Arsenal board to put Stan Kroenke on the spot over transfer funds

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke will soon be presented with a demand from the board for additional funds to top up the transfer kitty according to reports in the media.

It is now being reported that the figure of £45 Million is not quite accurate and that the club has at least £70 Million to spend, possibly even more.

But that is not enough for the board, they want to be able to give manager Unai Emery as much ammunition as possible as he attempts to rebuild the team in his image.

There are so many positions that need overhauling and strengthening that the reported budgets are simply not enough for a club of Arsenal’s stature, especially when their closest rivals are completing massive deals.

Kroenke has a choice now, if he refuses the extra funds then there will be no way back for him where the fans are concerned, if he does sanction extra spending then the road to rebuilding trust and confidence with the fanbase could begin.

No one expects the owner to go on a stupid spending spree that gets us banned from European competitions and massive fines levelled but at the same time, the fans and clearly the board do expect the owner to at least give the club a fighting chance to compete with the other top-six clubs.

This is a golden opportunity for Kroenke to do something right and improve his standing with the fans. Will he make the right call?


    1. If the story is not a fabrication, I’d like to say this: *insert at least you tried meme*
      Why in the world would Scrooge mckrunky invest his own money into his cash cow? For him to make money off the club, we can slip further down the table and stay like that for years. In his eyes, Arsenal can be tenth. Hell, if it’s up to him, as long as we’re in the Premier League, he’s happy. That’s why I don’t see a good reason for him to risk losing millions of pounds should his little pawns fail to bring the cash cow somewhere between 1st and 4th and earn him back his investment with interest.

  1. He would definitely have to spend a lot for at least one marquee signing, if he doesn’t want his club lose the fans

    I predict we would get Malcom next time, albeit he might only come on loan

  2. Begging the owner to invest in his own club..what a strange parallel universe we live in at AFC!

  3. All these problems were brought by arsene wenger and former ceo ivan gazidis.they rewarded players with bumper contarcts.and also gave them comfort effort,no fighting spirit on the pitch,no fighting for the badge.look no other club bothering to ask to buy any arsenal player despite the club putting them for sale.

  4. Clicked on the media link,only to find it’s just in the daily mail and written by a journalist with no official link to the boardroom at The Arsenal (unless I missed something).

    I know admin is doing his job bringing any of The Arsenal rumours etc etc, so it’s not a moan at him by the way.

    This particular rumour might just be true, but I do wish these media reports gave actual names of their sources, quoted what these sources said and then the fanbase would know what’s going on.

    kronkie had a “golden opportunity” the day he took over complete control of the club, but I just hope this rumour is true.
    Somehow I can’t see the situation changing from the seasons before…love it if I’m wrong of course.

    1. Oh it’s very true but sadly media is late once again.I have sent the links here proving the point and I’m waiting on the admin to approve them

      1. why don’t u also post the link that says Saliba and Tierney are done?
        At least you provide info before we read in mainline media. Waiting for the link though

      2. I told you about Tierney earlier that there had only been one bid and you still said it’s a done deal. You’ve been rumbled again.

    2. Yes, I find it very strange only our team’s budget that is widely reported to public. No one really know how much Manchester United, Everton, etc are able to spend in the market. I heard it is leaked on purpose as a negotiation tactic, but the transfer window is barely open and it has been debunked. Very confusing and the fact that we are not very open regarding transfer dealings doesn’t help the case either.

      1. 350oz, the big question is why does it appear that Arsenal is the only club that worries about “fair play” requirements?
        Some clubs eg Chelsea have faced sanctions, but it doesn’t appear to affect them in the transfer market.

        1. ozziegunner, chelsea cannot sign any new players for two years under, what I think, are a part of these sanctions.

          I believe they appealed and, as far as I know, it was rejected…the media is already saying that lampard shouldn’t be judged for two seasons because of this.

          AW depended so much on fifa implementing strict rules, but it seems other clubs just didn’t want to play ball.
          He criticised them many times about this, maybe because he, like UE, didn’t/doesn’t have the spending power to ignore them!!!

        2. ozziegunner, yes regarding FFP maybe we are too self-concious of it. The rules are fairly new and constantly changing, but we seem too eager to implement it. It has cost us dearly, according to this article we lost Ramsey because of FFP.

          I think ken1945 & everyone will find it interesting (and sad)

    3. I agree Ken, a lot of news is unsubstantiated, however, this one I saw also on AFTV this morning and read it elsewhere and while it is uncorroborated from what I can see I felt I had to go with it or be the only Arsenal site not reporting it. I do not have the luxury of picking and choosing at this moment in time.

