Arsenal being decisive in the transfer window for a change!

Arsenal Poised To Make First January Signing! by AT

With the January transfer window just a few days away, it seems as though Arsenal have already completed their first signing as the Mirror are reporting that FC Basel midfielder Mohammed Elneny is due to fly into London and complete a move to the Emirates.

It was reported last week that Arsenal had agreed a £5 million fee for the midfielder and it now seems as though personal terms too have been agreed as the only thing that is pending now is a medical. With midfielders Francis Coquelin, Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky all being victims of long-term injuries, the signing of Elneny will add some much needed depth to the Gunners midfield.

Personally, I believe that there is a great amount of credibility in this story and I do expect a deal to be completed very shortly. It is no secret that the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is in search of midfield reinforcements ahead of a potential title push and with the Egyptian international being 23 years old and being valued at £5 million, he really does seem like a typical Wenger signing.

Elneny however, is not an out-and-out defensive midfielder. The report from the Mirror further goes on to suggest that the player was brought in not just as a short-term replacement for Coquelin but rather as a long-term prospect for Arsenal’s midfield as the North London club look set to let go of Mikel Arteta, Tomas Rosicky and Mathieu Flamini in the summer. In addition, Elneny’s modest price tag means Arsenal can go in for another defensive midfielder in the summer.

Wenger seems to have been eyeing the player for quite some time now and was perhaps hurried into making a move as a result of Arsenal’s injury crisis in midfield, which means that the imminent capture of the Egyptian will not really be a panic buy. Anyway, what the Gunners need right now is depth in midfield and Mohammed Elneny will surely provide that.

Hopefully this will just be the first arrival as our njuries are now out of hand….


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  1. Nothing could go wrong with this transfer. At 5-7 million it is a gamble worth taking as he is young with lots of potential. Quite solid defensively and has a good shot on him even if he doesn’t make the first team he would be a handy squad player to have around. No disrespect for our captain Arteta and everything he has done for us but I feel he should move on to coaching at the end of the season.

    1. Am I the only one who thinks arsenal should seriously consider signing Lukaku? although he may need some work on his first touch the guy is a tank. He has the speed and power to play counter attacking and against teams that sit deep. Although Walcott has his strengths I feel that our corners are wasted when he starts and giroud is on the bench. Lukaku would give us the speed and aerial threat together, the guy would score bucketloads of goals with ozil behind him. This would however mean that walcott will have to accept a place on the wing.

        1. Mahrez is having one stellar season and mainly operates on the wings, lukaku has been scoring goals since his days in belgium. Plus mahrez cannot offer the physical presence that lukaku can offer upfront (ozil takes corners like a king). Besides mahrez operates as a winger and this is a position that is well stocked. Sanchez, walcott, chamberlain, ramsey (at times), campbell, adelaide( future).

        2. Marhez will stay in Leicester as he should. Remember when Arsenal had a stadium debt and was poached by the wealthier club all the time? Did you like it? Didn’t you hate those poachers snapping up our talent? Why become one now? Leave Leicester players alone!

      1. Lukaku would cost a small fortune to sign. Personally Id rather sign Reus or Hazard for that amount of money . I’d love to see wenger place a cheeky bid on hazard I think wenger can make him into the next messi and we would have some serious attacking power

        1. But Chelsea would never sell us Hazard… and Reus is world class but there is always a chance that a player can become flat when he move to the epl (Di Maria).

          Lukaku is epl proven and younger.

          1. Reus would definitely not struggle in this league, he’s too good and disciplined not to. DiMaria was a mercenary with no class or motivation, only joined United because Real and PSG wouldn’t take him.

      2. I have said this for 2 years now, he is currently bossing premier league defender, and wouldn’t need to be replaced for almost a decade

    1. How much did ramsey cost? How much did coquelin cost? although they were younger when purchased he is still young enough to grow. Coquelin only started playing epl football last year. This guy has already has CL and lots of first team exp

  2. Ramsey likes dribbling at the middle of the park and it has become hs trend,yesterday he got a yellow 4 that, ppl are quick to 4get that because we are winning bt against a gud team one day its goin to cost us!

        1. Why blame Ramsey when the whole team was lacklustre ? Don’t mistake him for a DM, that’s Flamini’s job

  3. Mohammed Elneny is a good adition but he can be a box to box midfielder like Mighty Ramsey who can tackle and have good passing range.He can replace Arteta but not Flamini .We need to replace flamini with Some decent Player,Might be with a young player but at least a proper Converting in to a DM makes Some doubt so we need some one who is a Real DM like Coq who can Grow in to a Destroyer and can Play together with Coq as Axis in midfield of Gilberto and viera.
    For 5 M its a decent buy but we need to address our real problem at least this year.Things are settling slowly and we can win the league and FA cup if we sign required player without Splashing big stake like City do.But At least have to spent something to get out players.
    Wilshere welbeck etc are good players but we cant expect them to be fit and can remain fit for whole season.
    So we need to address real problem and need to say goodbye to those aged players and need some fresh leg in our squad.It would be difficult to replace Little Mozart but wenger need to change a little bit to challenge and need to spent some money.

  4. Wellbeck Sanchez
    Wilshere Arteta Rosicky
    Cazorla Coquelin injured.
    So we sign a midfielder.
    Why not sell injury wrecks Wilshere (40 mill to City)
    Arteta and Rosicky last summer and buy 3 quality mids then?
    Now that’s decisive.

