Arsenal beat Watford in a five-goal thriller that could easily have seen more

Arsenal have come away as 3-2 victors over Watford, in a game that could easily have seen a handful more goals.

Our side were gifted an early chance to open the scoring thanks to an early penalty, and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was not to turn down the chance to open proceedings, and he did so to move within two goals of Jamie Vardy in the race for the Golden Boot.

Our side was not done there, and before 20 minutes was even up we had moved a second goal ahead thanks to Kieran Tierney’s first ever Premier League goal, although he was aided by a deflection of defender Kabasele.

We continue to pile on the pressure despite being wasteful in possession, and Aubameyang did manage to add to his already-impressive tally with his 22nd goal of the season thanks to an amazing bicycle kick.

Just as we were looking to pile misery on our opponents however, they were gifted their own penalty which Mr ‘Cajones’ Troy Deeney powered it into the goal to cut the deficit to 3-1 just before the break.

The second-half was very much like the first, with both sides getting in and around each others box in an end-to-end encounter, and Danny Welbeck finally took his chance to close the gap to 3-2.

Eddie Nketiah had a great chance to add a fourth to our tally, but opted to pass to Aubameyang instead, who failed to take his chance.

Watford had a number of chances to level the scoring later into the match, but somehow failed to find the back of the net, and the loss eventually sealed their relegation to the Championship.

Did Troy Deeney’s side lack the ‘cajones’ for their relegation scrap?



  1. It was obvious Arsenal played with brakes to avoid injuries. Happy to see the last EPL game and Deeney’s face in the end

  2. Bloody hell, Welbz this week, no doubt Giroud next week….
    I have to admit, this display hasn’t exactly filled me with confidence for next week!

    1. Giroud has been on fire with Chelsea lately. But no worries about the lacklustre display, because the boys just wanted to save their energy for Chelsea

      1. That’s what worries me, GAI, how he’d love to rub more salt into the wound (so soon after Baku!)

        1. I only watched the first half, didn’t know Welbeck scored! Haha! Giroud will turn into Lewandowski when we face them.

          1. 🤣🤣👍 there’ll be no ricocheting in off his face next week!!
            Welbz could’ve scored more!!

      2. I hope you’re right!mind you we tend to perform better when underdogs,but like Sue said I am worried about Giroud,he’s gonna bully our defenders and will probably score with a header!

  3. One thing is sure, though:

    Qualifying from the Championship is going to take some cojones 😀

  4. Arsenal lowest position in 20th years…. it makes you appreciates Wenger consistent top 4 finishes in years….

    I really hope we win against Chelsea but we need to keep Giroud in check.

    Season is over, we have a final to go..

    Hoping for a better 2020/2021 season.

    1. None of our healthy CBs is as tall and as strong as Giroud in the air, but Arteta surely knows how to handle his ex-teammate

    2. Uzi Ozil, you, I and many others have always appreciated Arsene Wenger, now it’s Mikel Arteta’s time and we have to support him fully.

      Whether we win or lose next week, whoever plays, it’s time for any real Gooner to get behind him and all the players.

      1. Factually incorrect, which reveals how little you know about Arsenal history! We were once relegated back in 1913, so that was far worse and there have been many other far lower finishes and serious flirts with relegation. True fans would at least learn our history, so I recommend you do so if you are to convince PROPER FANS, as many of us are, that you too can TRULY call yourself a proper fan. Right now, you cannot.

  5. So glad to see the end of this season!..By far the worst in the history of the club!..
    Time to stock up that midfield and release some under performers…
    Let’s get busy!

    1. Jimmy Bauer I am old enough to remember worse times at our great club. Next season will hopefully see a turn around in our fortunes.

      1. So can I, Dennis, jon and ken. While I can remember Arsenal teams, who have finished lower in the table due to lack of ability, I cannot remember Aesenal players downing tools on a head coach/manager like they did to Unai Emery. As ken1945 states everyone, particularly the Arsenal players, have to get behind Mikel Arteta next season. TheBoard and senior executive must support Arteta in the transfěr market, to try and bridge the gap.
        Job done today but not too impressively; the look on Mike Dean’s face when his denial of the foul on Lacazette was overturned and a penalty aearded being a highlight. Now Arsenal looks to the FA Cup Final to win a trophy this season. Success through harmony.

    2. I agree with you. The creative side of midfield is the main issue.

      3 signings are a must

      Thomas Partey: 45m pounds
      Isco: 45m pounds
      Nabil Fekir: 40m pounds

      That is 130m pounds investment.

      Players we should sell: Ozil, Elneny, Mkhytaryan, Socratis, Guendouzi, Kolasinac.

      Players to be loaned out: Willock, Nketiah.

      If we can’t get Partey, then we should play David Luiz in DM position next season. 3 at the back affects our creativity. It works against top teams. But against other teams we need to take initiative and dominate possession.

