Arsenal Board ready to back Wenger in crucial transfer window

Yet again Arsenal find themselves inundated with further injuries, even though just a few weeks ago we seemed to have turned the corner. Wenger said at the beginning of the month, “We had Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott, Mathieu Debuchy and Mesut Ozil injured but they are slowly all getting better. Theo is the first to come back but I believe we are at the end of the tunnel.”

Now we have lost Jack Wilshere, Sanogo (surprise!) and Mikel Arteta, who could be another long-term injury. Laurent Koscielny is now available but even Wenger said that the French defender’s achilles injury will have to be managed carefully in the long run.

So it is desperate times at the Emrates, but according to Matt Law in the Telegraph, the Board have finally realised that the squad needs reinforcing urgently and are willing to release extra funds to Arsene Wenger to fund moves for a new DM and two defenders.

Arsenal really needed a new DM before the season started, but with both Arteta and Wilshere on the treatment table it has now become an imperative. The report says Wenger is looking at Yohan Cabaye, who Arsenal reportedly bid £10 million for in the summer, Sevilla’s Grzegorz Krychowiak and Everton’s James McCarthy as possible arrivals in January.

Obviously Matt Law is a respected veteran sports journalist and may have insiders at Arsenal to feed him information, so I am hopeful that it is true that Wenger will really splash the cash in January, but what worries me is that they should have forced Le Prof to strengthen those areas BEFORE the season even started. My memory may be failing me, but I’m sure I remember JustArsenal readers calling for these purchases all summer!

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    1. @juhislihis
      Just looked him up on transfermarkt. He looks the business. Never paid much attention to him though…

      1. me neither cant even pronounce his name, with wenger never can be sure if hes a smokescreen for someone else…

      2. We were linked with him in the summer, first time I heard of him. He was already a regular Polish national and had a good season with Rennes.

        Currently (according to WhoScored stats) he’s ranked 17th in overall performance so far this season. 5th in most tackles, 4th on fouls and yet gotten only 1 yellow. 4 times been MotM. Some impressive stats, but his name.. Oh my.

    2. hmm……. Stories that touch!…….the borad would support this, the board would support that….. Don’t y’all know wenger ain’t a Fan of the winter window?……he’ll sign someone!…. We’ve been hearing that….. He’ll sign another MonreaL…… duh!….. On deadline day …….duh! ……won’t be a natural CB or a DM……. Something he calls versatile….. Speaking of versatile, he once called chambers that….but how many times have he tried playing him in CB or DM….. Wenger Logic:….. Duh!

    3. I f Wenger is given money to spend he will go out and buy rubbish, because In January he always panic buys and will never pay the top price for a great player. Ozil one year and Sanchez another year they were bought to shut the fans up, whist Arsenal could save money, Well thanks to the Owner and Wenger the Arsenal football team is going down the drain and this year we will not get into the top 4 place, but we will still have Wenger

    4. Wenger believes that Arsenal is still going to have a great season. Please Wenger tell me how you support this feeling because we have already lost the league. What is it you know that we don’t other than you are delusional, Arrogant, Conceited, and totally out of touch with the teams needs

    5. Krychowiak would be and excellent signing.he has a nearly perfect injury free track record,he is the highest ranked midfielder for defensive contributions in Europe at the moment.he has won 74% of his heading duels something that all our midfielders lack. He has won 54% of total duels.81% pass accuracy which would improve at a team like aarsenal.he ave 6 defensive actions a game.being polish means that he will know szezney and there are podolski and koscielney of polish decent.he is still relatively young at 24 and has an impressive tall and strong 85kg physique, whilst still a quick player. Even although his team lost. 5-1 vs Barcelona he was very impressive(5 interception,2 clearances,4blocks,92pass acc.

  1. I don’t see us getting McCarthy. He is doing wonders at Everton. Would really like to have him though. Cabaye we should have got right after he left Newcastle. Not so sure about him now. Never paid too much attention to the other guy whenever I did watch Sevilla. So not sure about him…

    1. Listen to your preferences some one could misunderstand you for an Liverpool fan. We need 25m + players.

  2. Knowing Wenger he is able to again for small skinny midget to be our DM.The man seems to live in his own world where only him knows what is good.
    watch out.

  3. some great dm’s being shopped around.

    a whole bunch of benders
    surely wenger can get one quality one

    1. You can rule out Strootman. Man United are just waiting for him to return from injury.
      Lars Bender for me. Or even someone whom i never heard of or whose name i can’t pronounce.

