Arsenal bid £20 Million less than rejected Man Utd bid for England star

I think we have a pattern developing where Arsenal are concerned in the transfer market.

According to the media, Arsenal has tabled a £50 Million offer for Leicester City’s Harry Maguire even though Man Utd had a £70 Million offer rejected.

I mean, that takes some doing I have to admit but hey, they did it with Wilfried Zaha so why not.

I have to admit that when I first saw this I thought it was satire or a parody article but nope, it is apparently real.

Naturally, the offer was rejected because there cannot be many clubs in world football that would turn down a £70 Million bid and then accept a £50 Million offer. Though, where is Ivan Gazdis working these days?

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There is no point detailing any of this because it is ridiculous on so many levels but there is an interesting point worth making.

If this bid is real and Arsenal have bid £50 Million, even if they knew in advance it would be turned down, it must surely mean there is more than the reported £40 Million in the kitty, in fact, it must be less with the purchase of Gabriel Martinelli today.

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Either that or there is some substance to the Alexandre Lacazette rumours and the club is expecting a barrel of cash.

We may end up seeing more money spent this summer by Arsenal than what we first thought.


  1. Palace asks for 80 for zaha we bid 40
    man u give 70 for harry, it’s rejected,
    so we bid 50…..
    what kind of sense is that??
    Who is in charge of the bids!?!?
    what are you thinking man!

    1. Its all tactical. Arsenal try to piss every club off so that they are alienated from dealing with them!

      Arsenal know they have no chance so this way (to the fans) it looks like they are trying at least?

      This is modern era Arsenal, So low in the pecking order they are desperate!!!

  2. We all know this is a big fat lie. Anyway I prefer Upamecano or Konate or even Abdou Daillo from Dortmund over Maguire. He is good but too expensive for us.

    1. I also prefer Upamecano or Konate. Despite unproven in EPL, they are younger

      Unfortunately we can only use Saliba next season

      1. Serious question my friend but how can we only use Saliba. ?
        If we sign him which is not even close yet he has to be loaned back for next season.

        1. According to kev, Saliba is done deal

          But he has to be loaned back, therefore we can only use him in 2020/2021

    2. £40m was reported to have been earmarked for transfer. Definitely, there were some sreams of revenue rake-ins from Adidas kits sponsor which we are not told.
      Again, bidding £50m for a player does not necessarily mean that every penny will be paid upfront. Some transfer payments are staggered over 2 or 3 windows.

  3. Chiesa, Werner, Lacazette
    Torreira, Serge-j, Fernandes
    Tierney, Upamecano, Konate,Bellerin

    Guys say u were the owner of arsenal I would ur dream team look like? But b realistic.Here is mine!!!

    1. Your dream team is to move lacazette to the wing to accommodate an overrated Werner as the striker? ??
      This is funnier than the Maguire bid

  4. Maybe Man Utd proposed £70M over a number of years while we proposed a £50M straight-cash deal, you never know. Let’s stop ridiculing our club for trying to get the best deals possible for us.

    If we signed Zaha today for £100M and he flops like he did at Man utd,how would we move him on? To whom would we sell him at £100M and why are they not interested in him now?

    This “pay them whatever they want” mentality is exactly how we ended up with a £350k a week problem in our squad. So let’s stop pretending a £40M or £50M bid is nonsense, because we would struggle to get anyone willing to pay us such a fee for most of our players.

  5. By the way, Ornstein isthe biggest transfer rumour ??er there is. Why does everyone believe him when he’s nearly always wrong. Look at how many he got seriously wrong last year.

    1. I’ve also wondered that. Maybe because he works for BBC, lol?

      I mean, papers live for this kind of BS. 99% of their rumours are BS. They exaggerate or straight up lie.

      Some guy on Twitter plainly lied Xhaka is wanted by Atletico -> rumours has it Atletico bid £50m for Xhaka

      Lacazette said good morning to Emery -> Lacazette to hold talks with Arsenal FC

      Torreira said he doesn’t like the weather in UK (shocker!) -> Torreira unsettled at Arsenal and wants to transfer back to Italy

      1. ?? you forgot:
        Xhaka cousin on twitter reveals €55M Inter Milan deal is close -> The Sun- “Xhaka on verge of sealing Inter Milan move according to sources close to the Swiss’ camp.”

    1. The club is not a joke, it’s the gullible supporters who believe every internet rumour for true. Has anyone or Leicester confirmed that Arsenal made the bid? Did Leicester confirm that Man U made a formal bid of 70m that was rejected? To me Harry McGuire is not worth more than 40-50 mil.

  6. £80m for Zaha is a joke. Only jokers like United would actually pay that and get mugged. So if we bid £40m, I’m actually fine with that because that overrated, 10-goal a season winger is not a penny worth more. Even 40m is too much.

    And Maguire, just LOL. He’s decent at best.