    1. Oh come on, is there anything you won’t bitch about ? We don’t sign players for the short term, so tell me which player is good enough to replace Sanchez on LW that’s available in January ? And it’s clear what we need most is a DM and not a winger.

      1. Sara Wiltshere plays for Yeowille Town, and anyways she plays in the ladies league, so she’s not really one of our children.
        Learn names of your childred psytripps, you bad parent, you.
        And as for Jack Wheelchair, I don’t think he will ever deliver. He is a true heir to the Diaby throne, and as such I’d offload him next season, should he fail to provide at least two thirds of the season uninjured, which I highly doubt. So sad to see the chosen one fall to the dark side of the treatment room.

    2. I agree with you on Mr Wheelchair. But to be fair, let’s give him one more season to prove himself being able to stay fit, or at least keep his injuries not longer than six weeks. If he fails to deliver, deliver him from his misery and sell him to a MLS club. He might actually go through a season sidelined less than half of the season.

  5. Can someone fill me in on elneny? IVe seen Basel play but I can’t think of this guy at all, is he quality? Does he fit our style? Can he adjust to the prem quickly?

    1. He definitely brings an energy and athleticism to the middle of the pitch, scored a few crackers in the Swiss Super League over the past few years. As has been mentioned earlier he is not a DM but I believe the Wilshere setback, along with the winding down of Arteta/Rosickys contracts makes this a very shrewd January purchase.

      With that said, would love to add Krychowiak and Chicarrito for around $50M.

    2. He possesses good passing range, he is comfortable with short triangle or long range passing, also has a hammer of a right foot

  6. I also would like wenger to be ambitious and try all he can to get lukaku. He could take us take us to the next level in terms of attack.

  7. The case of Wilshere is little sentimental.But the players like Rosicky,Arteta and flamini should be replaced.Adding a quality young DM should Boost our chance of winning and the penny pinching habit of wenger would put axe on our dream.
    weneger makes trouble and then solves it and we say he is great.but am not telling he is not a great manager but he should change his habit of penny pinching and should add some players to squad other than expecting our injury plagued squad to get fit and we can win the league.overplaying other s would increase the injury list.
    i am not telling that we should splash cash like chesea and city do but at least should sign some decent players,
    Elneny would be a good addition but we need a DM,CB,and a striker.The time weneger would take to address these would define our chances to win league and UCL.
    The penny pinching cost us CR7,Suarez like players.

  8. I just have this gut feeling that this Elneny is just another cheap average player that Wenger loves to buy that may just end up as deadwood. If Wenger had done the right thing in the summer and acquired available quality like Krychowiak or Wanyama, he wouldnt have to settle for this cheap average player in the name of Elneny. I watched how Wanyama singlehandedly destroyed our midfield on Saturday and I said to my self, isn’t Wenger seeing the quality that I see? Personally, I think when a player impresses Wenger he becomes sentimentally attached to that player and would not want to buy quality backup to give that player a stiff challenge for his position. And that’s what’s happening between Wenger and Coq.

  9. By the way, in what position is Elneny likely to play-in in a Gunners playing XI? He apparently not a mid according to report but rather a deep lying mid where we already have the fit to play Ramsey.

    I think the Boss is signing him as a long time replacement for Arteta and Rosicky and also to cover Ramsey. From all indications, it appears Chambers is being groomed as a DMF and he did well yesterday as he held fort tightly against Bournemouth. If that be the case, the Boss might need to either promote a versatile youth team player to the CB/RB position to be soon vacated by Chambers or buy one.

    The Boss may not sign a DMF during this winter window afterall if he succeded in converting Chambers as DMF alongside deep lying Ramsey. I hope the Boss will start Chambers in our home game against Newcastle and in our home FA Cup match against Sunderland to still watch how strong Chambers progress has gone before our big away game to Liverpool. I think the Billionaire Flamini is being rested to recover from fatigue.

    There is one necessary important signing the Boss can’t afford to overlooked or ignored to act on it in the earliest possible time when the window opens. The Boss has to sign a top quality striker top complement the goals scoring efforts of lone Striker Olivier Giroud.

    Welbeck is not yet available for selection until maybe February. And Arsenal have a lot of games ground to cover before February(BPL, FA Cup & Ucl). Giroud is already showing the symptoms of overplayed yesternight against Bournemouth when he maybe slipped or fell in the Bournemouth’s 18 yard area and could not connect well with Ozil assist pass from the right wing.

    Overplayed Giroud should be rested on the bench for the Newcastle visit to the Ems on Saturday and instead start Walcott to lead the line while Oxchabo starts as a mid right.

    Who is the striker the Boss will likely signed this coming window then? Aleksandr Kokorin who the Boss could be made to become great for Arsenal as a Striker as the he moulds him. Or as a Gooner has suggested, Lukaku from Everton? Everton will charge. But the ends may justify the means latter on. The Boss should plot the knockout victory graph over Barca well in advance.

  10. The Transfer window is not open yet so lets wait and see.
    But I don’t think Wenger will buy anybody that will make much difference he hates to spend money so if he does dip his toe in it will be CHEAP and CHEERFUL.
    So same old same old Move along nothing much to see here.

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