Arsenal board dodging decision but Wenger WILL quit

To be fair to Arsene Wenger, the ultimate responsibility for everything that happens at Arsenal Football Club should not all rest on his shoulders, but that seems to be the way things have become in north London. Even when an imndividual player or the whole Arsenal team put in a bad performance it is the Prof that bears the brunt.

And it is also the Frenchman who has been left to sort out the mess that the Gunners find themselves in after the failure of another tilt at the Premier League title and then the drubbing away to Bayern Munich that puts the Champions League out of reach once again.

Even if the Arsenal board were to leave the final decision on his future to the boss, they should have the guts to make it clear that the current situation is not acceptable, but all the club’s top brass seem happy to absolve themselves and leave it all up to the man himself.

While this will infuriate a lot of Arsenal fans, I firmly believe that you will get the outcome you want anyway, as Wenger is going to take the exit door this summer of his own volition. It was not just his pride that took a pounding in Munich, but his steadfast belief that he could get Arsenal back to the top again.

He looked lost after the match. A beaten man weighed down by expectation and the failure of his best laid plans to come off. So don’t worry you WOBs, because despite the club dodging it’s duty to make a decision, Wenger will do what he thinks best and this time that means he will quit at the end of the season.


  1. Raoh says:

    And that is why we as fans should let it be known that if the manager leaves at the end of this season which looks increasingly likely (even if we win the FA cup and finish top 4 or a miracle occur in the return leg) others should follow his lead.
    And by others we mean members of the board. We need a younger, hungrier and football knowledgeable members. Why not players that were part of those glorious days. Instead of taking a pundit role why not bring the critics they make to the board, make and participate in restoring Arsenal glory?!

  2. Pablo Picaso says:

    I feel as though Wenger has lost the dressing room at this moment with players being divided the same way we fans are divided (AKB, & AOB’s).

    We have a star player who wants to play his own brand of football and win at all cost; other players try to emulate him but are not at his level; and then we have other players who look lost on the pitch and are not sure whether to listen to the manager or their team mates on the pitch.

    Why is it that Arsenal is the only team that is usually held ransom by players, owners and now the manager? Cant Wenger make up his mind and info us all whether he is living or not so that if so the club should have enough time to plan and engage someone who can start working behind the background immediately! All this talk about Wenger loving Arsenal is just talk, I mean who wouldn’t be happy to get paid boat loads in a job with no pressure at all.

    1. bran99 says:

      true dat

  3. hecmanx says:

    There many good managers that can replace wenger but his loyal fans just can’t see, they keep saying no 1 available to replace him, we have been seeing the same scenario playing out every season but some fans just can’t see it just as our manager can’t see it. Let him leave so all arsenal fans will be United and support our new manager and the team.

  4. Bobbyraz says:

    all those fans who think arsenal will crumble when wenger leaves can go with him we need Arsenal FC supporters not Arsene fc, we are tired of seeing the same movie over and over again, we wanna see a new one

  5. Vlad says:

    Most of you here are probably too young to know a show called Moonlighting with Bruce Willis, and Cybill Shepherd. It’s about this model, actress who acquired a bunch of businesses over the years, including a private detective agency, but found herself in financial troubles, and is forced to liquidate a bunch of them. She talks to the head of the agency (played by BW), and tells him she plans on closing it. He asks why, and she says it’s because they are not profitable. His response: “It’s because we were meant to lose money”… “tell us to make money, and we will”. Moral of the story: NOTHING will change at Arsenal whether Wenger leaves or not. The owner, the board, AND the objectives will have to change first. Why is Wenger still with the club? BECAUSE he’s done everything that’s asked of him, and he’s done it well. If he didn’t, he’d be sacked years ago. Now just think about that, and perhaps you’ll change your opinion, and direct your anger and frustration towards the real enemy. And I’ll give you a clue – it’s NOT Wenger.

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