Arsenal begin new contract talks with “one of the best players in the world”

Arsenal to start contract talks with star

Arsenal have initiated contract talks with midfielder Martin Odegaard, aiming to extend his current deal beyond its expiration in 2025, with a further option for another year. The club’s manager, Mikel Arteta, intends to reward the Norwegian for his impressive recent performances.

Having already secured new contracts for key players, the club is now focusing on Odegaard and right-back Ben White, both of whom have contracts expiring in 2025. Arsenal correspondent Charles Watts has confirmed that negotiations are underway: “They are looking to get that done, to push forward with those discussions at the moment.”

Odegaard’s significant contributions to the team were highlighted last season, where he contributed 15 goals and eight assists, helping the Gunners contend for the Premier League title. According to Watts, the 24-year-old’s role is integral to Arteta’s tactics: “He’s captain and hugely important to the way Arsenal play.”

Watts anticipates the midfielder’s performance to elevate further: “And I expect him to take his game up to another level. Arsenal are delighted to have him and they’re really beginning to step forward those talks with his agent to try and get a deal done.”

Acknowledging Odegaard’s global prominence, the journalist stated: “He’s not just one of the best players in the Premier League, he’s one of the best players in the world right now.”

Arsenal are committed to retaining their core talents, as they have done by securing long-term contracts for players like Saka, Saliba, Gabriel, Martinelli, and Ramsdale.

Watts concludes, emphasizing Odegaard’s significance: “Odegaard is absolutely their best player.” As Arsenal strives to solidify their key assets, the ongoing negotiations with Odegaard’s representatives signify the club’s determination to maintain its competitive edge.

I have no doubt in my mind that the club’s faithful don’t want the Odegaard show to get over. They can watch it for several years.

Writer – Yash Bisht

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  1. What a top player Martin Odegaard is. In a way the team revolves around him. Really it is hard to have a backup player who is of his level and vision. He is the best of the best.

  2. Glad to see Arsenal extending his contract. His high-pressing effort alone will be worth it and he still has around five years before his stamina starts to decline

    1. Gai, common there is more to Odegard game than just high pressing. He has footballing brain with technical abilities and he has eyes for cutting edge passes. He doesn’t always have long time injury. Arteta is blessed with him

  3. Great move to extend his contract, before the likes of City come sniffing around especially as KDB is frequently getting injured.

  4. What about extending Partey’s contract by at least 2 years to hand him 4 years sense of security feel?

    1. Agree. He needs to dominate games against stronger opposition. Hope he gets better this season and win us crucial games. Saka is a better player.

    2. Dan, Odegard is one of the best in the world within his age bracket. Why would Madrid buy him if he doesn’t belongs to the Galacticos? Sometimes we don’t value what we have until we lose him. If Arsenal has a leather CF like Halaand he would have been the assist king in Epl because of his many chances created.

  5. When talking about attacking midfielders in the premier league, Odegaard name has to be in the conversation with Fernandes and the aging generational talented Kevin De Bruyne.
    Odegaard, though considerably younger, has already demonstrated a maturity far beyond his years and is only going to get better.

    There is no player in Europe top league has managed to better his tally as passes before the assist.
    It simply means his passes and assist could go through the roof, had he an out and out # 9 like Cancelo Ramos to finish them off.

  6. That is great news. Last season he managed 15 goals which is the joint most non penalty goals scored by a midfielder in the Epl. He is finally showing why he was so highly rated as a teenager. He’s one of the best attacking midfielders in the world at the moment and we are fortunate to have him,especially if you consider the relatively modest amount for which he was signed. I hope he stays at Arsenal for a long time and win trophies. Has the potential to become a Legend of the club.

    1. Overrated trap boy maddison?? Nah, some fans sure don’t know what we need.i believed we were never interested in him way back.way too overrated.

  7. Agree. He needs to dominate games against stronger opposition. Hope he gets better this season and win us crucial games. Saka is a better player.

