Arsenal blow as Premier League outfit remains determined to keep top forward

Patrick Vieira is set to spoil Arsenal’s plans to add Wilfried Zaha to their squad after speaking with the attacker and insisting that he wants to work with him.

The Arsenal legend is the new manager of Crystal Palace ahead of the upcoming season.

Palace has been a stable Premier League club for some time now, but they have gambled on allowing Roy Hodgson to leave and to replace him with Vieira.

The “invincible” legend knows he has a lot of work on his hands to be a success in the Premier League and wants to keep his best players.

He spoke about the future of Zaha recently and admitted that the attacker wants to leave, but says after speaking to him, he expects to keep the Ivorian.

‘I’m aware about Wilfried [Zaha and his situation] in the last couple of years but we had a really good conversation and I’m looking forward to working with him,’ he said to Sky Sports as quoted by The Daily Mail.

‘He’s one of the most talented players in this league and we don’t want to lose one of our best players.

‘All the players are smart enough to see what the club is trying to build and where the club want to go – we’ve made some really exciting young player signings and I think that shows the direction the football club wants to take.’

Arsenal was close to signing Zaha in 2019 but moved for Nicolas Pepe when they couldn’t close out the transfer.

He remains one of the more exciting players to watch in England and they can sign him for a significantly lower fee now.

However, with Willian still on their books, they might struggle to fit him into their squad.

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  1. Another blow for Arsenal!?

    How many is that now? Are we after every player on the transfer list? 🤣🤣🤣

  2. According to Brazillian football expert Enzio Rupahu Crystal Palace want to swap Zaha for Saka and Martinelli.
    I think we should just get it done.

    1. For me Saka and martinelli are are good for us so if palace don’t want to sell zaha they should keep him.

    2. How much more cash we must pay along with those players for Zaha??? Coz, if they are expecting any cash, we can throw in ESR as a makeweight too and bring down the amount. BTW, someone just drop a text to Emery that we’re finally getting the player he wanted at Arsenal.

  3. It has finally got to a point where rumours have become absolute joke. Weldon Martin😆😆😆😆😆😆

  4. every cloud has a silver lining and all that in the case pf palace holding on to the diving chief zaha.

  5. William Saliba has now been officially unveiled as a Marseille player, but he has admitted that Arsenal would have preferred him to stay in England.

    “I had the speech of Pablo, that of the coach. I knew that this is where I was going to play this season, with a stadium on fire and supporters who expect a lot, for a 20 year old youngster like me and that can only do me good,” he told La Provence via Sport Witness.

    “It was I who chose Marseille, Arsenal preferred that I go to England but I knew that here it was the right choice. I pushed and pushed for that.”

    This goes to show that we really don’t know what happens behind the scenes. We often criticize Players, Coaches and Management blindly

  6. We’ve lost about 60 transfer targets this summer and another one I read online was Arsenal target Jack Grealish has signed for Manchester city since when was Jack Grealish an Arsenal target 😂😂

  7. Censor Ad PAT STRIKES AGAIN and simply because he won’t accept the truth I wrote about his colleague Ad MARTIN INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE WITH A FALSEHOOD AS THIS ARTICLES PREMISE.

    1. I’m in agreement completely with you Jon. This has to stop, there is stark differences between rumour, humour and direct insult. This is a direct insult to all JA fans and I can’t believe adPat is allowing it. Pat can say we have a choice not read it but as a custodian of our great club you shouldn’t allow fabricated lies on your blog. I know this a news but it isn’t about Arsenal player and shouldn’t be here just like every ARSENAL-TARGET has signed for so and so club article.

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