    1. Exactly! Man utd bid £70M for Maguire? That is VVD money! So is he as good as VVD? Of course not. They think if they throw £70M at Leicester for Maguire and declare him worldclass, suddenly he will become worldclass and subsequently, as good as VVD. Even £50M is too much for Maguire. We should have bid £40M.

  7. Zaha is way over rated.
    Zaha has played 177 PL games and only scored 32 goals.
    In the Championship he played 126 games for 13 goals.
    Even 40 mill is ridiculous.
    Reiss Nelson is just as good and is free!!
    Arsenal does not need another flashy African player.
    The Arsenal academy is full of flashy African youngsters.

    1. If u think zaha is over rated and Nelson just as good then I don’t know who is over rating who cause am yet to see Nelson been rated by other people outside arsenal fans

  8. Sanlehi and his sidekick along with the yanks are turning us into a laughing stock,!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!,Sell our best two players and buy cheap.

    1. Believe me those men have good credentials if they operated this way they would not have lasted long in their previous jobs…

      The problem is kronke this is vatually how all his clubs are run always aiming for profits…

      Some fans are saying 60mil is too much for Zaha.. 25mil too much for this 10mil too much for that….

      If it’s going to make us competitive let them spend it…its not like the money is shared among the fans for Godsake

      You think united are stupid for paying big they are no more a champions league team wait till the season starts
      Guess who else is paying big the spurs

      Let’s keep debating over few millions why the club will be happy to make profits and tell you tell tried buying messi

  9. Good post Agu Emen, totally agree.Why not give these youngsters a go Bielik, Nelson and co along with a couple of good signings at the back they cannot do any worse than Ozil,Xhaka,Elneny, mustafi, Micha.

  10. All I know is, we’re bidding for a lot of players!! WTH is going on?? What if our bluff is called – will we be able to put our money where our mouth is??

  11. Stan walks into a shop and asks for a toilet roll..

    The lady behind the counter sees Stan approaching with the toilet role and days to him ‘that will be £1 please’.

    Stand looks at her up and down and replies with ‘ill give you 98p’. The woman too replies telling Stan ‘the value of that item sir is £1 and is not negotiable’. Stan stares at her intensely this time and says ‘i get everything I want or need for the price that I want to pay for it’ and puts his hand forward with only 98p in it, much to the shop keepers disbelief.

    At this the woman drops her trousers, defecates in his hand and proceeds to wipe her backside on it and then roll the paper back up and returns it to Stan. In horror and disgust Stan screams at the lady who is now on top of the counter wiping her derrière with the toilet paper, “What are you doing?”.

    She replies ‘doing what is necessary. While you squibble over 2p and arrogantly declare you get what you want for the price you want, you’ve been left with sh*t on your hands and still have your money in your pocket and now have a second hand toilet roll.’

    The moral of the story is, no one likes or suffers a clever dick who thinks he calls the shots, and if you refuse to pay good money you may end up with something as useful as second hand toilet rag (ozil)!

    Thank you very much and good night!;)

  12. English always seems to over rate there players
    People saying Nelson is our saviour when am struggling
    To see what he can do with England u21 team..
    Same goes with Niles

  13. Does anyone here rate Kimpembe from PSG? PSG want to offload him to sign a new centerback.

  14. I took this one as satire !…….if I took as anything else I might as well join The Cuckoo Club !

  15. At least this post brings lot of laughs & great suggestions,this is mine : Well kronke for a symbologie pound. Get that crazy boldhead out or Town.

    What a joke! But it is serious that’s how that cheap goon is doing business, Leicester must be laughing loud, after beating us, we offer half of what they ask and less than what they rejected!

    That Bear is playing with us, make believe; at end of window, we can say that we didnt get any top players but, we did try.

    I read a comment here: ” it looks like de could be spending way more money than it was announced.”

    See how effective those lies are?

    No kido, we have 45M, we spent 8M on 18 year old Brasilian kid. 37M left.

    It is a zero added,we offered 5M not 50M. Dont you worry kido, Kroenke got a surprise i am bringing:

    This our targets and team for next Season

    De Gea – Arnold – VD Koulibali – Marcelo – Pogba Kanté – Messi – Neymar Ronaldo Mbappe.

    I miss rating on this website, i would have some much thumbs up!

    Oh, i forgot kido; Zidane left his job, Kroneke got him too. Also forgot to benched Neuer, Bale mainly, Zidane brings him for that.

  16. We a total joke as this article demonstrates!

    It is embarrassing, we Can stop it by not buying Shirts nor tickets, an empty stadium will end Kroneke scam on us and Arsenal. Only way!

    We will not be in top 10 and be badly beaten, then that greedy Bear will have to call back Wenger as Zidane in Real, put the damn money down to have a team to compète.


  17. is maguire not a bit agricultural for our team guys? reminds me more of an ipswich town centre half perhaps ?.nothing against the tractor boys of course, just giving an example.

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