  8. Charles Watts is an Arsenal supporter, but to claim ‘one of the best in the world’ is a bit premature.

    When phase 8 is world dominance then yes I would agree. But, we are still only in phase 4 without a RB that plays LB and an over indulgent squad of left footers that couldn’t get in the squad for the first game of the season 🙃.

    Now when we talk about Mo Elneny…

    1. You mean you won’t list him amongst the top 10 attacking midfielders in the world?? If so then i believe you are one of those who never fancied his signature in the first instance hence clinging on straws to be proven right.

      1. No I don’t until he proves me wrong. Simples.

        My clinging at straws costs me under 2 grand a year for watching him not including the extra for the away games and Europe… so yeah I want be proved non right.

          1. SueP, so do I… I was gonna give it up during Covid as the atmosphere changed… I preferred the away games anyway. But something changed on the return and I thought I would see it out as it was fun again and eventually hand over to my grand kids (if that ever happens). To be honest, last weekends debacle pushed me to my limits but I have a group and fambo I go with so got me through it. I gotta buy a new phone now as my one is pants and there is a new thing called 5g so it took an age for my one to load. It might be my phone that caused the delay.🤣

  9. Absolutely no doubt, during the past season Odegaard was quite firmly one of the top 10 MF in world football.
    He needs to maintain such levels and hopefully lead Arsenal to win major trophies to solidify his position amongst the elite.

    1. David, Given his listing among the top six players in our Prem league ,the most difficult in which to shine in all the football leagues anywhere , he is certainly well among the very top few creative midfielders in world football.


      There can be no serious doubt of that obvious truth. Longevity at last seasons level will elevate his position still further.

  10. I think Arsenal Players have bad memories with a certain player whose initials match with our Skipper. Hence many fans always carry that doubt when it comes to Odegaard. And Havertz will share the same fate I am afraid as he also reminds of a certain someone.
    But performance wise, Martin Odegaard is easily among the top 10 midfielders in Europe. Does that make him world class? I think so.

  11. Odegaard is integral to the Arsenal cause and will be integral for years to come. His talent is massive and along with Saka is easily the most important player for Arsenal. Hope he and the Club come to an agreement over a new contract and we can see him play for Arsenal for many years. Also White has improved massively under Arteta and taken his game to a new level. He has cemented his place in the team in the full back/central defence positions and it would be great if he too signs an extension. It is a good policy on the part of the Club to tie down its main players to long term contracts.

  12. Today I have a bold claim: Arsenal will win the CL during next five years, and I belive we will win it at least two times next decade🔴⚪️

  13. For an attacking midfielder his EPL stats are average. Played 88 – 23 goals – 13 assists. Decent goal tally but below average assists so not world class yet in my view. Potentially? Yes. For me Saka is closer to world class and ahead of Odergaard. As an example Mesut Ozil between the age of 24 and 27 created 88 assists for Real Madrid over those 3 years and was considered world class at that time. He had one outstanding season for us assisting 19 times but then his stats and form drifted. Odergaard knows the benchmark required to acquire world class status and has the ability to achieve it. Statistics don’t lie have a look at de Bruynne’s and Kane’s or for that matter Haaland’s? Less hubris and more realism would be good!

    1. Played 91
      Goals 19
      Assists 7
      That’s his prem stats Andrew

      Champions league
      Played 31
      Goals 6
      Assists 0

      1. @ Dan kit, I’ve rechecked on the EPL website: 88 games – 23 goals – 13 assists.
        I have noticed some stats on other websites show different figures at times. Either way fairly average for a quality attacking midfielder particularly with regard to assists. But he is a talented footballer with time on his side.

  14. Signing Odegaard long term is a priority but at this stage the news I would like to hear is that we’ve signed a world class wing back and better sticker option than who we have now. Next summer window will be too late

  15. Creative players rely on strikers to bulk up the numbers, I think it is fairer to compare chance creation stats versus his peers. Also last season his goal contribution stats stand up very well versus strong competition like D Bruyne (who is simply world-class. If Odegaard can stay consistent with last season’s performances then yes he is a world-class performer. He was Arsenal’s top[ performer of last season and that is saying something given our dominance all round

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