Arsenal beat the best team in the world!

Well what can you say after a performance like that. Bayern Munich have won every single game since the season began, but you can’t deny that Arsenal matched them from the start to the end.

Wenger made his plan to drop Ozil deeper than usual, flood the midfield and hit Bayern on the break. And it worked to a tee. The first half was a bit nerve-wracking, but Neuer had a brilliant save from Theo. It’s a great shame that Walcott couldn’t score but bringing on Giroud with half an hour to go was absolutely perfect timing.

The Frenchman scored within a minute of coming on, and although Bayern were scary as hell, Arsenal matched them every inch of the way. Petr Cech proved that Wenger made the right decision by kicking David Ospina in the shoulder when he came back from international duty, and he now simply has to play the Czech international in every Champions League game.

We are all in a dream world and cannot believe that we really pulled it off, but when Ozil finally got the goal that nobody saw except the Magic Eye, and the Gunners earned an unbelievable win against the team that have been portrayed as the “best team in the world”.

So who is that team now?

Come on you Gunners! This could really be our year….

Onwards and upwards!


  1. First god of hand and Nose
    Then class of Ozil
    Arsenal POwer
    Arsenal U-19 Vs Bay 2-0
    And now Arsenal first team 2-0

    1. Fantastic result and great tactics. I do hope this is a fantastic lesson learned. Possession is nothing, efficiency is everything. This was a page out of Mourinho’s book, but i’ll take it. I love it when, Arsene plays it smart. If you can’t out play them, you out smart them! I do really hope to see more of this against strong opposition in the EPL as well.

      1. I don’t think this was a page out mourinho’s book, only one yellow card was shown and there were no dirty fouls or meaningless whining to the referee. This is how good teams play, arsenal only had 30 % possession but made more threatening chances. Had equal number of shots as bayern, most of their chances were half chances.
        P. S none of the people who were moaning during match have commented since giroud scores, this fan site is a joke

          1. not happy with this controversial win
            giroud scored with his hand to begin with from SET PIECE
            no goal line to prove ozil goal counted
            we were out played and outmatched
            cech is the only positive in this match
            we played as though we were in a sunday league or something

              1. Hw can u say they out played us, nt possible, that was the technique to let them dominate us. And wen we attacked we caught them cold, we had the better chances and its the scoreline that matters, it was a bit like last seasons man city away performance, they gave us wateva they had, bt we caught them cold on the ryt tym

            1. saw giroud goal in slow mo several times: came off his head.
              tatgooner: yes, it’d be better if there were goalline technology, but despite its absence, the line-ref did a great job in getting the decision right: be happy for him & gooners.

              i’d much rather have less possession and win, than have possession and lose.
              its not at all a controversial win.
              dont know where your head is.

      2. I don’t think this was a page out mourinho’s book, only one yellow card was shown and there were no dirty fouls or meaningless whining to the referee. This is how good teams play, arsenal only had 30 % possession but made more threatening chances. Had equal number of shots as bayern, most of their chances were half chances.
        P. S none of the people who were moaning during match havent commented since giroud scores, this fan site is a joke

        1. i f*ing love arsenal, and i’ve come to understand that on any given day, anything can happen. we can beat bayern but lose to olympiakos. thats just the way we are. now i’m hoping against hope that in the remaining CL games we can be , you know, a bit consistent.


      3. Bayern are invincible (unbeatable) they said, #Arsenal say bring them to emirates. Ahaha. Arsenal 2_0 Bayern.

        1. Bellerin is the world young best, you don’t have to agree. The boy deserves 10years new contract.
        2. Is back to his best.
        3. You see what bench can do to a player?? GIROUD.

          1. i seriously wish bellerin could be RW. debuchy RB.
            *OR* wenger allows him to run like that so effectively he is a RW.

    2. Wenger please give Giroud a contract extension if he is ready to come on as a super sub and score goals for us.
      Great game overall… Arsenal are in form !!

