Arsenal beat the cheats – and can rest for even bigger games coming up!

Arsenal outplayed Leicester and deserved to win.‏ by KM

Super Sunday they call it on Skysports. And they were correct this time. We faced leaders Leicester knowing that nothing but a win would realistically save our chances of clinching the title for the first time in 12 years.

We started the game well and we dominated the first 20 minutes missing some chances, while Leicester had a chance through Vardy which Cech saved well. At the end of the half, Mesut was ran over by Morgan, which the ref decided to walk over and then that cheat Vardy tricked the ref to give them a penalty.

Here’s where i take a break to say that either refs in England just want Tottenham and Leicester to fight for this title or they are just not competent. Those two penalties could’ve decided the fate of the title and the decisions were awful.

In the second half another cheat called Mahrez tried to pull another one on Monreal, but the ref this time felt like it was too much and walked by, when clearly Mahrez should’ve gotten a booking.

Regardless, minutes later Leicester went down to 10 and for once the ref did the right thing. It was all us afterwards. We squandered quite a few chances which could’ve cost us dearly, but Giroud layed a nice ball to Theo and he finished it off to go level.

With 20 minutes to go, Alexis, Ramsey and Per all had good chances to score, but with the 4 minutes of added time over, Nacho won a free kick and I had a feeling we’d score it. It just felt fair, and Mesut put an excellent cross in and the little bit forgotten figure of Danny Welbeck rose to the occasion to spark one fairy-tale – and it wasn’t Leicesters!

It is difficult to draw any conclusions, but I liked the way we played. We had energy and the fresh faces gave us the extra edge. The bench won us this game as both our reserve strikers came on and scored. We also completely dismantled the long ball runs of Vardy and weren’t in any real trouble hadn’t the ref gifted them a penalty.

There are some concerns though as Koscielny was replaced injured. He will be a massive miss and we we’ll be facing the likes of Barcelona very soon. The reality is that even after this win, we still have a lot to do and we continue to struggle up front.

Hopefully the return of Welbeck and those goals he and Theo scored will be a warning for our strikers. Another concern is the form of Alexis, who doesn’t look very confident and he is so important if we are to challenge.

Our away trips until the end are, well the worst they could be really, featuring – United, Spurs, West Ham, Everton, Sunderland and Man City… After the FA cup next weekend it’s Barcelona in the Champions league and Man Utd away. The games don’t get much bigger than that.

For now, it’s time for a good rest. We rescued our chances, but we still have a lot to play for. Until then, have a nice week!


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  1. concerned about our profligacy in front of goal. i’m sure sanchez will get better, and it’ll be fantastic to have another option in welbeck but hope wenger can ask them to try taking some shots from outside – that’ll make defenders not be so tight on giroud. also, our buildup is too slow and indirect : maybe sometimes its ok to just run up there and take a shot. maybe sometimes ok to take longer passes? maybe even 2 CFs? we need to be more efficient in scoring. but i have a feeling we’re going to do it and beat Tott , MU on their field. now we’re reaching pointy end of the season, maybe walcott will be switched on for full 90mins (and he also needs to react spontaneously; when he has too much time to think, he screws up the oppo).

    1. That’s why wee need a Cazorla replacement ASAP. Without him our midfield can’t pass the ball, Ozil can only do so much….

    1. Over two legs against Barcelona we have a zero percent chance of winning,they absolutely thumped Celta Vigo yesterday they are the best team in the world

      1. Who’s thumbing you down ?? Lmao, Barca humiliated Bayern last season and proceeded to take Madrid back to school in their own backyard this season. If you think Arsenal are progressing then you are lying to yourself. We struggle against Leicester and Southampton, what makes you think we’ll be better than Barca ?? Arsenal fans it’s time you need to be realistic instead of delving in the manager’s delusion that we’re one of the best in Europe.

  2. What a game..WHAT A GAME!!!!……We showed real fight we kept piling on the pressure and made the extra man count.

    Cech once again showed his value to us (priceless)..I felt sorry for Sanchez he was always looking for the goal but it was just not meant to be for him.

    Wenger showed he can make smart choices during a match when he brought Theo on early which Walcott responded with a goal. Giroud kept trying and I like the way Theo told him get in the box more to be more effect…which lead to him getting an assist.

    Then WELBECK I have watched that goal 10 times and every time it just me a nice chill to see it go in and see how we (the fans the players) reacted to it

    Job well done boys…Hull next we can rest some people and play other i.e Play- Eleney/Campbell/Ospina/Gibbs/Iwobi start Welbeck.

