Does the Arsenal Board really back Wenger 100%?

The Arsenal Board is 100% behind Arsene Wenger‏ by KM

Hello guys, so the media has come out on the Wenger topic by stating that the Arsenal Board have 100% backing of the manager. No breaking news there, but the interesting bit is coming from the fact that the discussions over his future just keep on rolling.

If you read the blogs, a lot of fans have turned on Arsene, even some that have been loyal after years of support. And I have to say, that I don’t believe there is a true Arsenal fan that wants the team to lose or doesn’t want to support the club, it’s just that the direction we’re going isn’t good.

The fact that Arsene calls for unity means, he understands there is a disturbance in the force. Often the boss has labeled the fans that criticise him to be only a few people, or such that don’t understand anything, but if these “sources” are to be correct, Wenger is considering his future.

The media suggest that Arsene is given the ability to chose how his reign will end, but they also refer to him saying that he’ll leave only when he feels the dressing room is lost. I recall a few years back when Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie were sold in consecutive seasons, now lots of fans fear that Ozil and Sanchez might end up in the same situation.

The players look like they don’t wanna play for their manager, who keeps speaking of spirit but on the pitch the story is pretty clear. The inevitable CL exit, following an FA cup exit and an 11 point gap with Leicester will just give ensure the critics have more reason to get the stone and polish the edge of their spears, because the signs are worrying.

I don’t believe Wenger will go, because those 8 mills are something he’ll hardly get anywhere else, let alone for no pressure, but if he comes back with 2 more defeats, especially one against Everton, with the fact we’re just 3 points ahead of West Ham, he’ll find the Emirates hardly the most welcoming place.

Fourth place has always been his holy grail, but if he doesn’t reignite some spark into the players, he might lose the only thing he’s been holding on to. Then even the most die hard Wenger supporters, and even the Arsenal Board, will wonder what is he doing if he can’t even secure the top 4.

I don’t want us to go there though. We need the Champions league, but we also need a new manager. Mourinho was spot on that Wenger has a luxury to feel no pressure which no other manager can enjoy, but it’s a fight with his ego that is starting now.

Arsenal’s name hasn’t been that good recently, with Wenger throwing bottles, skipping handshakes when he loses and shoving other managers. Our style of football hasn’t been that pretty either of late. Managers come and go at football clubs, but the fans cannot be replaced. And I believe most of us have finally convinced ourselves that the guy is done.

The end is near. A new era is coming, and it might be sooner rather than later!


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  1. How to put pressure on Stan, the Board and by association Wengers position.

    A basic guide on grabbing both the Arsenal Board’s or perhaps more importantly the Medias attention. Remember the fuss 1 banner made!

    1. Stop buying Arsenal merchandise

    2. Stop attending matches (watch the box instead). Scrap the season ticket or if ad hoc visitor to Emirates go to less games, miss just home games…

    The more sacrifice made in greater numbers will have the most impact.

    3. If you can’t stay away from a match but want Stan and his ‘Moneyball’ winning isn’t important mentality  then make a banner or buy one:


    A 76cm X 366cm pvc plastic banner costs £29.99 (chip in with friends?) or a 52cm X 91cm banner costs just £5.99.

    What to put on it? Some suggestions:

    Arsenal: For Glory NOT Money
    Football NOT Moneyball

    Be creative…

    4. Protest (peacefully) outside of stadium on or outside of match days. Get connected with other Fans who want to see the back of Stan and ORGANISE.

    (Thanks to redDb10) this could also be missing the first 5-10 minutes of a match by waiting outside the stadium in protest.

    5. Voice your concerns on social media and share your activities (Twitter/Facebook/blogs etc..)

    Doesn’t seem like we have the power to do much but it’s all about the numbers. If AFC fans make a stand together we can effect the running of our club by raising awareness of our plight. 

    You must ACT as talking alone will achieve nothing. So if you really love the Arsenal DO something that will either A. Hurt the pockets or B. Get some attention to the cause (in a peaceful and  controlled way).