    3. Well done, Arsene. Well done, everyone of you, Ozil and Bellerin in particular!!!

      1. Guuuuuys pls…am in love with Bellerin plssssssss…that boy will really be amazing if he plays RW instead..Ramsey we’ll miss you and your effortless markings.

        1. Bellerin is great but we need him at right back. His pace saves our ass time all the time plus he is great on the attack.

      2. I checked some sites and most of them gave Bellerin a very poor rating. They focused solely on one event when Costa worked around him which of course led to nothing. That is it. No mention of the dozens of amazing offensive and defensive plays.

        To me, Bellerin was amazing. In the 2nd half he was the best player on the pitch.

    4. I said yesterday that giroud will score. You must agree that giroud offers more than Theo upfront. Well done ozil.he needed that goal.and giroud keeps coming off the bench and scoring.he needs to start

      1. Giroud does not offer “more,” just something different. Wenger is doing a great job at using them both effectively.

        Giroud is better at hold up play and Walcott offers pace and endless runs on goal. In the end, Walcott’s fantastic goal scoring average cannot be simply ignored because Giroud also scored (off the bench) recently. In previous games Giroud has struggled while Walcott excelled. It all works out.

        When the game plan involves counterattacking a high defensive line Walcott will normally be the best choice.

    5. fu##ing proud of ozil.
      Monreal:- the most underrated LB in the world. he man handled muller.
      it will be a great week for me and we will be no.1 on the table after we beat the s##t out of everton & the Manchester derby draws to top it of in the end.
      #onwards and upwards

      1. Monreal was picked by many pundits or talking idiots to be the clear weak link in this game. Wenger’s tactics and Monreal’s play made them look like the latter.

        1. It made me so mad hearing that, monreal is the best LB in the prem and is showing that he is top 3 LB in the world. Del bosque has to call him up after that showing even though Id rather him not lol

    1. Our best creative player.. He must be one of the top assisters and chance creators in our team in the league 😉

      1. I really would like to see him as a RW for a few games, now that Ramsey is out for a few weeks with a hamstring, we can play Debuchy at RB and Bellerin at RW. If it works well then next year we can have Jenkinson and Debuchy playing at RB and Bellerin and OX at RW.

  2. We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen!! Olivier giroud well done played out his mind coming off the bench, petr Cech man of the match. Lewandowski who? The guy in mert and koscielny’s back pocket! Muller who? In monreal back pocket!


    1. CECH > NEUER
      previous generation’s giant shows the kid how it’s done.


    1. Ozil was terrible apart from the goal.. He kept being bullied off the ball and giving the ball away..

      1. It wasnt his best game, but we get it.

        Hate to see a player injured but Ramseys absence will be a blessing in disguise.

      2. I guess you watched a different game than the rest of the world.

        Many gunners made some mistakes (e.g. Sanchez gave the ball away to set up Bayern attacks several times) but when needed they all made the GREAT plays also.

      1. Ozil was f**king in d match!! except u still just wont admit he’s been turning up in matches, he played with his heart today he marked and distributed passes which ww could’ve used in scoring that’s why he was left on and Sanchez taken off

        1. @Eddy Hoyte
          Chill dude. I never said Ozil wasn’t in the match. Just made the point of the 3 I mentioned keeping us from being scored on…

    1. Are you joking? Please tell me your joking your one of the most negative pessimistic *insert adjective here* on this site you fans are a joke you know who you are

  3. What a run by Héctor Bellerín my boyyyyyyyyyyyyy love you… Cech is man of the match for keeping us in the game…. I told you guys with the slimmest of chang]ce we can do wonder… We are the MIGHTY ARSENAL. 🙂

  4. Bellerin – best RB in the league

    Cech – best GK in the league

    Sanchez – best forward in the league

    WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WIN. Shame Olympiacos won, never mind, we need at least a point from Munchen. Bring on Everton!! Giroud decided the match for us..

  5. what just happened? this was what few of us in this forum were talking that we should remain confident and fight to death where are those moaners who were telling we will be getting reality check against Bayern after this match there is one definite reality our time is coming back .
    we are coming europe
    coyg onwards and upwards

  6. Giroud is becoming a supersub….

    Everyone worked so hard. I love the tactics we used… We ended Bayern’s run….

