Arsenal bid €27m and believe it WILL get Carvalho!!

Actually, the figure mentioned in the Arsenal transfer rumour about the latest bid put in by Arsene Wenger for the defensive midfield transfer target William Carvalho is given as £21.3 million by Metro. But this is such an odd figure that it must equate to an amount in the currency of his current employers, Sporting Club de Portugal.

This suggests to me that the Gunners are aware, and may even have been told, of the transfer fee that the Portuguese club will accept. Sporting previously wanted quite a bit more for their young player, apparently, and may already have turned down a bid of a roughly similar amount, but the talk in the media is that they are now willing to accept less with just a few days of the transfer window left.

The report also claims that all parties want the deal to go through and that Arsenal are very confident of signing the 22-year old, although it may still not be completed until the final day of the window, on Monday. That should give us Arsenal fans the annual fun of alternating between fretting, fuming and getting over excited.

But if it is true, that is one of the three signings we need to make. Now for a striker and a centre back maybe?

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  1. We certainly need better than Remy to win the league that’s for sure, I’m talking a Reus or Cavani type signing. Doubt it’s gonna happen, no more marquee signings, not enough ambition, the amount of money we had and we brought one proven, quality player in for 33milliom, then two right backs and a backup goalie… Hmm… Not good enough if you ask me, I love the look of Chambers and Debuchy looks okay and Ospina ain’t even played yet, that’s not good enough if you ask me, if we had true ambition, we would have gone all out for Khedira and someone like Reus or Cavani, we need to aim high but once again, I feel let down by Wenger and I cannot see us winning another trophy this season unless something big happens within the next two days I’m afraid.

    1. On khedira the guy missed 68 games for madrid through injury. Thats like 2 la liga seasons. As talented as he is, we dont want to add to the Arsenal hospital. I dont understand why most gooners fail to acknowledge the ramifications of buying a injury prone player. You’ll only complain after.

      1. i agree on khedira, carvalho is better but on loic remy i disagree tottaly.. he is improvment on giroud but improvment for titles, he isnt!!!

        1. Not tryna slate Giroud or anything but if he can score 22 goals with us, i’m sure Remy can score more.

          1. typical story when we end up with someone we didnt want to in the first place and deep in us we know he is not that type of player who we want… giroud is for me laughting stock, this guy is better but he is not henry we all know that… and i dont know what is happening with wenger, did he truly belive that he is gonna lift trophy with girud, remy, sanogo upfront… others clubs strikers, costa- drogba, studridge-balloteli, jovetic-negredo-aguero- dzeko, rvp-rooney, lukaku-eto”o, soldado-adebayor, michu-w.bony….. these seven clubs have better strikers than what we have… and we are pretending we are gonna win the title this and that LOL!!! in this tempo and with this transfers over and over aging we aint gonna win the tittle in the next decade, dont mention ucl!!! would be nicer to go in the europa league, we have better chances there and try to win it, look at atletico madrid!! and new menager, jorgen or someone else r.martinez, this old fool is done!! lies after lies, and top four this year its gonna be tough as hell, we would be lucky to get into top four clubs, this year its gonna be realy success!!! All iam traying to say is you dont have to be football expert to realize some things, just look at giroud and sanogo and all is gonna be clear as day………..

            1. You mean the guy who got us a crucial point last week against Everton and set up the winning goal in our win over Crystal Palace. 4 points are no laughing matter.

              1. yes i mean the guy who have ozil and cazorla behind him and he score 16 goal per a season in 48 appearances and start every game… what he is jogging in these other 32 games… i mean the guy who play for arsenal third season in the row and yet dont have a goal agaist man utd, chelsea, liverpool, man city( dont mention me that community shield goal) i am talking about epl… who brought him in arsenal that must be some masonic crap, him to be main guy and everybody feed him players like ozil, cazorla now its gonna be sanchez, ramsey…salute, that is biggest achievement anybody pulled out!!!

