Arsenal beat Wolfsburg but Walcott too eager to please?

Arsenal won the Emirates Cup for the first time since the 2010-11 season with the only goal coming from Theo Walcott helping them beat Wolfsburg.

The Emirates Stadium must have been filled with really happy supporters but the expectations would be to win more prestigious trophies. This is the second pre-season trophy of the summer for the Gunners. They have already won the Barclays Asia Trophy in Singapore early this month beating Premier League rivals Everton.

Unsettled striker Theo Walcott’s goal early in the second half was enough to clinch a narrow win over Wolfsburg to secure the trophy at home. This win comes at the right time to boost the morale of Arsene Wenger side as they prepare for next weekend’s Community Shield clash against Chelsea. This would be the curtain raiser for a season which is shaping up to be really exciting.

Wenger made wholesale changes to the side that thrashed Lyon on Saturday and handed Petr Cech his first home appearance. The former Chelsea goal keeper looked solid as ever between the sticks. He looks all set to take his former side at Wembley and it would be an interesting platform for him to show Jose Mourinho what he could be missing.

The match must have eased any tension that Wenger may have had on the form and synergy of his team. Jack Wilshere looked bright in midfield while Hector Bellerin looked perfect making those forward runs from right-back position. There were sparks of brilliance from the youngster Jeff Reine-Adelaide too and Cech made an excellent stop to deny an equalizer late on in the game.

Walcott looked too eager to impress Wenger in the forward position as he fluffed his lines more than once. He may be craving to occupy the central striker position on a regular basis but this performance will not prove it to the manager. And Walcott may not get any more golden opportunities than this to impress.

Wenger brought on Chuba Akpom for Mesut Ozil at half-time and that saw Walcott move to the right wing. Not sure if the gaffer wanted to take Walcott off the firing line or try him on the wing but it worked.
Reine-Adelaide found Walcott with an excellent through ball leaving him to slot easily for the only goal of the game. There was enough time for Cech to show why Wenger wanted him all the time at the Emirates.
The home supporters celebrated at the final whistle to celebrate another trophy but they will be really happy to repeat the celebrations at Wembley next week….

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  1. Walcott needs a little time in the middle, of course he is excited. He did score his goal and he put in a good shift. We have been patient with a lot of players throughout the years, how bad was RVP for so many years, how many times did we play Sanogo down the middle last year? Or Chamakh or Bendtner. I would be happy to give Walcott half a dozen games and I think he would repay the trust.
    Even if he doesn”t make it down the middle, he is an exceptional right winger and along with Ox, we have the best pair in the League in that position.

  2. TOO eager to please. I don’t really know what that means. Walcott is eager to succeed. That sounds good to me.

    So desperate are we for football news that this site is trying create an issue where there really is none. This is nothing.

    1. I sort of get the same impression the author did with Theo looking to me to rush thing’s, all except the last goal.. that is what he needs to be like, cool and collected.

      1. All good strikers have to be selfish TW has to learn this,

        for years now TW was happier to pass then to have a go but now he has to man-up and take responsibility of finishing the play

        and I think he has started to do so and doing really well

        1. u can afford to be selfish if u r messi/cr7 but if u are theo & miss chance after chance like in few games that could cost u

          1. leo i hear you but if TW don’t think like a striker and take every chance he gets to shoot then we will all say get rid of him, i think he will make a great striker if we are partition with him like we was with TH

    2. Agreed Mohawk, this guy likes the sound of his own voice what a stupid comment Walcot it’s dammed if he do, and dammed if he don’t. Can you imagine Giriud playing on wing,Walcot is getting game time so judge him on Sunday against Chelsea.Hope he starts. CB

  3. Makes me uneasy Theo leaving his signature so late. In the past that used to never bode well with player weighing up all his options instead of just signing asap. Not saying he isn’t glad to be a Gunner but it looks and feels better the way Ox Jack and others go about it.

    I hope it isn’t to do with him wanting to see what competition rolls through the door, if top striker thinking hold on a minute I want to see if AW plays me Ramsey Jack or Ox on the wing. Arsene is the type of manager that will allow you leave if you have change of heart so I can’t figure out the hold up. Also we have been away from the pinnacle for far too long so I would hope that even if Wenger cant guarantee him game time he would still like to be around for a period to make Arsenal champions or to put Arsenals needs over his own for a spell.

    1. On the positive side, the negotiations with Theo seem to be going much smoother than last time when it took forever to get the deal done.

