other aspirations, there was even a time where he was convinced he would be a winger. Can’t say I believe all reports but the fact he is quoted as stating his preference for three completely different roles at different times makes it seem like he perhaps isn’t the best at making decisions.

            I don’t want to get into who’s to blame Arteta/AMN/club/owners/fans etc as I, like most, don’t have all the details, and everything seems a mess right now. I was hoping for a far more efficient window but now it’s (nearly) over it’s just a case of accepting what we have and hoping it works.
            Really concerned about our CM options, the lack of overall ability, experience and fitness in this department could really be our undoing. If AMN wants to reinvent himself as a Bissouma style CM then who knows, maybe that’s a decision that’ll pay off for him.

    2. We can bet that he will not play for arsenal again as long as arteta remain manager
      I am still waiting for our August EPL goal of the month candidates so i can to vote

          1. Mikel Arteta has had three windows to build a competitive squad but none of his signings since he took over have convinced with their performance.

            To complicate things, he lacks the tactical intelligence to manage the players he met at the club.

            He also has demonstrated this with the treatment of William Saliba and Matteo Guendouzi and few others

            Both guendo and saliba have not been given a chance to impress under him, are doing well in their loan spell, and the club is lacking quality in their positions.

            Guendouzi has scored a goal in three league games for Marseille while the trio of Granit Xhaka, Sambi Lokonga, and Mohamed Elneny has failed to perform in the absence of Thomas Partey. Guendouzi was introduced to EPL against same opposition that beat us comprehensively 5:0 years back and he was the ★ of that day.

            William Saliba has also been vital for Marseille this season. He has formed a rock in their defense, making Marseille one of the best defensive teams in the Ligue 1( behind Angers, Nantes, and Rennes).

            Regardless of how people may try to see the whole pictures… There has been many questions than answers for this regime

  2. it seems that MA only plays players he likes, Maitland Niles has been treated very badly, and it seems that out so called manager has no people skill at all.

    1. Ain’t that what managers do? They sign and play players they rate and like. If they don’t like you or rate you you are out of the starting 11 or our of the club.
      It’s not such a revelation, is it? 😊

      1. The difference between what you said is in between the lines where you said like or rate…. You can hate a player but still rate him but in arteta’s case once you are hated you are not rated…
        Too bad


          Simply not rating a players ability is NOT hating him. If you fully understand English, then please do not again misuse such a sinister and evil word in a mere football context.

      2. Come on… Treatment of AMN is awful. If you dont like the player, just let him go or sell him… Arteta could have done that last year but fid not just to keep him on the bench and pay for not seeing him flourish or at least play on an opposite team… Plus not playing AMN but playing elneny, cedric, kolasinac… Last hear playing willian again and again… Seems that the selection is not always based on merit with arteta…

  3. Ainsley please hang about. You’ll be there longer than that manager. You are Arsenal through and through. He is a first time management ballsing it up big time.
    Play full back you are better than the others. And sometimes you can move infield, like you did when we were successful.

  4. Arsenal are right to demote him or even give him any punishment he deserves. He his under contract and no matter what happens, he should have kept his calm and maybe the Everton deal he craved for would have happened or he would have nailed down the RB position at Arsenal ahead of Cedric and Chambers because why retain him after Bellerin is certainly leaving, his action is unprofessional.

    1. But that is EXACTLY what MO did under his binding contract and some fans slaughter him for keeping his part of said contract and called him all the names under the sun.

      1. KEN, The worldly experienced man who, unfortunately, still believes that a contract – a legal agreement between more than one party – need only be fully observed by ONE of those parties!

  5. I thought that we in this country had a right to free speech whether under contract or not he has been treated badly by this idiot and he is right to voice his opinion

    1. Do you work for an institution? Tomorrow morning go swear at your boss in the name of free speech. See how far that gets you.. There is free speech and then there is a code of conduct government every institution..AFC is no different..

    2. Free speech at your own house or business / company. Not at someone else’s business or company.
      I bet you if AMN’s agent went on social media and took a shot at him he would immediately sack him. AMN is the employer/ boss and his agent is the employee.

    3. Free Speech exists, but you have to be prepared for consequences (financial/legal/etc). The idea that people can say what they want without any repercussions has never existed, and rightfully so.

  6. Don’t see what this guy brings to AFC except more drama.. Doesnt what to play in the one position that all managers see that he is best suited for…Good decision..

