Arsenal board should seriously consider this particular transfer strategy

Everyone and their uncle seems to know that Arsenal has a lower than usual transfer budget and that they are not in the market for £100 Million players but there is a way that they can upgrade their squad with top talent at a relatively low cost.

Do swap deals.

It may seem obvious and simplistic but hear me out here for a minute.

The rumours are rife that we want to sign Samuel Umtiti from Barcelona and they apparently want to sign Sead Kolasinac, so there you go, do a swap with maybe a little cash on top as a sweetener, works for almost everyone.

Then there is Inter Milan, they want Granit Xhaka and we are reported to be interested in their keeper, Andrei Radu, surely something can be hammered out there.

Back to Barcelona, the reports are that they are keen on Alexandre Lacazette, fine, we can take Phillipe Coutinho. That would be a clear win-win for all parties.

That is just three as an example, there are tons of players we have been linked with and loads of our players, even the deadwood, that are apparently wanted by the very same clubs we want to do business with and therefore, surely swap deals is the way forward.

Now, I am sure there are considerations that I am not familiar with, agents as an example but to me, it really does seem a logical way forward.


      1. Ummm I like the idea of Coutinho replacing Ozil, although it’ll never happen, surely he’d be more effective than the Uber umlaut as a playmaker or out on the wings?

        After the EL final, he definitely has to go!

        I’m sorry guys but I like Xhaka and want him to stay!
        Iwobi too (I’m one of those ‘glass half full’ guys that remains eternally optimistic that he WILL COME GOOD…………….. Eventually!

        I love the layout of the new site!!

        1. You want Xhaka to stay??Today’s match against Portugal once again exposes him for the liability that he is.I don’t think even he could explain what he was doing and subsequently giving the ball to Ronaldo for the killer goal.Arsenal doesn’t even need to spend big to replace.We must bring back Ismael Bennacer

          1. Cavalho made him look utterly average which is what he is … but what we desperately need is a Silva like player … with a quality b2b and a quality left back an center back I could see some light on the horizon … thoughts of iwobi xhaka mustafi Montreal in a starting 11 fill me with dread for next season

        2. You are the first Gooner who I have ever seen, post that he likes XHAKA. As they say, there is always one! I HAD thought the Loch NESS Monster was easier to find than a Xhaka fan. OBVIOUSLY I WAS WRONG!

  1. LOL at the rumor of Barcelona’s interest on Kolasinac and Lacazette. Both players were not impressive in this season, but I’d be ecstatic if Barcelona really want to buy them

    Umtiti is physically unfit for La Liga in a long term, that was why Barcelona bought a physically fitter CB in Lenglet. I highly doubt he could survive in EPL if he cannot stay healthy in Spain

    All those rumors are mostly BS, because Xhaka and the other players have long-term contracts. Except Ozil, Mkhitaryan and Mustafi that only have two years left

  2. Liverpool let Coutinho, Sterling, and Suarez go, and bring in almost £300 million, for reinvestment. Then look at our highest valued players in recent years:

    We swap our best player (Alexis) for one of United’s worst players, and then proceed to give that flop a huge wage. We then give Ozil a new contract, even though he hadn’t earned one, and also make him one of highest earners in the PL. Lastly, we just let Ramsey go on free, when he’s at his peak.

    As one can see, the previous regime were beyond a joke! I am so glad that our new regime actually have policies in place now. Finally we seem to have a strategy!

    1. Lol! We rejected a cool £60M on deadline day from Man city for Sanchez, realized you can’t force a wantaway player to perform, consequently dropped him for 4 months and eventually gave him out for free to Man utd while taking over a liability, Mkhitaryan, that they had been racking their heads for months, wondering how they’d rid themselves off of him. The more you think about it the funnier it gets.

  3. if any one had any doubts about selling xhaka I think they have beer extinguished now

    1. The fact that there are doubts are even more shocking than his constant giveaways just like today.He’s a complete liability and like Mustafi I believe he wont be here next season or won’t play a major role

      1. While it is universally accepted Mustafi is a bad accident waiting to happen, the same cannot always be said for Xhaka but that’ll teach me to stick my oar in for him! Emery is the ruthless type who wouldn’t hesitate to drop our under performers. Xhaka has bad days, with alarming regularity it seems but, he’s still useful to the team methinks.**

        ** Virtually NOBODY agrees with the Welbeck apart from a few pundits.

    1. Haha! I just saw that. Crucial goal as it as they only needed a goal to draw level, but good old Xhaka ends it nicely. He is so bad!

    2. A true liability of a player and the fact that he’s the one supposed to keep our game ticking makes me sad.
      We could use a player better than him with similar qualities so we must bring back our former player,Ismael Bennacer

  4. Swapping is fine if we get someone as good or better in return

    Alexis Sanchez > Mkhitaryan in terms of Quality/Playing ability

    I hate Alexis as much as anyone BTW

    Arsenal Liabilities or not good enough in my honest opinion:

  5. Can’t wait til next season when the familiar but harsh reality kicks in.

    Going to Stan’s Ranch for the summer so I can be far detached from the fantastical fantasies surrounding Arsenal in the media and the minds of AFC fans.

  6. Can we trade Stan’s Ranch for a few players?

    Maybe his Mustache too if it’s an upgrade on Monreal.

    Seriously though, we need a quality winger and CM stat. We may have to wait until next year for quality CB and LB. Doubt we can generate enough in player sales to fill all 4 positions with the quality we need.

    Only by selling Laca and/or Auba will we generate the funds to bring in the quality we need.

    Selling a golden boot winner is like cutting off our nose to spite our face.

    We need some seriously good juju and mojo to be competitive next year to get out of our Europa League rut.

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