    2. it’s really important to know where you stand or if u are going to be in a manager’s plan…… think i would end up signing without playing assurances?…… Don’t you just see what’s happening to some frustrated chelski players like salah , felipe luis cuadrado et al?………selfish players these were…… Just how they Lost their credibilities for chavs money

    1. If you don’t get the point……. that means you understand it well. This is a story about nothing.

  4. We have played 4 pre-season games Singapore and @ the Emirates..but where is Rosicky?? and what’s happening with Campbell and Wellington..Will any of them be in the 25 man squad this season ???

    1. Yeah, I was surprised we didn’t see more of Rosicky Zelalem Bielik and Wellington. Adelaide and Iwobi the show stealers.

      Akpom, would have been great if he continued where he left off. One week fans proclaim Akpom ahead of Giroud and behind Theo in pecking order, fans the next week say no told ya so he’s not ready and needs loaning out. 😀

      Thought Id mention. Loved Ozils tweet after winning the cup – The cup is staying home he said, then at the bottom he typed AFCvWOB. Really impressed me.

      1. If OZil knows what WOB is then this means they are all reading our comments so Ozil get me a executive box for a season PLS and AW buy a F!!ng striker HAHA

        1. We all know how much Ozil loves his twitter, and which team in England happen to be the kings of twitter. Do you not think that would of came up allot seeing as the bloody thing was endless everywhere else, and the train station business also the banner mugs. It probably just helps you to believe that no Ozil couldn’t back Wenger like that?.

      2. AFC vs WOB?………. Somhow all we’ve been typing here…. Wenger and the players read em all……. “ARTETA IS FINISHED!” …….. do you hear that? L()L

  5. #off topic………just yesterday i said we shouldn’t let our focus be on mourinho. Well talk of the devil,and the devil will show itself. He’s started his mind games by claiming we are big spenders and capable of challenging for the chelsea for the title. he might be right there, but coming out to make these claims days before our CS final?? Wenger please don’t let him get into your head, we shouldn’t pay him any attention. we better focus on ourselves and not care bout what he says. #PEACE

    1. I think it’s a positive mind game for us, it just means we are a threat now where in the past he just brushed us off

      and…..WE HAVE SO MUCH DOSH SITTING IN THE BANK smoke that Moron’hio

  6. wenger must not let mourinho’s mind games get in his way he must go all out & spend big on a striker + cdm let mourinho moan he is a specialist in that

    Just shows how worried Mourinho is about Arsenal this year. The season hasn’t even began and he’s already talking about Arsenal

    1. Yes me too the real heart
      and soul Gunners they were.
      Lets sell Sanchez Ozil and Ramsey
      and bring our favourite sons home 🙂

  7. I cant take it anymore, we have to win the epl or ucl for the fans, players and club

    1. Handsome it won’t be this year but we are geting there with EPL but champions league I can’t see anyone beating Barca with their strike force

  8. Walcott Ox and
    Wellbeck are not
    natural strikers.
    Some of Theo’s attempts
    were laughable just plain awful.
    Same with Ox and Wellbeck they
    look like Girvinho on a really bad day.
    Walcott’s conversion rate is low
    but he does get into good positions a lot.
    So in an average game if he converts
    one in 9 chances that’s probably his job done.

  9. Theo is SHIT leading the line,& SUPER running in from flank. He already expressed his dream style, letting 3 forward players interchange swiftly. Neymar,Messi,Suarez comes to mind.

  10. I agree Theo is excellent running
    on to through balls and striking
    from the right hand side
    absolute dynamite.
    Cant see why he wants to play in the middle.
    He will get 20 + from the wing .
    Still it’s his wish so see what happens I suppose.

  11. AGREED!!! Walcott have to improve on his conversion ratio. be it through the center or by his usual right wing. The chance to score in a big game like the one against Chelsea on Sunday at Wembley could be restricted to a few number of chances. Therefore, profligacy in front of goal can be counter productive. Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck and Akpom will not be supplanters to one another as the Arsenal center forwards. But they will enhance it by being played alternately by the Boss as he starts 1 and keeps 1 out of the 4 on the bench as a substitute, week in week out. The 4 strikers will always be full of energy to start a game as they wouldn’t have suffered been overplayed and thus get game fatigue. If this adoption stands, then of course the Boss will still have to sign a top quality right winger to alternate Jack Wilshere. I am seeing versatile Oxlade more effective at the left side of the field than to right side of it. He should be the understudy to Sanchez at left wing from where he scored a goal in the CL.

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