    Neuer tried to save the goal, delighted it crossed the line.

    Shout out to Cech, he made some saves toooo….

    When you push us to the wall, we show Uppppppp. Arsenal! Screeeaming Arsenal!

    Everton’….You’re next!

  7. What a run by Bellerin! Giroud was the real game changer: held the ball well and put a shift defensively. Could have grabbed a brace. Cech kept us safe. And Ozil was a joy to watch.

  8. What a discipline throughout 90 min. I dont remember the last time we were so focussed and determined, not switching off for a single second. Special mention to Cech and Bellarin. Cezh was the signing of the transfer window considering the impact he has till now on our season. And what can I say about the lightning quick, technically perfect Bellarin. We have a 50 mil talent right there on right back. Ecstatic! Deserved victory. Watch out City. Arsenal are here.

      1. They are the title favorites and top of the table in PL right now. But they wont be after 38 games. Thats what I meant.

  9. Listen baby please

    This Giroud donkey business should officially end today

    Also, if we can get a clean sheet against Bayern then Mertsacker can’t be as bad as people say. It took the whole defense but if there is one bad link in the chain Bayern would have broken through. So give him some respect

    Cech, Koscielny, Ozil, Giroud and others were fantastic today

    Ozil scored. More goals from him would be brilliant

    Amazing day for me today
    1. This morning watched Star Wars trailer
    2. Bought my tickets for December
    3. My mother in law cancelled her trip to visit us
    4. The team I support beat the best team in the world by two goals and clean sheet


    1. “Listen Baby Please

      Theo and Giroud are not WC like Lewandowski, Muller, Costa, Aguero. We can’t expect them to tear through Bayern’s defense.

      They will be more effective against Everton

      Again blame Wenger for not getting a Top striker or any outfielder this summer

      I’m scared Lewandowski, Muller, Vidal are going to show us how good they are in the second half

      Are only hope is Alexis baby please and Ozil baby Please.”

      You changed your tune quick….

    2. Mertesacker is very good when we are playing in a defensive formation like today, when we are playing our regular attacking, possession game and we have to push up, then he is too slow tracking speedy forwards back and becomes a liability.

      Star Wars trailer was great – I also bought opening day tckts – my mother in law also lives in an other town – and I also love Arsenal 🙂

    3. Mertesacker looked good tonight because we weren’t playing high line defense we were defending deep and almost every time we were defending high he was caught out of position or easily to run him off

  10. Speechless….well almost. Absolutely stunning. Got to say I’d give up possession footie if that’s what we can do to the likes of Bayern. If not for Neuer it could have been 4…although Cech was outstanding too. Well done AFC!!!

  11. Arsenals back 5 again, simply world class. When Arsenal put in a shift n stay focused we are very close to unstoppable. Reminded me of the man city performance We done last season. Love it!!!

  12. Jose Mourinho: “The referee was weak and naive.” Hahaha. It seems he is in love with Wenger or something. In our game for once we had a good referee. He wasn’t visible and let the two sides play. No unnecessary cards and stuff. Mike Dean take note that’s how you officiate a big game.

    Over the damn moon!! We beat Bayern Munich. Its just like beating Barca few years ago. Two fantastic results vs Bayern and MU.

    1. mike dean knows full well how to referee. but he’s a cheat and FA is b*llless for not firing him.

  13. just praying nothing happen to Rambo and once again cech showed what we were missing all these years from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Mr Roman for letting cech come to us

  14. bellerin simply world class …. giroud super sub … kos never dissapoint …..cech save hands …perfect team performances…….. I feel lyk kiss in bellerin

  15. Mehn i tot i saw a ferrari or masarati on da pitch. Bellerin he shuld b runnin wit bolt mehn. N cech cant say, monreal, carzola N id shawt diz awt MOTM OOOOOOOOOOOOZZZZZZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLL. Ma interviewer better get redy 4 me 2mao mrnin. Damn dream land. Dont wanna wakeup.