  7. I would advise him to be patient because Arteta’s tenure is short-lived. Wenger and Emery rated him, but Arteta doesn’t see what those two great managers saw. Arteta lacks the peoples’ management

    1. Except for the fact that AMN never objected to playing full back. A journalist once asked him his favorite position (he played many over the years) and he said midfield. That is how the myth got started.

    2. plus, what is funny is that he played when we won FA cup and community the guy was rated before, delivered when given the chance under arteta but have been treated so badly since…. Seeing elneny (no progression margin, older) ceballos (short term solution, so no project) always ahrad of him last year… I would be mad if i was him. Just when arriving at international level, frozen by his club… I am waiting to see what will happen until christmas… Hope he gets some minutes. Not one game and be judged but decent minutes in a run of games. I dont understand why some people keep saying he moght not be arsenal quality. We have cedric, we have elneny, we had ceballos, we have xhaka and his many blunders, we had willian last year. We have kolasinac. We had auba lasy year that went through dozen of games without producing anything game after game… All these players were given a lot more minutes so this argument makes no sense. He deserves some solid game time, at least as a back-up. He is hungry, may have ego… But dont we need also that ?! We have to give him a try, otherwide what was the point not selling him last september or this window… If he is not quality MA should not have been afraid of letting him hamper Everton no ?

  8. AMN should get a medal for not succumbing to our idiotic director and manager Edu and Arteta. He is right. Arteta is shambolic. Reality is tell the truth, our results tell the TRUTH. They are not Unlucky, they are not Accidental, they have a factual cause….. Mikel Arteta. Every result has a cause….Cause and Effect a universal law, science The cause of the Arsenal sickness is Arteta.

  9. A lot of persons here will support anything and anyone who’s against Arteta. It doesn’t matter what has happened, as long as it concerns Arsenal, then Arteta must be at fault. If a player comes out tomorrow and insult the fans, they’d say he was sent by Arteta. If the club is sold and it’s not to someone the fans here like, they will blame Arteta.

    There are countless football clubs around the world. If Arsenal is no longer meeting your heart’s desires and you do not think she’s still worthy of your support through and through, irrespective of who the manager or owners are, kindly pick another club and stop already with the hate.

    Majority of you asked for Kola to be played against City. It happened. Yet, y’all still cursed Arteta for playing him.

    Y’all won’t stop moaning about the money spent so far this season, simply because the players bought are not your choice players. A mistake made by any player not liked by fans and he is tagged the worst player in the history of football. Aouar is suddenly the best thing to have happened to football because Arteta failed to sign him. Camavinga is suddenly the future of football, because Arteta didn’t sign him. Buendia is now suddenly better than the combination of Gilberto, Makelele and Mascherano because Arteta didn’t sign him. Guendozi is suddenly the best passer of the ball, because Arteta loaned him out and Salina is the god of defense because Arteta loaned him out and suddenly Marseille is the best club in the world as a result of both players. Y’all don’t just get tired of the hate.

    It’s so depressing to come here and read all the vile stuffs you pretend fans say about the club, manager and players. If the players were to read the stuffs y’all say about them, playing would even be difficult for them. But ya all can keep at it, but Arteta is going no where and he will shut y’all up in no time. He is the man for the job and he will deliver. Whether y’all choose to trust the process or not.

    1. I am sorry but it is not being against MA… Or not in all comments if you read them. It is also about giving the proper treatment to players. About respecting them, especially when they were raised at the club… And AMN was not given fair treatment IMO… He was given the treatment of a player not wanted at all by MA… Maybe MA will change, hopefully, and give him minutes. But until this point, it was not the case.

  10. Oh dear here we go again. Upset the management and you’re punished like a naughty schoolboy. Reminds me of a Queen song – ‘Another one bites the dust’. Man management skills required here but sadly lacking.

  11. I hear AMN has had clear the air talks, lets hope we can all move on. From my point of view, it wont solve much because we look like being covered at RB and if AMN was going to play in midfield it would have been this season with Partey out and Arteta relying on the useless xhaka and he didn’t. AMN has talent but he needs direction and help from a coach/manager and hasn’t got it yet.

  12. If a player complains, then he’ll be banished and ultimately transferred. Arteta is a tyrant. He rules his players like any army commander. Leadership is lacking

    1. Err sorry can you clarify?

      Arteta is a tyrant, which means he is the ultimate leader…. but leadership is lacking?

  13. Maitland-Niles used to play for England under 23 in the defensive midfield position. It’s all about proper communication between the two parties to resolve the issue, and not to ban your subordinate when he’s not happy. Ultimately, Maitland-Niles will be sold for peanuts because our manager acts out of emotions

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