    Stan Kroenke see us as nothing more than one of several sporting investments, none of which have had any real success since his involvement. Stan not only doesn’t put anything into the club but takes money out of the club under the pretence of ‘strategic consultancy services’ and is more interested in Moneyball than football.

    Like he said himself, he wouldn’t of got involved if it was about winning championships!

    1. @ AOT………u keep making my day with this repeated Announcement……… Keep it up bro!

      1. Think it needs to be done.

        We can’t forget we need to act NOW or see our club rot from within only to mutate into some b%$·$rdised Starbucks version of a football team imo .

        Let’s all do what we can..

    2. @AOT…………Nooooooooooooo….. I dn’t want us becoming a monopolized spanish football team with half empty stadium like Eibar *sobs*

    3. AOT pls keep blowing d trumpet of dis announcement until wenger and the so called start using there head to think well

  2. strange champs league stats show how neymar suarez sanchez and giroud compare
    Games Mins Committed Suffered Tackle Take Ons Aerial Total
    1 Neymar
    Forward – Barcelona 6 540 4 15 5(31%) 33(54%) 56
    Luis Suárez
    Forward – Barcelona 6 540 9 13 3(23%) 7(47%) 2(40%) 25
    Alexis Sánchez
    Forward – Arsenal 6 531 3 18 10(63%) 38(73%) 7(35%) 73
    Forward – Arsenal 6 368 14 6 5(42%) 1(25%) 12(55%) 24

    1. so from ur stats…….giroud beats all three players (MSN) in all key areas?

      *sarcastic* L()L

  3. Good article!
    I always think no one can really understand what is going on at Arsenal as it is like a fraternity…
    To answer the article, I will say Yes albeit a weak one…
    Countless times, the board have come out to say, if Wenger has a plan, they will back him,”Wenger has money to spend”
    Wenger himself will say “we can afford any player bar Messi and Ronaldo”..those are strong statements to make.
    But what do we see? We see exact opposite
    something is wrong somewhere.
    It is either there is an agreement between the board and Wenger that allows the board to lie and lie and Wenger agrees to shield them while he enjoys his 8m OR Wenger himself is the one overprotecting the club’s money,Personally I go with the second option…
    But how do we know for sure?
    First, we push Wenger out and allow a new manager come in and if it we continue to penny pinch and show lack of ambition, we fight till the end to overthrow the board too!

  4. The board back Arsene.
    Their job is to ensure
    a strong healthy club
    both on and off the field.
    4th place is the pass mark on the field
    and until Arsene fails to deliver fourth
    I doubt the board will bat an eyelid.
    With increased TV revenue even
    5th or 6th guarantees 100 mill for the club
    plus ticket sales and sponsorship.
    Last season one board member was quoted as saying
    “When we win we remain silent
    when we lose we remain silent”
    And with the Owner, Board + CEO all saying trophies are not essential
    I can’t see Wenger being sacked any time soon.

    1. Does anyone know what the board actually do? Sir Chips Keswick for example, WHAT does he do? He doesn’t have a clue about football, more about finance, which says it all as far as Kroenke is concerned. IF we were more successful at football, which surely would be achieved by having more footballing experience on the board, we wouldn’t need to worry about the finance, as the sponsors, tv companies etc. would come rolling in.

  5. Anyone going to barca?
    Black pen on white board banner:

    Arsenal Soccer Brand
    (previously AFC. 1886 – STAN)

    1. Imagine how much fans spend……….going all the way from england to spain (sometimes for Nothing)


      Dear Lord!….

  6. Good article KM! I just disagree with the 8 millions part. Sure money is an incentive but definitely not the main reason why he won’t go elsewhere. We all know he loves the club and gave his life for it and only wants to win the EPL. Those are the reasons why he’s still stubbornly here and slowly becoming an itch you can’t scratch!