  16. Super Cech kept us in the game!
    I wasn’t happy with the way we just sat back and let them play without even attempting to pressure them, we gave them far too much space and time on the ball.

    Now to play that badly and beat the best team in Europe is absolutely amazing ????

    It looks as if the rest as done wonders for Giroud ,
    He was everywhere, even mopping up in defence,
    I happy for him, maybe it is time to start with both Giroud and Walcott now that Ramsey is injured.
    The Ox is lucky that Ozil’s goal was given,
    Otherwise he would have died from embarrassment with that shocking miss from 2 yards out! ?

    The bonus is we have a better record at Munich’s ground,
    Its a shame the Greeks won away tonight,
    We still have our work cut out even if we Munich away!

    1. I thought we played brilliant and executed our game plan really well..If we played a high pressing game it would be playing into Bayern’s hands..because they are just as deadly on the counter..What we did was stay back,maintain a good defensive shape and did not give Bayern midfield any spaces to play the ball into..We made them chase every ball and let them spend their energy attacking us while we waited for a mispass..Hence,Bayern was left with no option but to try long range shots..Tell me did you see any tiki-taka from Bayern because our team covered the pitch..and whenever we got the ball we countered with extreme pace..tiring their team even more which explains the 2nd goal because their defence could not get back in time to stop ozil’s tap-in.

      1. fatboy: we didn’t “just let them play”: wenger’s learned that a good way for arsenal to play now, esp when we have walcott instead of giroud, is to counter-attack. we sit back yes, but we are pressure them as soon as they get to the 35 yard line. and we break very fast. its working well for us.

  17. People can rave about giroud and ozil but the real stars were cech and Kos. On other day e could have lost the game but they kept us in the game. This is what I always say, play smart, you dont always need to be attractive, but I hope we dont make this coward approach a habit as this is why we dont like Jose’s football.

    One last thing Bayerns are no way the best team, just play in shit league. We showed them that today.

    1. agree fully cech was the difference today
      kos and per as always reliable
      nacho his usual self and bellerin after a shaky start came to life and that run made for all the initial struggles this boy will become best in the world for sure

      1. our defensive line is amazing. cech is better than what we’ve had. koz, bellerin and nacho are better than they were last season or two. i wouldve liked to have seen gabriel, but as long as we’re sitting back, per is competent. CECH is amazing.

  18. I reckon Cech deserves to be at least in contention for Man of the Match
    He was brilliant toady
    Neuer had a Brilliant save but obviously Cech Was better.

    So many times people call Giroud a donkey. He scored against fooking Bayern Munich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. People can rave about giroud and ozil but the real stars were cech and Kos. On other day e could have lost the game but they kept us in the game. This is what I always say, play smart, you dont always need to be attractive, but I hope we dont make this coward approach a habit as this is why we dont like Jose’s football.

    One last thing Bayerns are no way the best team, just play in a joke league. We showed them that today.

    1. it hit giroud’s hand by accident. can you seriously say giroud could head it to his own hand on purpose? completely inadvertent. but ref didnt see it. had he seen it, he would have (wrongly) disallowed it bc refs “dont want to decide the game” (except mike dean who DOES want to decide games versus arsenal).

  20. Always pick your BEST starting 11
    Tonight I saw every one of our players play their hearts out.
    Čech. Calmness
    Koscielny. A rock in defense
    Bellerin. Outstanding
    Metresacker. Organiser
    Monreal. Solid
    Same goes for the rest of the team.
    The fans in the Emirates were full of voice and got behind the team from the 1st minute to last.
    Let’s take this form into Saturday against Everton

    COYG ?

  21. did anybody else realise, how our gamestyle changed as soon as ramsey left the pitch ( the positive way)? Hard to say, but imo it’s not too bad to see arsenal playing with a proper RW the next few weeks.

