Arsenal beat Liverpool yet again, but this time it is off the field

Arsenal has recently enjoyed the upper hand in their rivalry with Liverpool with Mikel Arteta’s side beating Jurgen Klopp’s juggernauts twice in as many games.

The most recent was in the Community Shield and both teams will meet in the third Premier League game of the season.

Before that game, however, Arsenal has managed to knock the Reds off their perch yet again.

Love the Sales is reporting that Arsenal has beaten Liverpool to become the club with the highest-selling home kit this season.

The Reds home kit for the 2019/20 season sold the most of any Premier League side, but they have lost top spot to Arsenal this season.

Demands for club jerseys have generally fallen from the previous campaigns due to covid19.

Fans usually wear their team’s kits to support them in the stadiums, but the games have been played behind closed doors recently and that has affected the number of jersey sales that the teams have made.

The report claims that the demand for replica jerseys are at a historic five-year low and searches for strips dropped by 63% from 2019.

The Gunners will hope that the popularity of their home kit will help them do well in the Premier League as it did for Liverpool last season.

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  1. How many points is that worth in the PL table? I’m sure Kronke is delighted and counting his profits, but I could care less.
    If those increases in sales translated to increased transfer activity, then I’d be happy. However our net spending so far leaves a lot to be desired, and Arsenal still haven’t addressed our main weaknesses in midfield.

        1. Yes of course they are. Do I assume you don’t live in UK?
          Serious question by the way as all the pubs are open in a Colney where I live .

          1. Hi Declan, sorry I thought you knew I lived in Spain. Did you miss the series of lockdown articles I wrote at the start of the pandemic?

  2. Our home kit really is a thing of beauty!! 😍 Liverpool’s is vile with that crappy collar, just like the spuds!!

    OT..I don’t normally watch it, but how good was Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan earlier?! Sod everything else, for the first 10 minutes it was all about Aubameyang!! Got his priorities right haha!!

    1. Sue Spurs fan earlier Chelsea aside we’re the biggest club in London! Must think because they built an NFL stadium and are taking an aging injury prone Gareth bale back they are actually top drawer 😂😂🔴⚪

        1. Do you think they believe that Sue ? 😂😂 Can’t believe I just watched West Brom vs Harrogate the entire game 😅 over to Everton vs Salford now 😆

          1. Without a doubt!! Maureen’s desperate now, so Bale it is!! Just think tomorrow they could bow out of europe!!
            Jeez, Kev, that is desperate watching West Brom 😆 Everton should be better!!

            1. Haha yeah I suppose Totts fans still buy into the hype that mourinho is the special one and Gareth bale is still the player he was when he left 7 years ago 😂😂 it would be a picture being done by Plovdiv 😂 really desperate it was either that or scouring the internet to find stories on us signing Aouar and Partey 😂😂 Salford to edge it ? 😆

              1. Kev.. I’ve just seen that it looks likely Alex Scott will replace Sue Barker on AQOS!! Thought that would please you!! I’m devastated about Tuffers leaving 😫

  3. I love all of our three kits specially the dark blue away kit, I will be buying a few for the kids every bit helps to keep us up there in sponsorship money specially these days with COVID-19 not having fans in stadiums hurting the club and as we all know our owner Stan is broke 😜

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