Arsenal begin contract talks at last

Arsenal have apparently opened contract talks with a few Gunners’ stars this week, with Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil both reportedly being asked to sign on the dotted line. However according to the media, The Gunners have also spoken to central defender Laurent Koscielny about a possible new contract extension.

Arsenal are keen to start cracking down on new contracts for some of the club’s most important players this season, partly assumed in fear that perhaps a number of players may become unhappy should the club continue to not achieve what is expected of them. Koscielny has been a key player for the side in recent seasons, because despite having a fairly shakey start to his Arsenal career when he joined back in the summer of 2010, the Frenchman has since grown into not just one of the best Premier League defenders but one of the best defenders of the current generation on a world wide scale.

Koscielny is somehow surprisingly in his final year of his contract, despite Arsenal’s previous efforts to ensure we don’t have a repeat of Robin Van Persie’s final season. Arsene Wenger and co will therefore be very keen to ensure the French international commits to a new deal, before he is very much in the drivers seat to command a move away.

Arsenal have previously been cautious towards offering players over 30 long term deals, largely due to fear of fitness and although Koscielny is now 30 years old, soon to be 31, it is understood Arsenal are willing to extend their usual practice of one year deals, when it comes to Laurent Koscielny’s case.

I hope that Arsenal and Koscielny manage to come to some agreement because as we have seen in recent seasons, the Frenchman is all so important to not just the strength of the defence, but the team as a whole. I’m sure we can expect to see plenty more good performances from Lolo this season and with any luck he will keep up his level of consistency at Arsenal, for many years to come.



  1. John Legend says:


  2. Ugabooga says:

    Kos the Boss.

    Do you guys notice those driving runs he makes from defence every so often from around half way line.
    Like a tank, and opposition just back off like what the fudge I ain’t tackling him.

    Unfortunately it comes to nothing cause our players are mesmerised either that or sleeping.

    Vote: sleeping or Mesmerised.

  3. Ugabooga says:

    OT: I mentioned earlier our lack of true wingers.

    Should Theo and Ox get injured how do you guys rate starting Bellerin?
    Wenger has thrown full backs on wing before, less last season.
    Honestly with Debuchy or Jenko as RB I don’t mind the gamble when we are winning against a lesser side.
    Or maybe capital one cup or something

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      Hector started out as a winger at Barca Academy. But, it seems he’s been condition to defend to the point where his attacking skills(taking on defenders and shooting accuracy) has been stifled…

  4. Ronny331 says:

    @nygunner. I was just about to say about barca 🙂 I think if pushed forward he’d soon remember his schooling. I do love his attacking presence when he overlaps with the winger and with no Per to leave us exposed I hope to see both Monreal and bellerin get forward more often this season. Xhaka and mustafi can only help our situation. I love the fact both kos and mustafi are pacey.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      I like the way Hector used to dribble past players when flew up the flanks. Then he started show hesitance, as if he was too aware of his positioning.
      Another guy I’d like yo get his mojo back id Gabe. After that Chelsea incident, dude became unsure of himself. Before it, he was in beast mode, always one step ahead of attackers when they came into our box, pickin em off as they came down field and starting to show some aerial prowess…

  5. jonm says:

    A german newspaper claim that Koscielny is in the last year of his contract and BM want to sign him. It then keeps being repeated. How come we have not heard anything about this before? We know end dates for ozil, rvp, sanchez but kos in the last year of his contract comes out of the blue. Does not make sense.

    My understanding of the situation is that in 2014, he signed a 3 year extension to his current contract. That means he was extending the duration of his contract. With two years remaining on his 2014 contract, he was basically signing a new 5 year deal.

    And this is what is key. In 2014, Laurent Koscileny was not signing a new 3 year deal that would take him through to 2017, but a 3 year extension on his current deal that would take him through to 2019.

    So Laurent Koscielny’s current contract runs out in 2019, not 2017.

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