Arsenal behind Tottenham in the latest money list

Tottenham has emerged as the most successful north London side in recent seasons, no thanks to their participation in the Champions League, while Arsenal struggle in the Europa League.

The last campaign was a tough one for teams around the world as the coronavirus pandemic affected the money they all made.

The pandemic caused fans to remain at home instead of supporting their teams from the stands.

It also forced teams to miss out on important sponsorship money, yet Tottenham earned more money than Arsenal, according to Deloitte through their Money League rankings as reported by Sky Sports.

The league represents how teams navigated the tough 2019/2020 season financially.

Manchester United, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid made the top five

The Premier League had four teams in the top ten, but Arsenal finished the rankings 11th, two places below Tottenham who finished 9th.

The Gunners made just £340.3m, 13% less than they had made in the season before.

Tottenham, on the other hand, made £390.9m, that was 15% less than they made in the 2018/2019 season.

Spurs’ appearance in the Champions League helped their earnings, a return to the competition for the Gunners would, of course, boost their finances significantly.

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  1. After reading this article, I would encourage fans to also read another article by Beast Mode today on this site entitled “The millions that Arsenal have lost in the transfer market.” Also bear in mind, this report does not include the losses we will suffer from the current clear-out of players currently underway. We need to do a lot more to protect our investments in players.

  2. What Arsenal is going through is the normal law of diminishing return. The big task is getting back to the top quickly.

    We will have losses with the termination of player contracts the board has done, but it also has a positive effect cause the unwanted players are purged.

    This summer will be significant because there will be more clear outs, and hopefully, good incomings.

  3. This shows just how important it was /is to finish in the top four and qualify for the CL – yet we were told that this wasn’t good enough during the Wenger years.
    What I would love to know is, after the Emirates was paid for (yes I know we are still paying interest) what happened to the enormous revenue that CL, top four and FA cup final revenues went from 2008 onwards, when kronkie said we were to become a self sufficient model?
    The income each year should have guaranteed that we could have been at the top table regarding transfers, rather than being outbid by the likes of city and chelsea.

    1. We were lied to.
      But we forget that these are business people. They are Salesmen and women. They are have the same mentality and attitude as politicians.
      They are masters of deception, spin, confusion, word salad and convincing. They are ruthless and don’t do feelings or emotions.
      Will sell you a normal bottle of water for £20 and you will buy it.
      That is why they are very successfully Multimillionaires and Billionaires.


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