  22. Had my Article up this morning on here feeling very optimistic about that it was Arsenals time to shine and what a boost it would be for the rest of pur season and my god did the boys put a shift in! What a performance all round…

    Bellerin is just Fantastic isnt he? Lucky for us he has came out time n time again to state he loves Arsenal/London, considers it as home now and doesnt want to go back to spain… over the moon because we love him just as much and have got absolute gem on our hands! Could do a bale?? Was a wing back??

    1. had we gone w a even a slightly weaker GK, you let in that one goal and its a completely different game. Cech’s importance to us has been underrated. Thank you abramovich.

  23. On YouTube

    Watch Charlie Nicholas’ reaction to Oliver
    Giroud’s opening goal for Arsenal against
    Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

    And you will be amazed

  24. Am I dreaming….it feels a bit surreal….but it’s absolutely ducking brilliant. Lol. Gonna smile about this for days!! No players to moan about, no ref to blame, no tactics to criticise. Its fooking marvellous!!! Whahayyy!!

  25. Grit, determination, tactical awareness, hustle, focused, deliberate, high quality, and that was just Bellerin. Great team effort Arsenal was clearly the best team on the pitch today, even though Bayern had more possesion. Can’t say enough about the young right back

  26. Awesome! So what did we learn? Bayern don’t like ox and don’t like to be run at. Cech must start cl games over ospina, period. Giroud v walcotts different strengths offers great versatility when both are on form. Bellerin must play right wing at some point in his arsenal career, up front sanchez, ozil, bellerin and walcott equals lightning counter attacks. Across the board tonight tactics were great and our players stood up and performed under pressure. Whatever wenger said to motivate them we’ll habe some more please. Bring on the Everton game. Coyg!!!

  27. What d f****

    Walcott can’t score with his head

    His head also missed the target at Watford.

    He needs a brain transplant if you ask me.

    Shad forsthye go to work

  28. Mr Mourinho. Please watch Guardiola’s press conference to find out how a gentleman handles defeat. You can’t handle even victory in a decent way

    Just a question. We beat Everton and United win or draw with City, then Who will be number 1 Sunday evening??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  29. Giroud is becoming something of a super sub, the man we turn to when we need a result…which is great!

    Excellent performance and result which keeps us in the competition and restores some European pride. We beat Europe’s in form team, which kind of proves that when we keep 11 outfield players we can match the best. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just workmanlike with a few flashes of skill.

    We have to remember these moments! 😀

  30. Under Guardiola Bayern will never be the best. Cong to all Gunner fans around the world. The manager and the team sure made us proud today. Coyg

  31. Hector bellerin is just awesome! This lad gives over a 100% for arsenal fc on the pitch,take a bow hector you deserve it! Coyg!

  32. I am so happy, everyone played well. Ozil my best, cech too. I mustnt forget Giroud, our goal scorer. I love all our players today, finally, Wenger well done.

  33. For now, pls No Giroud Out!!!!!
    No Wenger Out.
    This performance is what Arsenal need, then d fans will be happy… Cos, we deserve to be happy. We support Arsenal!!!!!
    Ozil or Cech motm!

  34. I couldnt undastand how arsenal won the game so a friend of mine told me its called smash n grab. I stil don get it becoz can u really smash grab ur own premises?

  35. where are they?those who said ozil goes missing in big games..or manure and bayern have changed into small teamz.?i like the way he shuts dem haterz.!

  36. How many seasons have passed where Arsenal played beautiful football and retained possession only to loose at the bell? Beyern ran all over the Gunners but the grit and determination won the day ,plus a very crafty Arsene Wenger. He did what he criticizes others for doing….pack the defence and rely on the counter….He`s learning.

  37. Just about a million years ago when I was 22 years old I ran up and down the left wing at Craven Cottage with Johnny Haynes on my inside. Ozil reminds me of him. He could `thread the needle`, split a defence with one pass. At that time Roy Bentley (CF) had arrived from Chelsea and that was all that was needed. We have Walcott and if he ever learns to stay on side it will be a great combo. like Haynes and Bentley.

  38. still can,t believe we still don,t have goal technology in the CL??why is that?is it because it,s gonna make games less interesting??really don,t know,any ideas guys??

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