Is it the Arsenal Board spreading these rumours?

Arsene forced to spend money? Please!‏ by KM

Hello fine ladies and gentlemen, into another dig at what the media is spraying around for Arsenal! So the Sun came out with a report that Arsene has to spend money or his contract will not be extended! Please, even the children learned.

After the owner said that he owns the club to earn money, you seriously believe he’d come out forcing the manager to spend? Not spending is what kept Arsene so safe for so long, there’s no logical reason he’d go against that. He’d only spend as much as he can get back from ripping off the fans and selling deadwood, Otherwise he’d be in trouble.

Mesut Ozil came out to dismiss reports that he’d leave Arsenal if Arsene stays. Of course he’d do that! Koscielny did it too. But again, would any of you publicly come out and say that unless your boss is fired, you’re leaving? Before having anywhere to go? Of course not, who’d take you if you behave like this.

Ozil looks disappointed and I’m not sure he’s too happy with Arsene but he’s not gonna throw away his career. If I’m in that situation – stuck to play with Giroud and Ramsey – I’d be quietly looking for a new club. There are further more reasons for Arsene not to spend, like the fact we have a huge number of average players.

He rarely buys more than 2 players, can you imagine him suddenly replacing 8-10 like he needs to? Sometimes I feel like Arsenal pay the media to put up such stories, so that we renew season tickets. It’s always like that, and nothing will change this summer. The stories are rumbling on from the moment our season collapse comes and Wenger’s in trouble.

This is just another smoke screen to hide the true failure. The board is throwing more dust in our eyes so wear glasses!


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  1. At least you recognized Silent Stan not wanting to win trophies.

    KM, do you think any other manager will be given more money than Wenger to spend and do you honestly think that a new manager would but half a dozen players and spend big for it?

    As for renewing season tickets etc, do what I do, refuse to hand over a penny until Silent Stan has ran back to USA like the money grabbing barstool he is.

  2. Once Leicester wins the league than the Board, Gazidik, Arsene Kronke all will be well and truly busted…no more stadium debt, financial constraints, lack of quality player, injuries, etc etc BS will be accepted by the fans!

    1. I feel it is harsh to lump Wenger in with Silent Stan and Ivan the terrible.

      Look what Wenger done with the support of the board, to see what he was like then you need to look at how Arsenal done when Dein was still here… The time we was winning trophies and the EPL was ours to lose every year.

      Wenger loses support of the board and we stop winning things.

      I can point to when Dein sold his shares to Usmanov because we needed an investor to help us out during our debts, Usmanov wanted to loan Arsenal money for as long as we needed to cover the move debts and to keep reinvesting what we obtained so we can keep winning.

      The board got together and made a pact to not sell, anyone remember that?

      For all the time we have been without a trophy we can see a correlation with the board and the games they have been playing with the team and us fans just so the share prices got bumped up.

    2. @ NIKK What about the other 18 teams that also haven’t won the league? We are still playing catchup- from YES- the financial restraints of building a new stadium. You can’t just rush out and buy a whole new team once your financially secure again. During that period we were having to sell our best players, even to our rivals- but in the last 4 summers we’ve been able to sign 4 world class players: Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez, Cech. We’ve done what we had to do to compete in the long-term with’ brand Utd’ & the oil money of City & Chelsea. Wenger also managed to get us in the top 4 every season during this period of transition- unlike other teams such as Liverpool, Tottenham- spending away freely. We have got some players in the squad who we took punts on as we couldn’t afford the finished article, yes. I hope that this summer we will bring in perhaps one or two world class players- maybe two or three if we are able to sell a Walcott or Chamberlain. Just give Wenger a break because it’s uninformed, naive and ungrateful.

  3. @ Midkemma you AKB’s found a new way to deflect any responsibility from your beloved WENGER….YES LET’S BLAME THE YANK…. although KROENKE and his pet boy Gazidis are accomplices the only responsible of the poor showings ARSENAL repeats year after year is LE FRAUD we will win nothing this man is in charge…the performance of the team is solely WENGERS responsibility WENEGR OUT PERIOD follow him if you want

    1. I am not a AKB, Wenger has his faults LIKE EVERY HUMAN BEING, I recognize that his favoritism has hurt us.

      How-ever I do not believe any other manager would have won the EPL with the board we have.

      I have supported Arsenal since before Wenger, I recall chanting 1-0 to the Arsenal under GG, do you?
      I supported GG as Arsenals manager.
      I support Wenger as Arsenals manager.
      I even supported Rioch as an Arsenal manager, he ended up leaving because of a clash of opinions over how much Arsenal needed to spend… History really does repeat itself lol.

      You see a trend there?

      I do not support the business and as such the way Silent Stan treats AFC.

  4. I believe that Ozil came because of Wenger and if he probably didn’t provide an ultimatum to the board he must be concern with the state of the club one way or the other!
    He’s probably thinking twice about renewing that’s for sure & logically wait to see what’s going to happen in the summer. That being said we’re getting lots of rumours about cash availibity in the summer & how many players are on a transfer out list but remember what Kroenke said about him liking his money.
    Anyways if everything falls right in the summer: Rosicky, Arteta, Flamini & Debuchy will move that’s already 4 players. And if you get more realistic there’s room for probably 3 more on that list: either Giroud/Walcott (my preference), 1 of our wingers & if Wenger really wants to look ahead you might throw in Per in there so would make sense thought the Boss rarely takes that route! Will have to see but if it gets there that would be a good overhaul.

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