              2. I wish it wasn’t the case but adebayor is better player than giroud hands down.
                Hope we get the 3 points tomorrow

            2. To win the league in my opinion i believe Arsenal need to sign a top class striker with or without Giroud’s injury. But i disagree at your analysis of 7 teams that have better striking depth than Arsenal not true at all. Everton with Lukaku – Etoo is definitely not at par with Sanchez – Podolski – Walcot – Campel – Sanogo. Not even Manunited with Rooney-RVP-Welbeck-Hernandez. Comparing ordinary Podolski- Campbel to Adebayo-Soldado is a big Joke, not even sturridge- Balotelli. My only concern is with Chelsea and Man City. If we want to win the league instead of this two clubs we need to buy a superior striker and in my opinion the need has just trumped our need for a defensive midfielder (Because i will trust Calum Chambers in that position any day – he has all the ingredients to succeed there)

              1. We won’t have the best strike force in the league this season. Man City do. We won’t have the best defence either, Chelsea do. But with the signing of a solid DM, we will have the best midfield in the league. The midfield is usually where a game is won or lost..

              2. “Etoo is definitely not at par with Sanchez – Podolski – Walcot – Campel – Sanogo.”

                Well perhaps not but Eto is an out-and-out striker. Wenger talks about how many strikers we have but then never plays Podolski, Walcott or Campbell as a striker. It he truly believes it, then use them that way.

  2. metro doesnt really mean anything but agent edward reporting we’re readying a bid for him which gives hope

  3. I really hope this happens. Carvahlo is a beast of a DM. He brushes people aside like they’re toys. His passing is also underrated, he can make a lot of good forward passes. He’s only 22 so the passing element of his game will definetly increase at arsenal.
    We’ve missed steel in the midfield ever since gilberto and viera.
    For a CB would love sokratis.
    As for remy…. I know everyone wants falcao ect but thats not happening. remy would do a good job. Better him than rely soley on sanchez and sanogo for 4 months. WE NEED TO ROTATE

    1. Outside of YouTube ‘highlights’ have many full CP Sporting games have you watched? Do you reside from Portugal or do you play a lot of FIFA and or watch Youtube when evaluating a player?

      1. Unfortuantely in the UK they don’t broadcast the portugese league. Therefore i saw a few hours worth of youtube videos of the guy and it’s fair to say he’s very good.
        Also there is a reason why he was portugese player of the year. The sporting fans also love him.
        Dont be ridiculous, when hazard signed for chelsea how many people watched full games of his? How many saw ronaldos games before he joined united?

        Oh and by the way Carvahlo is only a silver player on fifa 14, and has a low rating.

            1. Haha, pretty much, loool he’s only 69 rated. To understand how bad that is, Tom Cleverly is 78 rated and gold.

              1. However you have to look at the age, He’s only 22 which means he will only get better. Also he plays for Sporting Lisbon and does not get much attention.

              2. F**k me gently with an extra large pineapple – if TC is that much better than I am really, really scared. Hopefully the truth is that the computer programmers know nothing about football.

                1. LOOOL.
                  To be fair, those ratings are based on performances from more than a year ago.
                  The more updated ratings would probably put Carvalho at 75+
                  And Tom Cleverly at -46

        1. So you rate Carvalho as high as Hazard and Ronaldo now? Your words not mine. Take a deep breathe. If Wenger rates him the cool but I watched a lot of Wanyama and M’villa videos. Luckily Wenger doesn’t use YouTube to judge talent and hype.

          1. Did i ever say he is in the same bracket as ronaldo or hazard? MOST people (with the exception of you of course) do not have the time to sit and watch all the games of every talented player in the world. People have lives.

