Arsenal beaten to Mbappe transfer by PSG?

There has been no official winner of the summer transfer window’s most hotly contested fight as yet, but it is looking almost certain that the France international star Kylian Mbappe will be signing for one of the big clubs around Europe and waving goodbye to his current side AS Monaco.

In fact, as reported by Metro, the 18-year old has all but confirmed this himself by admitting that he is does not know if he will stay with the Ligue 1 outfit. In football terms that is like a declaration of his intention to leave.

The same report also carries the story about Arsene Wenger sitting down with the sought after young striker for three hours recently in an attempt to persuade Mbappe that Arsenal was his best option, but I doubt that the boss would have gone as far as guaranteeing Mbappe that he would play all the time.

Apparently the big spending oil rich French champions PSG have done that and they are also offering a huge salary of almost £1 million a month and I do not think Wenger would match that for a teenager no matter how good he is. So if this is true have PSG just won the race to sign Mbappe instead of Arsenal?



  1. Bob, Arsene should focus on Lemar’s saga. It still could be done. This Mbappe kid astronomical price is way over rated. The last man who worth every penny with his most expensive tag was Cristiano Ronaldo. After him, there’s only wild imaginations beyond empty realities. None of Bale or Pogba reach expectations let alone exceed it. I also suggest we invest the extra money for the searching of Santi’s successor.

    1. It’s a different time, the prem is raking it in. Everton I read are thinking about paying 50m for Gilfi Sigurdssonn (Eve ? Gilfi ??). Mid table clubs were bidding thirty to forty mil for Troy Deeney (wtf). If that Mbappe lad is another Thierry then he’s the one who is worth it. But there would have to be allot of clauses because it is allot of money and he isn’t yet Thierry Henry’s successor.

  2. To the best of my knowledge psg are not french champions … That was the team mbappe played for … To be honest worried this is another Suarez moment … Would prefer we just piggied up for lemar fiound a quality b2b with strong defensive abilities .. Less than this kid for both … and start to get a first 11 playing together

    1. Yeah that’d be the smart thing to do. Maybe not wise to hold onto funds just in case Mbappe says yes, or holding onto whether we sell Alexis. That’s two positions you mentioned and Mbappe doesn’t play in either of them. If it’s hinging in him saying yes and us then getting funds from Alexis sale, that might be different. But the smart thing would be to sort out those areas Rkw mentioned.

  3. I would love to see us get Lemar and i think this is more realistic. However mbappe has definitely caught the eye and belief of the top managers in Europe that they see him as something bloody special and are willing to break the transfer record without blinking an eye. Since when did arsenal even dare to break this type of record. ….he must be the second coming.
    I think the kid wants Madrid but is considering other options as a stepping stone to that goal….which means who can offer him the best development…..arsenal would beat psg on this criteria. Also psg would almost certainly out gun even Madrid if money was the main factor and the kid would end up seduced by the dark side and his dream lost. We stand a good chance in my opinion if the kid moves this year.

    1. I’d say a Jesus freak thumbed you down. Don’t blame him though, blame the brain wash that most of us have never fully gotten over.

  4. Today’s football is Like the African saying “A girl is like a cloth in the Market”

    The highest bidder gets the … Even the cloth is not good looking.

  5. @JustJoy hahahahaha. Well said

    I think we should just focus on Lemar. I have a feeling signing Mbappe would be like the Suarez-Liverpool situation

  6. Mbappe is not over hyped. He is the real deal. I’d say we have about a 5% chance of signing him this year. Wenger might even be prepared to pay the 100 million+ asking price for him. He is THAT good.

    1. Maybe this kid is that good, but the price is NOT good by miles. That’s the reason why the real record breaker “REAL” Madrid is still silent. This is not the same case when they signed Ronaldo. CR7 scored 40 goals in all competition almost every year when he walked away from Manure. Madrid had made mistaken move when they bought Gareth Bale. They wouldn’t do the same again this year. Beside, what’s the actual problem of Real Madrid when they still have Ronaldo powering their world. Striking problem? Really?
      If real ambition of getting Mbappe is showing by PSG, I’m not surprise. They need to bring back the L1 trophy to Paris.

  7. As a stepping stone we are more appealing than PSG who are better equipped at fighting off these type (Madrid) of clubs. Wenger would have to promise him his move when the time comes, but noises would be different by both Arsenal and Mbappe. To be honest I cannot believe people still think this has a chance of happening. Wenger tried and then turned to Lacazette. We wouldn’t have bought Lacazette if Wenger felt he had a good chance of getting Mbappe. And he wouldn’t have bid for Lemar if Mbappe was his top target. He would try for Lemar second if Mbappe is the one he wants, even if he wants both he would not bid for Lemar first. The president mentioned bids for Lemar, he said nobody has made a concrete offer for Mbappe, and even if they do ..blah blah. Well just as I said that I’m after thinking of one reason why he would go for Lemar first, he might believe a teammate could make the destination a little more appealing as everyone likes having a pal. But do managers think like that, do they bid fortunes with thinking like that behind it, I don’t know.

    If Bakayoko goes to Chelsea, I don’t see how Monaco are going to stop Lemar from moving. You can’t give some of them a dream move with a super pay day, and then keep others in a league that has nothing more they can win as they’ll likely not do so well in Europe now that the bones are beginning to get picked. Monaco are also running the risk of losing player value by digging in. What if the new players don’t gel so well and it effects the overall play. Mbappe nor Lemar might look so hot, what if numbers/stats drop. Monaco will be thinking about this, just under 50m and 100m – 120m, how many players in the past did they need to sell for that kinda money. It could easily get slashed. If our newspapers were at all like the tabloids in Madrid and Barcelona they would put effort into writing about that, give them a fear that they could lose an absolute dream pay day.

  8. Waste of precious resources on bunch of averages… These days clubs pay very high for stats nothing else. Big ups to Arsene on Laca!

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