Would Arsenal benefit from year out of Champions League?

I am not one of the Arsenal fans that are so desperate for the club to get rid of Arsene Wenger and get a new manager in that I want the team to lose and fail to make the Champions League spots, although I know it is an issue and we know that the club is very focused on money and would hate to lose the financial benefits of Europe’s top club competition.

And unless the Arsenal players can bounce back quickly, the disappointment of seeing our title challenge slip away could see us miss out on the top four. My question is how would that affect the Gunners?

Perhaps it might be a good thing in the long term, especially if it gave our players a kick up the backside and made them take a look at the way that Leicester and Tottenham have played for each other with energy and togetherness and left nothing on the pitch.

And if the boss realised that he had to make the most of the transfer windows and the club’s huge cash reserves to give Arsenal the best possible chance of success, then I for one would be a happy Gooner. But then you have the other side of the coin where top players are reluctant to sign for a club in the Europa League.

You also have the nightmare of playing Thursday and Sunday week in week out which traditionally seems to hurt our clubs in the league. But then again it does not seem to have hurt the spuds this season, perhaps because they are used to it, and Arsenal are certainly used to midweek games so it might not be much of a change.

What do you think, Gooners, could a season out of the UCL be good for the Gunners?

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  1. I cannot see how playing in the europa league instead of champions league would be any benefit whatsoever. Lots of disadvantages as stated in the article. As for giving the players a kick up the backside, the most likely consequence of this kick is that the best players will leave.

    1. that dortmund game on thurs is big now.

      cos if liverpool go thru they have real shot at winning europa league an snatching that fourth cl spot like chelsea did from spurs few years back

      an us an man city will be in a dogfight for that third place –

      im really not bothered which european comp we’re in.
      cl for prestige – but we have no hope of winning
      europa league- looked down on abit but we have real shot at

    2. I think finishing below spxxs “cough” is enough kick in the back if they really mean business. But been out of UCL might be more severe than anyone’s taught.

  2. Well… If we keep having jelly- head moments in defence,
    in our remaining fixtures, we will find out for sure.

    This has to be the most schizo, physically and mentally draining season, since Wenger took over.
    We have seen more up and downs than a Whores draws ?

    Some fan’s are scared of changes, just because one thing doesn’t work for someone else (Utd ) that doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you ( Arsenal)

    1. Man…. Can’t believe 20yrs ain’t Long enough for most ppl to want to see change in this shambolic Arsenal side

      Their myopia is Baffling….. i mean, can’t they see a thing beyond their nose?….

    1. on the flipside we have a shot at winning the europa league
      bro i barely remember the uefa cup win of 94

      but yes going into a game wanting us to lose is bizarre

    2. And hoping for change with doing the same thing with the same personnel is more pathetic. What’s the point on going into a competition with no ambition of winning that competition anyway? Fans just want to say we were in the champions league, that’s really PATHETIC to me. For me i’d if that’s mean a wake cup call for the board and AW then i’m all for it.

  3. remember when vertonghen was linked to us from ajax for like 6 months
    making all kinda flirty remarks about us
    remember when toby alderwierld was linked to us from ajax for 6 odd months in 2013
    an at southampton when he looked a great player an was available to buy as he was on loan

    yep, now the best defensive partnership in the league
    an for the sum total of 20 mill

    darnit man, pass me my blueberry blunt

    1. Even van dijk has been rated as one of the best 2 CB across Europe this season in terms of performance (whoscored)

  4. you are right 100% eeeeh FatDud. Everyone wants to see the back of the now ‘wreckage’ called Wenger, but the scarest thing is what ‘silent Stan might do on Wenger’s depature. Have you ever thought who he might stick up our nose?

    1. @Sango
      Bang the eff on Gooner.
      With the money rolling into the league from tv rights, AFC could drop down below midtable and still rake in cash. Stan would probably bring in some guy from the MLS to manage, because then the goal would just be to not get relegated…
      Hows that for change Fatboy?

      1. For some reason people just don’t see that Kroenke is the main problem.

        He is the one keeping Wenger as manager, because Wenger does all he wants, and he has no interest in AFC apart from using our reserves as collateral, and ripping off the fans every year to the tune of 3.5 million, which is normally added to our season ticket costs.

        And behind the scenes Siphon Stan is not so silent – Nasri said in an interview that he was demanding that Wenger sell him to Citeh, so you don’t know what else he’s been involved in, and having someone like that as the major shareholder can’t be that motivating for the team.