    4. You won’t be wrong Ken. We all know what a monster Kroenke is, so just trust your, sadly, accurate judgement on him. LEOPARDS DO NOT CHANGE THEIR SPOTS NOR MONSTERS THEIR MORALS(OR LACK OF THEM)

        1. ITK = in the know and I dont understand why Kev couldn’t post that answer rather than be rude to you.

      1. kev, I’ve looked at all the links, but there is nothing at all directly from the club is there?
        Nothing official from The Arsenal or the other clubs involved.

        That is my point, it needs to be facts not rumours before we get excited.

        As supporters, we have been led up the garden path by so many rumours and claims over the years, so perhaps it’s just me being pessimistically negative.

        I hope your predictions are correct, because if they are, kronkie might have just redeemed himself a little!!!

        It’s the same with the so called “deadwood” we are supposedly trying to unload…as far as I know, there has only been one official mention on this and that was to do with Jenkinson.

  5. I’m sure the “official” Arsenal propaganda machine is well at work right now!

    Arsenal have been working like this for years. It’s nothing new. The fact is though, unless we can shift Ozil and some of the other dead-wood then even £70m is probably pushing it too much!

    For a cash rich club we sure do not have a lot of it to spend!?

    Come on Wonky Kronke, SPEND!!!!!

  6. Gab, thanks for the explanation, but I thought that was all part of the fair play requirements ozzie mentioned?

    If not, I stand corrected and thank you for pointing it out.

    1. Kewn I left you a short message on the forum in our converstaion. A much fuller post to follow later tonight.

  7. Is it still season ticket renewal time? That would explain all of this. The Zaha bid, this “news”…

    1. No, as my son got two new season tickets earlier this week after being on the list for 5 years.
      Upper tier North Bank.

  8. My problem with all this saga is..
    When the season ended and how it
    Ended I expected arsenal fc to
    Work towards addressing many issues,
    Issues like knowing how much they
    Have, knowing there targets,knowing
    Who they don’t want at the club and so on
    BUT as it stands we may say it’s still early
    To judge but we should at least be seeing
    Signs of what we have been planning or were
    The boardroom taking care of all this just
    Resuming from holidays

  9. There are available funds at Arsenal for a signings but they are very cautious of the backlash from fans due to the reported transfer budget of 45 mill so in order to get forward, a statement rumor surfaced that the board are on plans to speak with the owner. This is the plan. They want to make it seem like the owner released some funds for transfers.

  10. As Peter Hill-Wood once said..”We are all being seduced that the Americans will ride into town with pots of cash for new players. It simply isn’t the case. They only see an opportunity to make money. They know absolutely nothing about our football and we don’t want these types involved.”

    Well, it’s true for sure but then if history serves me right he also said We could now compete with the best..

  11. Most our fans are hypocrites,slamming the club for having 45 millions kitty while they had no sources from inside the club and names then the oracle Orstein who people worship how wrong did he get it but n problems he’ll come back with new explanations for why he got it wrong,all ?did he look at the TV revenues,european runs,new adidas sponsorship,tickets,gates sales in shirts,merchandises,arsenal have also many ways to generate more money,also owns parts of north London, the deal in real many of you feel stupid?looking at all the opening bids you’ d failed to realize than 45 M was wrong to start with! a lot of cluelless people’s in the villa!

  12. WE need 200M to start with not 45M or 70M. Minimum 150M

    Leicester just bought Perez for 30M, getting Tielemans 40M, not done yet but 70M already. City is betting that total for Maguirre, meeting Man U bet. We offer 40 dame to Zaha. Lol.

    We need to focus on position urgently needed; a top strong CD comes first. Can’t believe Koulibaky still available. We just gave Napoli Ospina almost free. Add 100M and get Koulibaly.

    That’s first goal. Then keep business going…

    Sell mustafi, Shakha and Auba, Elneny. Pick up 120M.

    Buy Dembele from Lyon for 30M, Sessegnon from fulham 30M,add another Wonder youngster RB for 20M. Malcom for 4OM.

    Total 120M.

    Dembele & Laca are great together. Dembele long kicks, headers,body & hight adds to Laca, both ball players…

    50M left from minimum of 150M budget we should have.

    Get a beast in midfield! Now we can compete, strenghten where needed.

    Saliba should be bought as an investement , substract in 2020 budget when back from St Etienne.


    1. Mobella, just remember again that very few transfers involve paying the full amount up front for the players, but in instalments over a number of seasons.
      In addition, given past experience, Arsenal management have never advertised the amount in the transfer kitty. The obvious reason is that (like in any auction situation) you don’t want the competition to know how deep your pockets are.

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