    1. So if you love something so much, you are allowed to ruin it as much as you want and you never want anyone to question you about it even though they are directly involved to that thing as well? Bad enough they pay a lot of money to build it and you take a lot of money to ruin it, don’t you think this is not right?

  7. I suppose it depends on one of two things
    1. Wenger decides it is time to go or
    2. Kroenke realises that top four finish is no longer good enough for the fans. To prevent the “brand” declining (and the value of his shares declining) he needs to change the manager. Also needs to change his attitude that winning championships is unimportant.

    1. Bas$%%dised has the word b$%&$tard in it. That will always be stopped by my spam swear filter…

    1. And if he succeeds???

      …..a stature should be erected with Legendary words inscripted below it……..he should Leave on a high…….while the ovation is Loudest!

    2. Hahaha…….@ Whoever gave me a thumb down…….. Best explain what don’t u want?

      Wenger Lifting the trophy?, a stature for wenger? or the fact that he should retire on a high?

      1. Don’t worry about it/take it personally.

        People obviously don’t like your virtual prescience or what you stand for. Even if there is no reason to thumb down your comment people will because A. They disagree or B. They just want to thumb you down.

        Can’t please all of the people all of the time but can please some of the people some of the time.


  8. The whole board doesn’t have to. As long as he is backed by the majotity shareholder Kronke, he is safe. He only has one year left on his contract so I don’t see them forcing him out before that. As bad as Wenger has become the fact is that he is an Arsenal legend and brought some trophies so they will not get rid of him this summer. We will have to endure another crappy season I’m afraid

    Another question worth asking is will the board offer Wenger another contract?

    It’s possible unfortunately

    1. i would have to disagree there as it is a board of directors with 6 members as far as i know, and they all have an equal vote on club matters, otherwise stan might as well liquidate the board as is and just make all the decisions himself that would be easier for him. nah that all things related to the club get put through the board, so they can ratify it and vote it through as a course of action to take. so if stan wanted wenger to stay and the other members wanted him out the majority rules so wenger would be out, but i think “they all trust him to much” to do that atm so it wont happen yet.

  9. I think the sad thing is that there was a real opportunity to win PL this season, and we should be now in pole position to win it. If Wenger could have won it this season then he could have retired on a high, just like Fergie. It would have been a fantistic end to a wonderful career at Arsenal.

    Cannot see it happening now, and the many missed opportunities amd recent form demonstrates the this team with this manager cannot perform when it matters. It is not a case of the odd bad game that happens to every team.

    This is a team that has destroyed manu at home and Leicester away. Then goes on the current run of last 14 games with 5 losses, 5 draws and 4 wins of which two were against championship sides.







    Hence, Arsenal has been racially revolutionalized

  11. Perhaps there’s a slightly divergent narrative here…something in between the 2 realities we have been shown. is it plausible perhpas that Wenger wanted to go out and build the team AFC deserved and Stan blocked it citing financial restrictions and reminding the board that all we need to do is prudently invest to ensure CL qualification. AW loves the club and wouldn’t call it out…for him it’s all about solidarity regardless of whether you agree or not. he is the man who stands up and cops it from fans but protects the integrity of the club we love…he isn’t a man to point the finger and create divisiveness within the club he loves too much.

    But then it doesn’t explain the awful onfield displays by a dispirited and hopelessly aimless bunch of players.When you clearly have enough firepower to win the game and you dont? The Manure and Swans defeats ares symptomatic of a deeper underlying problem within the team. They are not unified, they are not together, they are a fractured bunch. There is no real “spiritual” leader of the group…no go-to man. When that happens, self-appointed leaders rise and players follow one or the other…that’s when the team becomes fractured. This is what I believe has happened and this is what I believe Wenger has allowed to happen because he made Arteta captain and BFG VC…and he delegated leadership to these folks who couldn’t lead effectively and he didn’t step in when he should have.

    Its my hyphotesis oonly…but from all i see in the players body language…this is a team which is not together at all..

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