Arsenal behind Man Utd and Chelsea in race for Morata transfer?

We are still waiting, patiently or otherwise, to see whether Arsenal complete the transfer of the England international striker Jamie Vardy from the Premier League champions Leicester City. And we do not really know whether Arsene Wenger is looking to sign just one forward this summer or whether the boss might have more business in mind.

What we do know, though, is that the Frenchman is a fan of the former Real Madrid and current Juventus player Alvaro Morata, because the Gunners wanted the young Spaniard before he moved to Italy’s Serie A. So with the transfer rumour mill now saying that Madrid are set to activate their buy back clause but only so they can sell him on again at a profit, Wenger must be interested in the situation.

And with the Vardy delay and many sources claiming that he is set to stay where he is, perhaps Arsenal have already started looking elsewhere, but according to the Spanish paper AS we might as well not bother even trying to get Morata. Or at least that is the case as long as either Chelsea or Man United want to sign him.

The report claims that the managers at our rival clubs, Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte, are the reason we would miss out, as Morata has worked with both and has a very good relationship with them. So despite United not having Champions League games next season and Chelsea having no involvement in Europe at all, Morata would apparently prefer either of these transfers to a move to north London. So who else should Arsenal go for?


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    1. The thing about an already finished product like Vardy even with his age is that when next we are buying (updating) a striker position it has to be at least at his level or above his level. My point is we have upgraded the position for the future.

      I struggle to find who is better striker between the so called MORATA and our very own WELBECK, because I don’t see what morata is doing which welbeck isn’t, fast, tall, good with the ball, aggression etc. And welbeck’s goal/game ratio is even better and they are around the same age. So why buy Morata while you have Welbeck??? Fair skin may be??
      Before you accuse me of racism am black too.

      1. Welbeck’s problem is that he is not going to score many goals from the treatment room. That’s a BIG problem….

      2. Of course your statement is racism, you are suggesting arsenal would prefer someone because of the colour of their skin.

        Admin – sort this out!

      3. Mate

        It doesn’t matter if you white, black, blue, pink or green you can still be racist
        And the fact you mentioned skin colour makes your comment racist.

        Arsenal buy players based on wengers idea of their skill level and value nothing else

        And welbecks out for at least half of the season so yes we need somebody like him

        1. Would love too see a blue, pink and green human.

          Why does no one mention Mane from Southampton. Before you thumb me down just think. He has pace, alot of strength and is a really good finisher. Southampton is a team I watch alot on TV so I have seen this guy play. He is a extremely good decent player and an upgrade to Giroud. I even think they will play well together as Pelle and Mane plays well together at Southampton. Pelle for me is similar to Giroud.

          Not my first choice but a good choice for me.

  1. Morata > Suarez, Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic and Giroud
    (just kidding)

    I’d rather Chelsea and United take Morata then Ibrahimovic or Higuain

  2. There is no “race for Morata”. The guy is bang average..he will stay where he is because none of chelsea, man utd or Arsenal will stump up the unbelievably ridiculous price tags on his name.

  3. Morata is the flavor of the month but I cannot find anyone who can explain why.

    Proven ability to score? Absolutely not.
    Proven play maker? No.

    The only thing he has going for him is…..

    1. Played for a good club.
    2. Still young.
    3. Spanish.

    Seriously? THAT gets you top transfer billing these days???

    1. @Mohawk, and we can have someone who fills those categories +more for FREE.

      1. Still young
      2. Played for a big club before
      3. In fact he’s even homegrown
      4. A better ball dribbler and hardworker

  4. I know Lukaku was awful against Italy but I would still take him as our best bet,he’s young but proven in the EPL with an admirable goal scoring record!

  5. Vardy delays doesn’t concern me…in fact this should be enough for Arsenal to look elsewhere specially with some eager to know where they will play next season. Now this is what I see:

    1) If Wenger wants to win NOW and spend he’s got to go with strikers such as Higuain, Aubameyang, Cavani (lesser degree) and possibly Benzema. One is concerned that Dortmund is selling there stars and might be looking away. The other might be pushed out IF a deal for Lewandowski at Madrid is done. Another one might be looking for something new after setting a new goalscoring record in Seria A. And Finally the last one seems to have a not so good relationship with management at PSG.

    2) If he wants to strengthen with no real insurance that it will come good immediately than he has to go for either Morata, Lukkaku, Milik or Janssen some cost more than most, some have shown more than most. One bad game doesn’t mean that he has failed there audition by the way (Lukkaku & Morata). I won’t go into detail about why Morata stats are a bit deceiving and how much skill he has.

    Ultimately it comes down to how much Wenger wants a proven goalscorer & how much he wants to spend as shown above. But the fact that Vardy is thinking so hard about joining us. Arsenal should look elsewhere as there’s plenty of options out there that would not think so hard about us!

  6. OT:Arsene Wenger was spotted leaving the England camp with Jamie Vardy and photographer Stuart. Done deal. #AFC #LCFC #Vardy….twitted by Akimbe Ofooe who claims to be in England Camp

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