Arsenal beating Cardiff is a great confidence booster ahead of the international break

We all know that we have two weeks without proper football now and the boredom is inevitable, but the most important thing is that we go into it with a great Arsenal win away from home which has put us back into the top half of the League and filled us with confidence for the long campaign ahead.

Cardiff really made us work for it though and, with our away record, we had every right to be worried with a big potential banana skin staring us in the face. But we overcame it, and Aaron Ramsey (who was surprisingly the only Welsh player on the pitch) admitted that the Gunners sill had a lot to learn from Emery’s training. “Of course.” he said. “We know it’s going to be a process and hopefully we’ll improve in every game to get stronger and stronger as the season goes on. We’ve done well after the tough start that we’ve had, so hopefully now we can come back from international duty and kick on..”

It was certainly a great start to September, and Lacazette and Aubameyang worked as a partnership, so we have lots of positives to take away. When they all come back from the international break we have a good chance to go on a long winning run, which I outlined in my September Review, and we can now go into the boring interlull in a great mood.

Certainly a lot more confident than Tottenham – lol!



  1. Innit says:

    I hate International break. Just saying

    Anyway, a great day today
    We WIN AWAY and Spuds lose
    Let’s continue winning when we come back

  2. JJPawn says:

    Someone said “Again Arsenal have dominated with 73% of the possession but they have hardly been commanding.”

    It is not surprising as much of that possession is passing the ball in panic in our own half, and when the ball got to the forwards, it is hurried, as Cardiff had enough time to play at their shoulder.

    Stats like possession can mean different things in different situations, and need to be broken down to make sense.

    How bad were Arsenal against a side with no goals so far for the season?

    For example. Xhaka passing cross field was horrible, leading to an interception and goal. But that is what this side passing build-up, possession football means. Too many passes and someone will make a mistake. Or, own goal. The strategy is stupid. Czech caught in possession. How silly of Emery to want to play football in our half.

    Cardiff should have been destroyed with the talent and effort at Emery’s disposal. But his tentative chase ball Emery style is killing Arsenal’s creativity. Soon, players will have injuries. Then it will get worse. Emery will say that it is unfortunate, and look for excuses.

    Using Ozil on the wing is stupid. Why give Ozil the #10? The man is a creator. He see forwards ahead of him, he feeds the correct one, and it ends with a score. Auba’s goal is an example of why Ozil matters to much. Ozil passes to Laca while running into channel that is opening up as Laca’s movement pulls defenders with him. Laca pass is taken by Auba, who is coming from the other side perfectly set up for the curl. You can see Ozil pounce from a #10 position to create the chance. That is why he is paid.

    Ozil needs a set up designed to play proper football. The chasing can be done from the middle that needs on more player than what Emery provides. That should where attacks are slowed down or stopped.

    Arsenal’s defense is abysmal. Poor Sokratis, for example, allowed players to get past him. Often the back-line, playing too high, are not settled enough to clear out the ball. In many instances even Cardiff’s players were getting genuine openings that the high-line at the back was giving them. We are lucky they did not score more.

    We have to get to a proper back three that stays home more, and forces the ball wide for the Arsenal mid-field to deal with defensively. That would give the mid-field an extra player to protect the back three. That is one way Arsenal can stop being so leaky.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Emery implemented that strategy based on his experience and most top teams build their attack from the back as well. I find it entertaining and reflects the confidence of the defense, as opposed to the panic long goal kicks in Wenger’s era

      Emery is still trying to find Ozil’s best position, because he has been tried as a no 10 in the Man City match and in the pre-season with not impressive results. If Ozil is as technically gifted and as skillful as the other top no 10, he should be able to play good in the wings as well

      We can argue about the proper football, but I agree with Emery that all attackers and midfielders have to force the opponents to make mistakes. If a no 10 is just waiting for a perfect pass to create an assist, it could be the team’s weak point (so far there is no assist from Ozil, because Xhaka took the corners)

  3. Malaysian gunner says:

    Despite the win ,the defence is still tottering and I believe against any of the top 10 teams
    will leak more goals.The gunners shd see how other teams defend notably Watford.
    The hornets gave Kane and company little room and time .
    If Emery wants to move up the table he shd make the gunners hard to beat and
    speed up the attack .The pedestrian style passing and attack is easy meat for
    uncompromising defences.
    Btw,its the first time Cardiff have scored in the epl. Does it ring a bell regarding the defence.

  4. mobella says:

    Ot..This is for Kev
    I do really enjoy your comments because i found them funny but nowadays i find them irritating and obnoxious. There is too much of itk to them. Besides the way you get at anybody that challenge your info or comments are ridiculous. I get it that you are providing us some info that some of us are too busy to find ourselves or find irrelevant, i applaud you for that, but don’t justify yourself because you had posted some dumb sh**t that whenever i read them to my 2 year old son who barely understand words he finds them illogical. For instance, Nelson contract. How can he signed on months ago according to you and only made public when he was loaned out considering others academy players who extended like him was announced immediately. Why his was delayed you didn’t say. Another is that of Xhaka, nobody wants to know the detail of his contract. In fact majority here want him gone. Let just say I’m interested, how do i know his contract was improved by 10, 000 pound per week as no other outlet is reporting this. Are you is agent or you were there when the contract was signed. Cub the urge of posting every info you find online about arsenal here if you don’t want be challenged for its authenticity and if you can’t, write them in piece of paper and put them in a bottle and throw them at sea hoping that another arsenal fan might find it and read it one day. You are not some sort of oracle on on arsenal related issues that can not be challenged. get that…

    1. Billy says:

      Please no messages in bottles, the last thing we need in Oz is for thousands of Kev messages washing up over here

  5. JoEarsenallacazette says:

    This is my 1st comment in here…sometime i want to wrote something but my english so bad so i decide only to read all ur comment
    That guy is soooooo irritating…i skip resding when see his name make comment
    Thank god
    Thanks mobella
    we were winning away game so let enjoy it a luttle bit ffs

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