      433 formation:

      Bellerin. Saliba Mustafi Tierney

      Partey. Xhaka. Isco

      Pepe. Lacazette. Fekir

      343 formation

      Saliba Luiz Thierney

      Soares. Xhaka. Partey. AMN

      Pepe. Aubameyang Fekir

      1. Exactly, Luiz is better option as DM. Not in back 4 but 2 CBs behind him is what we had in that back 5 reallÿ. Luiz & 2 CBs bit behind him on each side.

        Or we conceid ..

        1. It is true. If we can’t get Thomas Partey, then we should play David Luiz in DM. But signing 2 creative players(Isco and Nabil Fekir) are a must.

          Luiz will be useful in midfield. He can make his tackles in midfield and also pick a pass there. We have saliba already.

          My ideal squad for next season

          Central defence: Saliba, Mustafi, Holding, Chambers, Mari
          Right back: Cedric, Bellerin
          Left Back: Tierney, AMN
          Defensive midfield: Luiz, Torrera
          Central Midfield: Xhaka, Ceballos
          Attacking midfield: Pepe, Isco, Fekir, Smith Rowe, Reis Nelson
          Strikers: Martinelli, Aubameyang, Lacazette.

          Martinelli should be playing as a central Forward and not as a winger.

          Loan Out: Willock and Nketiah


          Bellerin Mustafi. Saliba. Tierney


          Saka. Pepe Isco Fekir


          That front 5 is creativity and skill.

          We just have to invest in the creative side of midfield. No alternative

  6. We still have a route to Europe..I only hope we can do the business against Chelsea..Atkeasst salvage some dignity from a season filled with forgetable memories.

  7. This performance wasn’t good enough .We have a final next week when everything is on the line. I know its not popular to be negative after a win, but this was another match where we were second best and easily couldve lost control of this match. We cannot afford another failure like last seasons Europa final. Players need to really step up. Awful, awful season that can still be somewhat salvaged with a trophy.

  8. Unlucky Auba one more goal and he was level with Vardy 😲 Penaltychester utd take a champions League spot with 66 points and we finish with 70 last year and take a Europa League spot 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. Fernandes scored his TENTH penalty this season. And only arrived in January!
      Who says United are favoured?????

      1. Only the 10 penalties ? 😂😂 Admin has to be some sort of penalty record ? 20 in all competitions they can’t say they don’t get decisions!

          1. Yeah Dan he definitely got a touch.. United have been saved by penalties this season although their fans will tell you they are on their way back to the top.

        1. Yeah Jon he said it’s a bit excessive haha 14 penalties is quite a lot for just one season.

  9. The “special”one celebrating qualifying for the Europa League jumping up and down with his staff as if he had won the CL😂😂!

    1. Like Arteta won’t jump up if Arsenal had made it to the Europa?
      I know it’s meant to be bants, but it’s petty, especially when I’ve seen nearly all of the people on here go on about how we need to make the Europa league next season

  10. Finally it’s over… Phew!!
    I know finals are one offs, so Arteta and his team better get it right next week. Can’t lose twice to Chelsea in finals under 2 years.
    I’m not particularly confident about Holding or Kolasinac now that Mustafi is out

  11. If we don’t have a clear out then this is our new normal … Midfield has to be place to start rebuild if Ceballos stays then a DM and AM are essential … Sell xhaka to whoever is willing Willock out Nelson out maitland miles maybe deserves a loan just to see if a full time year could improve him … A lot at back depends now on Saliba … But we can certainly sell surplus CBs And I would be happy to see another RB and sell bellerin
    Arteta has a year to proove himself but clearly behind lampard and the Norwegian … If he spent insist on funds to rebuild he will be gone this time next year

  12. Its pretty worring look at how have improved the likes of chelsea, utd, and how they are preparing their next season. If arsenal doesnt show ambition in the market, meaning keep auba, ceballos and laca, and buying partey, a cb and a mco, so we are lost for the next season.
    Many are talking about wenger days, but the truth is in that days the competition were not so big…we were the big spenders with man ud and liverpool…meantime the likesof chelsea and city started to get in the mix we were surpassed, and then bad choises from wenger and the board and the money for the mid table teams get us where we are…next season will be harder, so, if arteta doesnt get full support from our board, we are lost

    1. Relax. I bet we’d buy at least one high profile player next season, after selling some players

      Maybe even three new high quality players, if Guendouzi, Ozil, Aubameyang and Lacazette leave

    2. Youre absolutely right. We need to do everything right this window or we are in big, big trouble. The gap is getting wider and wider in terms of on-pitch quality between us and our rivals. The midfield is just a painful sight to watch. They cannot do anything and just lose the ball. Time to show some ambition. One big signing will NOT be enough. This is a poor squad.

  13. was hoping Auba gets that one goal it just didn’t.. anyways COYGnow onto FA finals. Please win it💪💪

  14. Glad it’s over Arsenal were very poor all season. They just can’t defend I just hope Arteta and Co buy a few men to harden up the defence in the summer transfer window.

  15. Karma …………………say or do something bad and and it always comes back to bite your Arsenal……………..

    Troy………… was always there waiting, your cojones have finally dropped!………………………….out of this league into The Championship!

