Arsenal blow another title!

At least the Arsenal under 21 side have got a second chance to achieve the main goal of winning promotion to the top division of the Barclays Premier League, but you would have to worry about our chances after the young Gunners followed in the footsteps of the senior side by blowing what seemed to be a golden opportunity to finish on top of the league.

When the Arsenal under 21s pulled off the brilliant result of beating the top club Derby County despite being a man down last Monday, it meant that we had two games left to overtake the leaders and claim automatic promotion. We needed just one win but managed to lose both games, against Swansea and then West Brom last night, despite Jack Wilshere scoring a superb equaliser at the start of the second half.

The format of the league means that we now face a play off against 5th placed Blackburn Rovers and if Arsenal win that we then have the promotion decider against the winner of the other game between 3rd placed Swansea and 4th placed Aston Villa.

The bonus of the Gunners finishing second is that our games will be played at home but after blowing such a great chance and with this sort of thing seeming to hang over the club like a dark cloud, will Steve Gatting be able to inspire his young charges to bounce back and win a place in the top division for next season?

And if not, what repercussions might that have for these Arsenal stars of the future?

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    1. Yes that’s true. Wenger wants to be Sep blatter of FIFA and is actually a photocopy of him. I don’t know whether the fans will stand this any longer I expect physical confrontation against Wenger in the very near future. Earning 8 £ million a year is burning every nerve of Arsenal fan base.

    2. I keep saying………..Our system is rotten from Top to bottom…….. But many won’t believe me

      Yes Fatboy……. It runs in the family….

      Who’s in for a surprise?

  1. Crowley, Adelaide, Malen, Bielik, Mavididi and Willock look like they could be of use in the future! Bright talents.

    Hopefully they make it. Lord knows we need home-grown core since the current one has failed.

    And how about giving Chambers a chance? We’ve had him for 2 years now sitting on the bench. I can’t see him improving at all if we don’t even play him and latest matches he played on, he looked quite good. He can’t be worse than Gabriel at the moment.

    1. Wenger has already hinted that he has 6 youth team player’s who are ready to step up into the first team.

      I understood that as saying that he won’t be signing much in the summer… But what with all the pressure on him and the abuse he has got lately that could possibly persuade him to change his plans.

      1. If he replaces weak spots (Striker, winger, central defender and defensive midfielder) with absolute world class, I’ll shut up about his transfer policy – but that wont happen, amirite? :/

  2. Whom do these youngsters look up to when they play for their shirt?
    They look up to their senior players as they are always directly compared to them.

    So, when the senior team plays like a spineless chicken it impacts the morale and mentality of these younger players. It will obviously affect their physical and mental attributes. And more so when they know that the Boss of the club has been making an absolute gravy out of every favourable situation, what motivation will they get to play for anything at all?!

    As much as we can boast of the kind of talented youngsters we have in our ranks, it will all drain out in the coming years.

    1. In some aspects you have a point but in general each and every youngster plays for his own future regardless of how the first team player’s are performing.
      If anything, Iwobi’s run in the first team will give them hope in following in his foot steps.

      1. Hey c’mon man! They are kids at the end of the day. They look for their heroes to inspire them and surely the Arsenal youth looks up to the Ozils and the Cazorlas. So, when they don’t perform it takes a toll on the youngsters too. At that age, they are more fans and less professionals.

  3. To most us the under 21s winning whatever it is frankly is as worthless as the arsenal ladies winning their champions league….THERE IS ONLY ONE ARSENAL!

    1. @keminski
      Be it AFC Ladies, Reserves, U-21’s or any of the other Youth squads, they are all ARSENAL. And everything they do has worth…REAL Gooners respect this as such.

  4. It upset me that the young guns choked at this stage. We could have done with the nice words been said about our future stars. Worse still is that one of our supposedly most talented players played in the side when it all fell flat. We should have stuck with the kids that got us to second spot. Jack could be a reason to why they never capitalised, like when Henry was in his last full season and the other players became overawed. A mistake is harder to shake off when you have a respected player watching or waiting on every pass. No point rushing to get Jack back now except for his England chances, but that’s not fair on the player he replaced in the youth team. I hope they get the promotion, I think they deserved it the way they we’re playing, of course I hope they make it. It’s not right that we are in a lower division, the top flights longest serving top flight team, with a youth team full of expensive wonder-kids and yet still looking for promotion?.

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