Arsenal boost with 14-year veteran to concentrate on club career

Petr Cech has revealed he is looking to concentrate on playing for Arsenal after the European Championships in France this summer.

The shot stopper made his debut for the Czech Republic back in 2002 against Hungary as a 19 year-old, and kept clean sheets in both of his opening appearances.

He has come a long way since then, and is now the joint-most capped player for his country, and is the current captain of their side going into the upcoming summer tournament.

Unfortunately for the Czechs (great for us), the 33 year-old is preparing to cut his ties to his home federation, in order to concentrate on his club playing career.

“I’m turning thirty-four and it’s time for me to consider it,” Petr Cech posted on his official website.

“The other day I thought, ‘isn’t it time after fourteen years on the national team to think about bringing this chapter of your life to a close?’

“Though it’s too early to say, I’m counting on the possibility.

“The less I have to travel around and play for the national team, the higher the probability that I’ll be able to retain my focus at Arsenal. After all, I’m not getting any younger.

“I feel on top physically, but it’s been the same things all over again since 2002 – way too much travelling around and barely any time for rest.

“You eventually reach a point in your career when it becomes time to come to a halt and choose a new direction, that point will come after the Euros.”

Petr Cech has been outstanding for us in his debut season, and has shown little signs of ageing, but he has more than done his part for the Czech Republic, and I hope they will accept his decision if he does confirm his exit from the international scene.

Just how many years do you think we will have the pleasure of Cech before age does start to show?

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  1. Mad Jens was older than Cech currently is when he helped us to go unbeaten in the EPL, Cech still has a number of years at the top if he looks after himself which I’m sure he does.

    1. still cant believe we got petr cech.
      jose being the salty jerk that he is…would have happily let him rot on the bench.

      whats even funnier- courtois has looked shaky since he left and is now talking about poss leaving

      our goalie department is actually world class – cech and ospina…
      it was almunia and szczesny hahaha


      1. No not true.
        Jose was desperate to keep Cech
        Roman let Cech leave.
        Ospina is shakey at best.
        Szczesny is actually in top form for Roma
        since the new manager came in.
        Arsenal will run back to Szcz and
        better hurry before he signs for Roma
        or other clubs who want him now.

        1. I rate Szczesny higher than Ospina. I have actually watched both without the knee jerk reactions here, Szczesny is the better of the two and we would rue it should we lose him

  2. Cech obviously feels he can’t do both anymore so I can’t see this as a positive.

    Obviously he can play on for years to come like Jennings but the fact that he is sacking his international career tells us he does have his own concerns about being able to manage.

    1. I dont think the concerns would be with his own physical ability, but rather just him being mentally exhausted.

      He has played in the prem for 12 years with no winter holiday breaks, and the Czechs usually qualify for major tournaments in the summer, so he has rarely gotten extended periods of time off for over a decade now. Plus hes got a wife and kids.

      Physically, he’ll be a top top keeper for some years to come.

  3. Fourteen years playing for club and country is a long time. It not just physical but mental as well. I can see why cech plans to retire from international competition. Good news for us.

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