Arsenal board need to act fast or risk even more instability

The Arsenal board do not have the luxury of time in search for a new manager.

At this minute the situation is calm at Arsenal but that will not last long if the Arsenal board do not address the managerial situation fast.

The board will need to do one of two things, either hire a new manager or give Freddie Ljungberg unto the end of the season.

The longer this goes on the more players will be destabilised and don’t forget, there is a transfer window about to open.

Also, contracts need to be extended and renewed and without some sort of clarity what are the players to think?

As an example, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette could leave the club and as it stands now, why would they not?

But if they knew that Freddie was there until the end of the season or say, Max Allegri hired, then you have to think there is far more chance of them putting pen to paper.

What players will be sold or acquired in January? Surely, a new manager will have his preferences and for that matter, Freddie as well.

The reality is that the board should already have had a man in place to replace Emery or had made the decision to give the job to Freddie. It is not as if they did not know that Emery could be gone at short notice.

We, the fans, need to know as well, this state of flux is no good for anyone.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow evening against Brighton, the board has to make an announcement as soon as possible and allow the club to get back on an even keel. They cannot drag this out hoping to get the perfect person because there is no guarantee of that no matter who they hire.


  1. Read in the Sun that, the board had made up their mind weeks ago on the sacking of Unai. Which might be they either have someone in mind or they’re sticking with Freddy… 🤔

        1. Im sorry NY, i cant take anything from that rag and dont think anyone should buy or read that piece of crap. Just my opinion, their reporting stinks at best, i think it should be shut down. Lol

  2. Hopefully soon Kroenke grows tired and a Arab billionaire comes and buys Arsenal. Surely the biggest club in London the capital is the most appealing!

  3. What you have to remember is we are not as attractive a catch as some like to think. We have a quiet non ambitious owner, bad attitude players, toxic fan base and we aren’t looking like anything is going to change that. I have a feeling the final straw will be Arteta being announced as our manager and that would be in my opinion a desaster. I just hope he shows loyalty to city. We need someone with a solid track record and charisma.

  4. What we have to hooe is we dont go for the cheap option but we go for the right option, regardless of the cost. The cheap option will cost us more in the long run than the right, more expensive.

  5. What we need as a priority as better quality players.Far too much is made of the importance of a team Manager when great Managers of the past had less exposure to the media and limited hands on involvement with players.Think of the likes of Busby,Stein,Paisley, Clough and to an extent Ferguson.They left training and coaching to others but ruled the roost when it came to team selection.Great players make for great teams.Not all Barcelona’s Manager’s have been top class during the past decade but their players have been.

  6. Arsenal must get a top and proven manager and not someone with potential. These guys will command a premium and why not.
    Their trophies are the proof.

  7. I totally agree Grandad,half the players Freddie has inherited would not get into another prem side so whoever is appointed will hopefully be looking to get some quality signed and quickly.

  8. I think we should give Freddie a square go as manager for the rest of the season. I have a feeling he may we’ll return the arsenal philosophy to a certain degree and if properly backed to buy new defenders and at least 1 midfielder we could be back up challenging and more importantly watching football actually worth watching. He needs time and support. I prefer Freddie to Arteta. We already seen Arteta as a captain and in my opionion he was not that effective so why would manager suit him any more. Hope they give Freddie a chance to shine.

    1. What is his ability as a player got to do with his potential as a manager.He was a decent player with good tactical qualities. His time at Man City will have made him better still. Anyway its not going to happen. It seems to me that, from all the comments in the press and on the fan sites,no manager on earth will be able to solve Arsenal’s problems unless he gets rid of 6 or 7 players and has £500 000 to spend and that’s definitely not going to happen.

      1. With all due respect Freddie is still wet behind the ears and Arteta at city has absolutely no bearing on what he would do at Arsenal and our resources. Both are a risk we can do with avoiding like the plague, the sooner Fred is replaced the better and the sooner Arteta is blown away the better. We dont need risk, we need quality.

  9. As indicated in the article, forward plannig and our backroom staff are not compatible in any way.

    Hours after announcing the sacking of poch, they had heralded the arrival of mourinho – no time for the fans to become toxic and/or divided whatsoever.

    Our club seem to be caught in a time warp of uncertainty, never being able to take one step forward.
    If they had taken the decision to sack UE weeks ago, surely they must have been planning for the day he left – after all, what else have they got to do?

    1. I think the next appointment as manager of this club is so important. The fans will be divided from day one if an appointment is made for monies sake and not performance sake. If it isn’t an high profile manager, it will spell disaster for us and i fear we won’t recover for years. The only options that will improve our fortunes are going to cost money and intent. No rookie manager is going to get time to sort us out, an high profile winner will.

  10. I think most of the top managers will have look at our squad and realise the rebuild process will take several years. Most, if not all of them would therefore prefer to stay on the managerial merry go round with the clubs who generally challenge for titles. I agree with Grandad. We need several new quality players. Without them we have little chance of competing for a top 4 spot any season soon let alone make a title challenge.

  11. I fear no established top managers want to come to Arsenal. Our squad is too imbalanced and the risk to high with the reward too low. Take the Man U job and chances are you get a budget to rebuild and at a minimum you put a big name club on your CV.

    Come to Arsenal and you probably get told to cut the pay role and that there are no meaningful funds to rebuild the squad and if you failed you failed at a club that has not been amongst Europe’s elite for a long time.

    So we will either have to settle for a washed up burned out Ancelotti or a unproven young guy like Arteta. I would pick Arteta.

    Don’t expect Allegri, Pochettino or a manager like Simeone.

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