            1. You told me not to be ‘ridiculous’ and listed Hazard and Ronaldo as players who people knew were awesome even though they had not seen them play. Listen – if Carvalho signs great. But your sensationalistic views of players are a great liability to Arsenal supporters, I’m tired of reading about the next great player nobody has seen play – then the normal ‘missed target’ column starts…we missed Wanyama’ M’villa, Fellaini I could go on and on. I’m tired of hacks rating players………

      2. bomber: I agree and have made this point many times before, and specifically about WC. But I’ll wager you a hefty sum that only the unemployed or full-on footy nerds have consistently and frequently monitored and taken notes of the performances of all the players linked to us. We all watch the highlight shows and the SSN snippets and may dabble with some of the dedicated European football channels but unless you watch the full matches week in week out then you will only ever have a sketchy idea of any player. I catch selected matches from La Liga, Bundesliga and Erediviese but lost a bit of interest recently in Serie A. Hell, there are PL players linked to us that we have rated primarily on the performances against us – how many on here watched all Morgan Schniederlin’s matches for Soton last year? I only have a problem with all this when people come on here shouting a name with an authority that is not warranted – they are recycling popular opinion and secondhand hearsay rather than direct first person evidence. Or most probably as you say, have a quick check on football manager database before commenting.

        I suppose that explains why full time scouts are employed. Bottom line for me is that if Wenger likes what he sees re: WC then I will be very happy for him to come.

        1. True. One more metric I would use is if he is up for transfer, which are the teams interested in him. What worries me a bit is United were scouting him and the interest subsequently died. Now given that they desperately need to strengthen the same area as arsenal, it is surprising to overlook Carvalho if he is that good. Secondly, news of sporting lowering their price by almost 10 million. But I will go with your point that if the boss has put in a bid, every detailing must have been done. Period!

      3. I have watched a few, enough to say that the kid is better than Arteta (and Flamini for this matter) on the defensive midfielder role and that’s what matters, an improvement. Come on guys, we will never get another Patrick Viera or Thierry Henry, but we can make an improvement in what we have, and that’s what this “rumour” about Carvalho is all about…are there better players out there in that role? maybe…will Arsene go and pay crazy cash for a defensive mid? not a chance in hell, hence Carvalho…COYG!!!

  4. Really think we should have got schneiderlin .. Would’ve been perfect for us

    And remy if he joins us will be quality .. He will finally get the recognition he deserves

  5. I am still not sure about Carvalho but if Wenger likes what he sees and gets him I will be happy. If it does happen looks like Wenger’s waiting game has paid off – the £37M buy-out tag has dropped big time as a consequence of a bit of patience. Agree on Remy as well, I thought he was a decent and lets face it realistic option when all the chat started 6 weeks ago. Will he choose us or the chavs though? Difficult one, don’t know if he feels rejected because we didn’t go for him earlier and frankly are only back in for him now because we are desperate. Maybe he fancies an easy ride on the bench with the “champions elect” at the Bridge – who knows. Pluses for us is he obviously respects Wenger and will undoubtedly get more playing time – time enough to take the No.1 striker slot if he can fire himself up.

    1. Arsenal – 1st team football & focal part of team.

      Chelsea – Squad player with big wages.

      His choice.

      1. I have watched a few, enough to say that the kid is better than Arteta (and Flamini for this matter) on the defensive midfielder role and that’s what matters, an improvement. Come on guys, we will never get another Patrick Viera or Thierry Henry, but we can make an improvement in what we have, and that’s what this “rumour” about Carvalho is all about…are there better players out there in that role? maybe…will Arsene go and pay crazy cash for a defensive mid? not a chance in hell, hence Carvalho…COYG!!!

          1. no jack, I watched a few actual games where he played, not a lot, a few…enough to see that he is a better defensive midfielder than Arteta, Coquelin and even Flamini for this matter…is he a fantastic player? no, he is not, but he’s good enough to do the job and be an improvement on the team, plus at 22 years old you still have a chance to mould him into the type of defensive midfield player that you want. Are there better players out there? yes, there are, but you and me know that Arsene won’t pay crazy money for a defensive mid player, so there you go…as per you tube, that seems to be your thing, not mine…COYG

    1. I don’t know quite how fantastic he is rock88 but I do know he fits the profile of the CM/CDM we want/need alot better than nearly all the other names put on the Just.Arsenal wishlist; Khedira, Pogba, Vidal, L Bender etc. I am really itching to see some disciplined, strong and energetic presence patrolling along the front of our back 4. We will I think lose a little going forward, Arteta for all the criticism is a proper passer of the ball and very good in possession – but it is a price worth paying imo.