    COYG lets build on this!!!

  3. The Arrogance frome some fans after a win is mind boggling, have we forgot stoke away, saints Chelsea 3 points from 12??? Have the toughest away fixtures out of anyone?? Best yes of course these world beaters who Never bottle it are surely going to walk away with the premises league.
    The guy who wrote this article as a defender if u stick ur leg out and don’t make contact your giving the ref a decision to make it was not a stone waller but it was a pen get over it. Had they had 10men would we have won? Doubt it with the glaring misses all game. First lets go away to utd,spurs, Everton & get results and not lose and then only then even consider possibly winning the title.

    Reality is spurs are stats wise & performance wise way stronger then us harsh as it sounds it reality & Leicester fixtures are way way easier and them not being in any cup is extra bonus.

    1. The delusional state of some Arsenal fans is truly shocking,they forget very easily,we have the toughest run in Man U,Spurs,Everton,Man City all away but they talk of a Giroud led team running away with the title!

      1. Giroud led team? What is that supposed to mean? He is a target man that scores and heads down crosses to team mates like he did the last two weeks.

  4. Wow…I’m really happy about the win. I however have never seen such appalling referring before in my life. That ref almost caused us the match. This is one match I’ll agree with Wenger 100% that we had mental strength.

  5. I think ” We beat the cheats” is a bit harsh on Leicester.
    Since we couldn’t beat the real cheats ( Chelsea )

    Reality Cech!
    We are still too wasteful in front of Goal,
    We just about beat 10 men Leicester at the Emirates,
    Which I doubt that we would have, had it remained 11 v 11,
    Yes, we are all over the moon with the crucial 6 pointer win,
    But that doesn’t hide the fact that we were 30 seconds away from disaster! … Where the mood and comments on here would have been the complete opposite to what it is now! ???
    There’s nothing like a bit of Wenger wallpaper to cover up the cracks! …Barcelona will have a field day, now that Koscielny and Gabriel are out, I just hope that they return in time for the Man utd game, Rumours state that MoaningHO could be in charge by then ? Interesting times await us.

    To win the premier league, we have to beat Utd, Spuds and City away!…. Obviously ???

    1. Last week you were saying we cannot beat Leicester City and we beat them and now your defence is they were a man short. Did you say the same when we lost to Chelsea? Your claim that we need to be this or that team for us to win the league is as hallow as all predictions being made by the media and the so called pundits. They tell us that we have the most difficult fixtures yet when you compare our games to those of Spurs you do not see a lot of difference. They have played Man City and Everton already, and we have also played Liverpool, Chelsea, Stoke City, and Southampton already. How many points do you thin Spurs will collect from these four teams and the Arsenal match? On the other hand Leicester has Man United, Chelsea, West Ham, Everton, Crystal Palace, Southampton, all potentially difficult matches for any team. Man City has Liverpool, Chelsea, Stoke City, Southampton all difficult matches for any team. Arsenal has Man City, Tottenham, Man United, and West Ham as difficult matches. The talk of Sundaland being a difficult match for Arsenal is just crap.

      Both teams still have difficult matches ahead of them hence anything can happen. All what is needed is for the team to stay focused and take a game at a time. Who thought we would win yesterday after going a goal down under difficult refereeing conditions? The unthinkable can happen when we play Man United and Spurs in the next four matches.

      Keep the belief.

      1. We beat them after they got a man sent off and it took extra time to do so. If they remained with 11m we wouldn’t have won

  6. Traveling home from the game yesterday listening to 5 live phone in with Jason candy and his cronies and I could not believe the amount of people that thought that Leicester should have won and arsenal will not win the title and that included Mr Cundy himself.”………………………………………… come on lads give it everything you have got and prove these so called experts wrong

    1. Its not surprising. What with Man United and Chelsea out of the race they will obviously congregate around Leicester and claim they are neutrals. Added to that are Tottenham fans who think they can win it after a 55 year drought, so you should get used to that sort of negativity till end of season.

  7. I’d like to see some credit given to our manager. I see daily bashing of him here when things don’t go our way, but yesterday’s result wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for his timely and smart substitutions. Spot on, Mr. Wenger, and hopefully from now on you’ll prove the haters wrong each and every time. Cheers!

  8. Wow some people are so negative … Can’t seem to enjoy anything ..I pity the people around them ..I am sure every time they will be like don’t eat cake you will have diabetes … Don’t do this that and what not. Enjoy when you can ..

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