    2. No chance of Monaco selling Kondogbia. Strootman isn’t even for sale and neither are the Benders. We bid 20 million for Bender in 2014 and they said he weren’t for sale. Schneiderlin ain’t for sale after Southampton sold half their team. No good CB’s or dm’s available either. Arsenal wanting and needing a defensive midfielder isn’t a debate, it’s finding the right player to fit the bill.

        1. Muff remember that City paid 32 mln for a very average Mangala and PSG could only get Luiz for 50 million. If the best Barca would do was Vermaelen who will be injured for the rest of the year then who could we get? If Barca’s new first choice defender if Arsenal’s first choice then that shows a shortage of defenders on the market. Manolas joined Roma because he didn’t want to warm the bench. The best defensive mid to move clubs was Song and it was only a loan. Wenger has reiterated a desire to buy a defensive mid for a while now. I doubt he’s not going to improve the team for absolutely no reason.

          1. City and PSG pay stupid money for players, you can’t set market value by they’re insanity.
            Of course there are players out there who could come and do a job.
            There are a plethora of players just about to break through that would be worth a punt and could do a job.
            Truth is there have been players out there for years who could have been brought in but that’s another comment.
            If a club is offered the right money they will sell, end of.
            Buy Virgil Van Dijk, play him at CB or DM (need to replace Mert anyway), or Chambers to DM, Belerin at RB until Debuchy returns (remind me why Jenks was loaned?).

        2. Nkoulou cb and krychowiak dm

          Are the best In there position in Europe this season (squawka)
          Both are not cup tiered(marsielle/Sevilla)
          Both have been on arsene radar
          = problem solved

      1. @mesut o-grillz
        HE loves his team so much that he put in a transfer to Spurs. When it was rejected he went on a twitter rant against his club for not letting him go…

        1. @mesut on pillz – hope that was sarcasm man- he was crying like baby wanting mummys boobie last window

  4. EPL last 16 has been
    achieved and we sit 2 points
    off our pass mark 4th place.
    By Jan we could have Walcott Ozil
    Debuchi Gnabry Ospina Arteta back
    and Podolski Campbell and Rosicky
    may be playing more. If so we really
    only need a CB and even then a loan may suffice.
    before then we have 7 league games
    and Gala to negotiate.
    Once more congratulations to the team
    on securing last 16 ECL. With a good draw
    we might be semi finals or even finals bound.
    Well done Arsene… the master 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Lets extend Le Prof’s contract till 2020 now.

  5. All hail Lord Wenger, brought squad back from jaws of collapse to produce a magnificent win against the mighty 2nd string Dortmund squad.

    All hail Lord Wenger master tactican single Handley out smarted Klopp.

    All hail Lord Wenger who found our savior Sanogo.

    1. 2nd string? Gündogan, Bender and Aubameyang were all starting players. That was Dortmund’s best team that they could put out there tbh. You can oly beat what’s in front of you right?

  6. DM. And CB business should have been done
    last summer and we would have surely have been higher up the table still water under the bridge.Chance to rectify that massive judgement error by buying strong.If Wenger doesn’t and we have a poor season finish Wenger will have to resign or be fired.
    Win win for us long suffering supporters. COYG

  7. call me sour but having to watch chelsea stroll the league this early , will bother me all season an no matter how well we recover it will make any success bittersweet.

    we had last season in the bag, this season two obvious buys to contest.
    i watch games an dont feel as affected as before, ive lowered my expectation.

  8. I’ve said it 10x over, my feeling is we’ll get whatever we need to get into top 4 🙂 same ol arsenal, they know what they’re doing, wait to see if we can make it with what we have, oh no we can’t, fans are pissed? ok let’s go get 1 or 2 players to get us into CL Qualifications… smh….

    for you non-basketball fans kronke does the same with his basketball team the Denver nuggets and they’ve been consistently mediocre for yearsssssssssssssss.

  9. Arsenal’s problems are not because they lack funds to purchase players, but the problem stems from the most stubborn man in the world who manages them. Wenger is the obstacle.

  10. I don’t trust Wenger to bring in the right players, knowing him, he’d probably bring in shot players like Yohann Gourcuff and Titus Bramble.

  11. Wenger stated arsenal will look to TRY to sign at least one player in January. (When it’s clear as day we need two very good players at least) Basicly he will probably wait till the last minute like always then say it’s really hard to get the right players blah blah blah you get the point. Or if we do sign a player, he will be injured with a broken leg or ligament damage.

    That’s Wenger. That’s life

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