Arsenal beating Liverpool to Gotze transfer – Is that good?

If the Arsenal transfer rumours are right then the Bayern Munich and Germany international star Mario Gotze could soon be joining Granit Xhaka in boosting the midfield options of the Gunners, despite some reports in the football media suggesting that Gotze might be rejoining his former manager Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool.

The Sun is reporting that Arsenal are now in pole position to sign the talented young German and with his current club apparently set to leave him out of their Champions League squad for next season he certainly seems to be available and for not all that much money either.

However, some Arsenal fans will not be too pleased with this transfer news as the 24-year old has not had a good season with Bayern and has so far failed to make any impact at Euro 2016. He has been used as a false 9 by the German national coach and if Wenger is thinking about using him in the same way after failing to land Jamie Vardy I would not be too happy or optimistic myself.

However, we should also remember that Gotze’s season was seriously disrupted by injury problems and his form is almost certainly being harmed by the lack of confidence that his club situation is creating. And at 24-years of age do we really think that this player who scored a fantastic winner in the World Cup final just two years ago after a very good tournament and who was one of the most sought after on the transfer market as he prepared to leave Borussia Dortmund is all washed up?

Right now Gotze’s star is on the wane but I reckon he could soon be kicking ass again at Arsenal and for the price it is definitely a risk worth taking don’t you think?


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  1. Where will he play, No.10
    where ozil plays???
    Or the wings???

    Even if we needed a midfielder I don’t want a baby-faced,fragile,injury prone short player in this team anymore..

    What more is he gonna add to our team?tenacity? Aggression?
    Or what????he lacks those qualities..

    Would prefer Draxler to him even!

    1. Draxler can replace Theo, be back-up for Sanchez and also play the CF role. He’s also very skill full and mentally confident, if we can’t get Aubameyang I would say go for him.

    2. Oh, no, not another midfielder. As you said we don’t need any more players there. Of course if we gave Gotze a French passport as well Wenger would find him simply irresistible even at £25m. Mr. Wenger, please please pleaseuse that money to buy a goal scoring CF, anybody, anybody at all even if from Division 2 in EPL, Even if you get one on luncheon vouchers, even if he has a wooden leg. I’ll write down the directions to the goal for the player or provide a free SATNAV. Please!

  2. A quality player but he’s disappointed at the euros …maybe just a lack of game time …. But if we are going to compete next year we need two quality attacking options … that’s a minimum of 60m so need to sell the whippet Campbell and Ramsey … And Rodriguez for Gibbs is the right thing to do that’s another 10m so if we can get 60m for our three that’s good business

    1. I would actually keep Ramsey but he wouldn’t be a starter, odd games here and there. If Campbell is willing to stay I’d keep him too. Walcott though boils my blood, I would even do a player swap for Mane with him.

    2. everyone’s been disappointing at the Euros. Majority of the tournament has been a borefest so far.

      1. Very true the Euros have been a snooze fest,it has to be the worst international tournament I’ve watched in my life!

    3. Selling Walcott would be good business,we’d get his 140K wages off the bill,get £25 mill plus and as fans not have to deal with watching him run and leave the ball behind every time he’s on the pitch!

      1. I would do a swap, get Sturridge for Wallcott. I know positionally A is not equal to B. Also Sturridge is injury prone just like Wallcott, but a least Sturridge scores goals when fit!

  3. Now we are linked to Slimani from Sporting Lisbon,he’s more of a Wenger signing a player who’s not wanted by any big teams,relatively cheap compared to the other strikers fans want e.g. Aubameyang £60 mill,he speaks French even though he’s Algerian and will disappoint the fans when he’s signed because that’s what Wenger does he continually let’s us down during the transfer window!

  4. If he comes I will be very happy
    Gotze and Alexis on the wings, Ozil in the middle
    Just need a CF

    Also with our injuries every season depth means everything

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