Arsenal beating Chelsea does not make Arsenal favourites for top four claims Arsenal legend

Arsenal stunned Chelsea last night at Stamford Bridge to keep their top-four ambitions very much alive, in fact, it is within their own hands once again.

Obviously, they will have to get a result at the Tottenham Stadium against Spurs but that is hardly mission impossible and if anything, last night proved that we are capable of beating all our remaining opponents.

It is not going to be a cakewalk for sure, Tottenham and possibly Man Utd will have something to say and it could all unravel against the Red Devils at the weekend but as things stand right now, we are masters of our own destiny.

All that considered you would have thought that those associated with Arsenal would be bigging up our chances but not Ian Wright it seems.

The former Arsenal ace still believes that Tottenham is the favourite to grab the last Champions League spot this season.

Speaking to Premier League Productions as quoted by The Metro, Wright had this to say.

‘You look at Spurs’ run-in and you’d probably fancy that.

Just Arsenal says

So called easier runs are meaningless to be honest, We were not supposed to lose to Brighton, Southampton and Palace and we definitely were not expected to beat Chelsea and the same applies to some of the results experienced by Man Utd and Spurs.

Right now, Arsenal are just as much the favourites as what Spurs are and we will all know soon enough which team had the balls to see it through.

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  1. The way Spurs, Arsenal and United have all been snatching defeat from the jaws of victory these last few games you could ony count on all of them to let you down. I hope we beat United but will be pleased if Ronaldo scores then looks to the heavens saying “this one is for you my boy”.

    1. FAIRFAN, if you really mean your final sentence. then by no sane thinking can you possibly be a true Gooner!

      1. I think he meant if ronaldo scores it will be a consolation goal which he’ll only dedicate it to his late son since it’s of no use except increasing his goal tally.

  2. We aren’t favourites, we were red hot favourites and strongly in our hands but thanks to poor decisions we lost the three games that we should have got 3 to 5 points from minimum. Stripping our midfield of any stability, playing a midfielder with no pace at left back, throwing in players without any recent game minutes and other worrying mistake, we threw it all away. Thanks to circumstances last night we got a surprise result which puts it firmly back into our hands but none of us will be holding our breath but just hoping things are done a little better than the previous two weeks were. Nothing is easy but poor decision making has got to improve to make us favourites again.

    1. Things are so simple in hindsight bro….with those teams that was played in the 3 games ….we could have gotten 6 or 7 points……and then no one will be talking but celebrating.

      It happened before …3 games in a row….and it has happened again…..we move again

      1. No hindsight i and a few called the mistakes when they were made. They were pretty obvious bad decisions and i still dont know how they could be done.

  3. It is factually WRONG to claim, as MARTIN DOES , that we are now equal favourites with Spuds.

    Spuds are odds on and we are around 5/4 or even longer against. I dislike untruths falsely claimed as being facts. They are NOT FACT!
    Hype is easy, lazy, dishonest and false! FACT ARE FACTS AND CORRECT AT THE TIME OF WRITING.

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