        1. Hahaha ? sooo that’s why we failed to win the premier league this season. … Lack of motivation!
          Damm you Kroenke…. Damm you to hell!!! ???

          1. Kroenke is everything that’s wrong with Arsenal my friend, from the board to the ticket prices to the over inflated reserves and lack of investment. I wish it was only motivational, but it certainly helps to have an enthusiastic owner.

            Wenger fills so many roles at the club, that it is difficult to know what the impact of him leaving would be. If we had more footballing people on the board, that most certainly wouldn’t be the case.

  5. I am a first time respondent on this forum even though I have followed comments here for more than three years. I am happy that from now on, I will be contributing my comments to issues at stake. Note that I am not an AKBs, nor am I an WOBs. I am liberal and won’t be making comments based on popular opinions but strictly on how I view things personally. No abuses, no spleen venting. Will always maintain a peaceful atmosphere for logical arguments if need be. Thank you all my fellow patient, enduring Arsenal fans. Victoria corcodia crescit

  6. Lady Bracewell should have sold her shares in the club to the dubai group instead of Stan! Oh how I wish, I had a time machine! Sigh!!!

    1. LOL

      If you had the time machine what would you have done? Convinced her to not sell to Stan and sell to someone else or bought them yourself LOL

      1. Even she has said if she knew then what she knows now, she wouldn’t have sold them to Kroenke – it amazes me how blind everyone was.

  7. Hahaha as long as he doesn’t stick anything up my ass… I don’t care ???

    I don’t understand all the fuss about Kroenke,
    His a businessman that was offered a opportunity and he took it… I think that his statement regarding trophies was taken out of context.
    Some people seem to think that he is deliberately instructing the manager not to win any! ???
    Obviously if a business is making money, your not going to be too bothered about not winning any awards.

    The money has been there to sign the appropriate players, since and when we signed Ozil…. So the problem lies with Wenger and not Kroenke… Yeah, it’s true that Kroenke doesn’t give a ‘You know what’ about the club as long as it is making him money… But what difference would it had made even if he was sitting at every home game with an Arsenal scarf, wrapped around his neck? … None! Because it is Wenger who is in charge of the team and everything else that goes with it.

    I’m sure that I am not the only one who is sick and tired of Wenger’s bull ? excuses and his non-existant stability,focus and cohesion that he keeps blabbering on about! …. Yet!… He labels his player’s as being naive when they mess up!… Surely it takes one to know one?

    1. Not true – he has been messing about in team matters – he made Wenger sell Nasri to Citeh – something we do know, and there is ample evidence to suggest that the build up of reserves has been demanded by Kroenke to provide collateral for his Rams move.

      Another small matter is that his 3.5 million yearly raid goes on our ticket costs. Kroenke will keep Wenger there whatever the fans say, as he is fulfilling his business objectives. You can’t get rid of Wenger if you so wish, without getting rid of Kroenke. Other clubs benefit by having footballing brains on the board, which help in all sorts of ways to a clubs success, we have financiers which help Kroenke’s bank balance.

      1. And you belive Na$ri ? ? ?. .. Okayyy!
        The same player that was buddies with van persie!
        Who also saw that Wenger has no real interest in building the squad with quality, at that time!

        Yes, I’m not disputing the facts that the selling of player’s went towards paying off some of the debts for the Emirates, but to say that Kroenke was behind that is a joke when you consider the fee’s paid for Ozil and Sanchez!

        1. Why should Arsenal be the club in the EPL with the largest cash reserves, yet Wenger is the only manager to not buy any out field players? It makes no sense. People have this image of Wenger liking to sit on top his cash reserves like the dragon out the hobbit, it’s absolutely laughable. The reason why is that enables Kroenke to have the collateral to enable him to borrow the cash to move his clubs in the States among other things. We are being restricted in how we use the clubs money because of his American clubs. Kroenke is massively detrimental to the club, and Arsenal can only move forward once he is gone.

  8. Why should Nasri lie? It’s of no benefit to him. He could’ve just’ve easily said Wenger wanted to sell him.

    There was considerable unrest beginning to build up before the purchase of Ozil and Sanchez, and TBH they were got at bargain prices.

    Why do you back Kroenke – he is of no use to the club, just a drain. He has made 25 billion profit of the shares, yet still wants to pick the fans pockets. You will not get rid of Wenger without getting rid of Kroenke – he is the person keeping Wenger there.

    Tell me how Kroenke benefits the club?

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