Arsenal boost as Championship outfit identifies a replacement for their target

Arsenal has been handed a boost in their bid to sign Aaron Ramsdale with a new report claiming that Sheffield United is already eyeing a replacement for him.

The Sun says they have identified QPR’s Seny Dieng as the ideal goalie to replace him.

Arsenal has already seen an offer for Ramsdale rejected by the Blades who appear keen to keep hold of their key man.

However, everyone has a price and as he is on the cusp of winning an England senior cap, he wouldn’t want to stay in the Championship.

Arsenal has struggled to get the best out of Bernd Leno since they allowed Emi Martinez to leave last summer.

Ramsdale may have been relegated from the Premier League last season, but he was one of the best goalkeepers in the competition.

His form for them last season earned him a place in the England squad for the Euro 2020.

The report says Sheffield expects Arsenal to return for him and they have now made Dieng a target.

The Senegal international is one of the highest-rated goalies in England’s Championship and they believe he can replace Ramsdale when Arsenal gets their man.

It remains unclear if the Gunners will return with an offer that the Blades will accept before the transfer window shuts.

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  1. DaJuhi says:

    Not a boost at all. Ramsdale is terribly average.

  2. VasC says:

    Some funny stats of Ramsdale from last PL season

    Percentage of goal-kick that cleared 40 yards – 91.5% (1st)
    Average length of goal-kick – 69.7 yards (1st)
    Passes attempted longer than 40 yards – 859 (3rd)
    Completion of passes attempted longer than 40 yards – 33.8% (17th)

    If we are to sign Ramsdale this summer, why did we spend 50 mils on Ben White for playing out from the back, if more than 90% of Ramsdale’s passes clears at least 40 yards??? And only 33.8% of it reaching it’s intended target in a team known for it’s physically imposing players.

    1. Reggie says:

      Precisely! I dont see it at all, a red herring me thinks.

    2. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

      like I’ve always said, when it comes to this club don’t try to analyze their decision-making through a rational lens unless you constantly crave a sense of disappointment

  3. Dan kit says:

    “A boost “
    Bloody hell 😂
    This is the same keeper who’s been relegated 3 times with 3 different clubs ,let’s in on average 750 goals a season ,makes Leno look like Zindane with the ball at his feet .
    But it’s a boost for us !
    If Arsenal go down this avenue and sign him and for the price they want we may as well write off the next 5 seasons .
    The annoying thing is that sky have reported we have already had 2 bids declined ,so there is truth in this .

  4. fairfan says:

    @Dan kit. “Lets in an average of 750 goals per season”?
    He must play 300+ games a season.
    We better sign this man who is a tiger for punishment.

    1. jon fox says:

      SEEMS I HAVE A RIVAL PEDANT IN OUR FANBASE!! But even MOST pedants can tell a mere typo from a real error.

  5. Longbenark says:

    Is Arsenal management going crazy, even if we decide to go for terrible goalies, we should atleast go for the best among the worse,

    Johnstone , woodman

    Everyday I pray to read something new and exciting about Arsenal fc, only to be heartbroken,

    Thank God, fans are allowed to watch now,

    You guys in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 need to show your dislikes during matches, please.

    1. jon fox says:

      Longbenark, Trouble with your posts last line is that we all like or dislike various things. There is no single united fan view on anything! Even those who actively call for Artetas head are simply a section of our fans.

      Example, I cannot stand Xhaka, BUT a sizeable minority want him kept. And fans, EN MASSE, cannot show what YOU or I dislike, as their own dislikes will be different. Won’t they!!

      1. Longbenark says:

        Well said @jon fox,

        I just wonder if the arsenal board ain’t interested in getting back to the top,

  6. fairfan says:

    Arsenal are looking to sign young players for lower fees and then look to develop them or sell them off for more.
    So Gabriel Tavares Lokonga and White have been signed.
    Martinelli Saka ESR Balogun Azeez all fit the new “profile” Odegaard also fits the profile.
    Ramsdale fits the profile and is home grown. Arsenal could sell one or more of AMN Nelson and Nketiah to pay for Ramsdale.
    Onana though is the preferred option.
    Keeping Runnarsson may be to cover for Onana’s 2 month doping ban then probably loan Runarsson in January.

    1. Andy says:

      Runnarsson cannot be considered an option while we wait for Onana. He shouldn’t even be on the bench. At the moment we have one first team GK. We have to sign somebody this week.

  7. Aaron says:

    If AFC pay $20+ mill for this keeper than management needs to lay off the edibles.

  8. Loftus says:

    I would understand if arsenal were after Seny Dieng
    Bit of a story there , as for the other keeper , it just doesn’t make sense . Dieng is an Quality keeper

  9. jon fox says:

    Some things in life are so incredibly rare as to be extremely valuable; a 1933 penny for example.

    I can only conclude that IF there is a SINGLE Gooner who thinks we MUST and SHOULD choose RAMSDALE, above any other new keeper – allowing for the fact we definitely DO need a decent back up keeper – then that rare Gooner will be a very valuable person indeed, IF he/she exists at all!

    I think it more likely that the LOCH NESS MONSTER exists!

    1. VasC says:

      Unfortunately, there might be a couple of such rare Gooner in our recruitment team!!!

      And what a coincidence!!! Just a few hours ago, I happened to see a news link titled “New Loch Ness Moster – Second sighting in 11 days!!!”

      p.s: I’m not making up a story out of my imagination. Just Google for “New Loch Ness Monster sighting as mystery creature spotted for a second time in 11 days”.

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