Arsenal best placed to benefit from Chinese cash splashing?

There has been a lot written and said already about the Chinese situation, with the Arsenal boss having his say on how the huge money in the Chinese super League and the massive salaries they are offering to tempt the big name players will affect the clubs here in the English Premier League.

It looks like Chelsea will not be losing their Spanish international striker Diego Costa to a Chinese club, or net yet at least although he could be going at the end of the season. But they have already seen Oscar and Jon Obi Mikel head east and it appears that this talent drain will continue. It is not just the danger of losing players that Arsene Wenger has warned off either, but the chance that these big wages in China will make the players staying want more.

The Frenchman told the Evening Standard, “That’s the danger, that the Chinese offers become the benchmark for Europe.

“You cannot compete with that but I still think that, when you’re a footballer, the first thing is that you want to play against the best players in the best teams. Of course it’s a worry but it happened in Europe before. It also happens when you’re at a smaller club. Sometimes we had periods where we could not financially compete with the bigger clubs who took our players away from us. It can happen inside the country.”

It can, but I also think that this financial aspect could work in our favour. If the top players are tempted to China then I think it could help Arsenal compete with the big spending clubs here, as the players after the really big money will be over there rather than playing for one of our EPL rivals. We might also a see a return of the times when management of a club and building of a team was more important than the bank balance and who is better placed than Wenger and the Gunners to benefit from that?



  1. Jimbeam says:

    Bob – you do need a lesson in Economics.
    If there is excess supply of money in the market, there is inflation, the price of everything goes up! That means all the players will be more expensive. The ones that go to China and the ones that stay here.
    It will be even more difficult to compete for and to keep talent once New money is in play. We saw it with Russian money, we saw it with Arab money and now we are seeing it with Chinese money.
    We have not won anything since big foreign money entered UK Football with Abramovitch. To think that even bigger Chinese money might somehow make the market more competitive for us is ridiculous.

  2. Wilshegz says:

    Chelsea,PSG,City and other small clubs that became big from spending big n enticing players based on wealth ll suffer the same fate Arsenal suffered since 2005.
    and for Arsenal we are alrdy used to it and have always gone for players that are in it for footballing reasons n not money so it’s business as usual for us.

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