  16. ANN was good today as was Nelson in his cameo. There were glimpses of crisp team play by Arsenal. Will be really interesting to see next week’s team. I’d love to see AMN and Saka getting the nods at wingbacks and Nelson ahead of Pepe.

  17. I’m sorry but holding has no place being in this No wonder Arteta has been using mustafi ahead of him. And hopefully this is the last game kolasinac plays for us. I don’t see what nketiah brings to this team..willock badly needs a loan and Nelson should go to a premier league team on loan for his development, I can feel there is a player in there. We seriously need a cb to help saliva, and I don’t think toreira is the same player we signed. Either get some cash for him or he is a squad player at most. Arsenal needs to do everything to keep ceballos. Tierny what a player we have on our hands. Unlucky Auba and I believe if lacazette had stayed on he would have gotten the golden boot. Martinez has earned his place, it would be so unfair if Leno just walks back in. It’s save to say we have the best second gk in Europe. That’s how good he is. H is even better than some first choice gollie. Coyg we have a cup final to win.

    1. Had Nketiah not been so nice to Aubameyang, he would’ve likely converted the big chance himself

    2. Well said. Holding is backup quality. Glad people are finally realizing this. If he cannot compete with the likes of Mustafi, he wont be here much longer. Nelson needs a loan to a championship side, Willock needs to add more elements to his game and keep the ball better. Neither of these players look like they are all too great. Nketiah also doesn’t seem to be that special. I’m sorry but United and Chelsea seem to have a better batch of academy graduates. We ONLY have Saka who is going to make it for sure. The rest will be in championship teams or midtable EPL clubs in a few seasons. I hope we do not rely on them much. And yeah, Ceballos is fine, but not at the level to really make a huge difference and lift up a dire midfield. So many changes needed. I’m fine with the youngsters getting more chances next season because we cannot rebuild the whole squad in one window, I just dont have any crazy expectations about them.

    3. Lucia, I find that sucking a sweet helps “saliva”. Doubt that it works though with Saliba, something entirely different!

  18. I will be honest,it was not a pretty good performance but i am happy with some of our players specially tierney and auba.building momentum is always good

    Chelseas win over wolves will get them some momentum as well so its gonna be a heated match.I expect us to get a result somehow even by parking the bus.

    How the hell did man utd make it to CL??

    And please next year VAR should be used to monitor offsides and for any other decisions the on field referee should go and see the monitor(we could have finished in the top 4 if not for an idiot sitting in a room making the decisions…😡😒)

    Lets go MA

  19. I never thought we could finish this high seeing how we were fairing this season.
    There definitely has been great improvement with Arteta but you can just do too much with the players we have.
    Time for a reality check.If it were up to me,Luiz,Sokratis,Chambers,Xhaka,Torreira,Bellerin&Ozil should be moved on for some better replacements. Then Holding, Willock and Nketiah should be loaned to get regular football.This will create enough room for quality in comings.

  20. Agree wholeheartedly Trudeau .Our lack of pace at CB is alarming.I watched Torreria very closely when he came on and he was shocking.Based on this performance I just cannot see us winning the Cup, but I hope I’m proved wrong.A season to forget in more ways than one.

  21. Mikel will have the team ready for the FA Cup final.
    Got the job done today, a win for momentum, and some rest for our players, and relegation for watford.

    Looking forward to the final!

  22. Well, I think Mike Riley and all his cronies should pat each other on the back – job well done! Liverpool winning the league and the Mancs back in the CL.. as well as us having the most red/yellow cards….

    1. Sue, spot on regarding Mike Riley and his “Keystone Officials”.
      Unfortunately Aubameyang missed out on the golden boot (as. Uch as his ream mates tried to assist), but David Luis has won the wooden boot for conceding the highest number of penalties (5) in the EPL.

  23. Finally over with awful season with dramas 3 coach , 3 captains and total mess.

    Im feeling sorry for Auba who must feel sad, missed golden boot by a goal

    Looking at this chaotic season, to miss by one goal means he can consider done great and won that boots easily , not be sadden.

    Hope we can get this win next week, make it to Europa or Spurs will.

    I wish wolves wins EL, Man U might most likely do so..

    Way things going with Covid, EL and CL next staged might be all canceled.

    Cant quarantine Real players 2 weeks in UK before playing City. It will not aklow to go on.

    Barca are all over Gendouzi! Read many asking to sell him. Guess we help him devellop; he can go and blow at Barca; win titles. Comes from league 2 in france to Arsenal to grow and to Barca to do further; win troplhies…

    1. dont care what he does at Barca. He’ll win because Messi is in the squad. Got nothing to do with us.

  24. Whatever said and done, a win is a win and the boys saved their energy for the big final on Saturday. So much for Beni and his lousy comments, finally we had the last laugh. Its not only Giroud who should be kept in check, but also Mount, Willian, Pullisic, Barkley and Abraham, they all can score. We have to be on our toes and hopefully we can exploit their defence with our pace. Up the Gunners!

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