  6. Im confident of a DM signing. The apparent bid on Rémy, if true, also shows that Arsene IS after a striker as well.

    1. Both Wenger and Mourinho have been caught with their pants down in the striker department. In mitigation Wenger couldn’t have foresaw the OG injury, surely JM must have been on the ball re Torres. If true not sure who Remy will choose – I’d have him just for the one in the eye for Mourinho factor. Depends how pissed off he is that we are only back in for him now we are desperate but I suppose in fairness that is also the only reason JM gave him a call. Suppose it depends on whether he wants to play or not – he is bench material for CFC but would have a decent shot at trying to get a first team slot with us.

      1. Personally I’d prefer Bony to Rémy. We already have pacey strikers in Alexis and Walcott. Bony on the other hand is more of a physical presence. Though at £8.5m, Rémy is much better value for money.

      2. Don’t think Mourinho has been “caught with” his “pants down” regarding the signing of a striker since Costa and Drogba are both playing for Chelsea. I guess Torres is a loss, but they have been trying to push him out for years. A bit of an overstatement.

        Anyhow. Don’t think Wenger has been caught either. Adding Sanchez, keeping Campbell, and a couple days left in the transfer window….who knows. Wenger’s biggest priority, IMO, are on the defensive side of the pitch. There’s plenty of attacking creativity once it all comes together…just need to commit to be defensively discplined.

        We will be.

        1. Maybe, but having had a year to get rid of Torres and then him going 2 days before deadlight does not strike me as being in control in the way Mourinho always presents to the media.

  7. Carvalho is phenomenal, and the Portuguese league is better than most people think, it’s ranked 4th in UEFA behind Spain, England, Germany ahead of Italy, Russia and France. Two teams in the top pot of the UCL were Portuguese, Benfica and Porto. Check out this list of players, who do you not know from the Breakthrough Player list? I’ve watched him play many times, he’s a much better option than Khedira (too offensive and injury prone), Gustavo (too old and simply not as good) and Bender (Carvalho is younger more defensive and I think slightly better too).
    Also as a bonus Carvalho can cover CB.

  8. I dare every f’n Gooner to strike me wrong when I say Remy is not an improvement to Giroud, why?

    He is different TYPE of player than Giroud but not BETTER. This is one fact all the Sunday night football watchers get it wrong.

    Here is some facts for you.

    Giroud’s record EVER for playing in TOP flight league is 25 goals in 42 matches. Remy’s is 20 in 42 matches. Giroud has managed to score +20 goals TWICE in his 4 seasons in top flight division (2 in BPL and 2 in Ligue 1). Remy has managed to score ONCE 20 goals in 8 seasons top flight (that once being 2011-12)

    So please, tell me, how this different TYPE of player from Giroud, will improve our attack?

    “Because he is playing with such a weak midfield blablabla”. Giroud managed to score more in weak Ligue 1 in 2 seasons than Remy in 6 seasons.

    So tell me, how this different “type” of a striker will strike us more goals than Giroud? Noted that he will turn 28 in January.

  9. If Wenger gets Falcao, Reus and Carvalho I will be satisfied. It will be considered a decent summer transfer window. Not great but decent enough

  10. Not fussed with a Striker now.
    Sanchez Campbell Sanogo
    Walcott Chamberlain Ramsey Cazorla
    Podolski Gnabry Rosicky Giroud
    when he returns.
    Mertz Kos from set pieces even
    Jack and Mesut can scor goals 2.
    15 gol scorers – enuf alredy.

  11. Is there anyone that can play as 3rd choice left back? It’s pretty much inevitable that Monreal and Gibbs will both be injured at the same time at some point this season…

  12. I wonder why AW likes keeping his transfer activities very late. We’re now competing with chelsea for Remy’s signature, where as we had. The whole season to wrap up some good deals. Even Remy himself was practically begging for arsenal’s signature, yet he ignored him. Now he’s now in a race to compete with Mourinho. That’s not cool at all, he’ll end up doing some panic transfers, there by making the same mistake over and over again. Am watching to see what becomes of these last days of the transfer window. Hmmmmmmm!

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