Arsenal boost as Lyon agree deal for their midfield target

Arsenal has been handed a major transfer boost in their bid to land Houssem Aouar after Lyon appears to have landed a player that could be a replacement for the 22-year-old.

L’Equipe claims that the French side has agreed on a deal with AC Milan for the transfer of Brazilian midfielder, Lucas Paqueta.

Paqueta has been struggling for form at Milan and was linked with a move to Lyon for much of this summer after it emerged that Aouar might be leaving them.

As Arsenal stepped up their chase for the impressive Frenchman, Lyon has now moved to sign the former Flamengo midfielder.

The report claims that the deal was completed today and he is expected to be in Lyon tomorrow for his medicals and if he passes it as expected, the deal will be made permanent.

Arsenal has seen their initial 35m euro offer for Aouar rejected by Lyon, but the Gunners are expected to table an improved offer before the transfer window closes.

Even Aubameyang is excited about the prospect of playing alongside Aouar and he has urged the Gunners to do their best to bring the midfielder to north London this season.

After Arsenal’s loss to Liverpool last night, the Gunners will see the need to accelerate their efforts to land him.

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  1. We or not getting this lad I will tell you that we are not getting anyone else this transfer window we or finished with this one

    1. Are you not being a bit down in the mouth? Do you just feel that nothing will cross the line on time or that Arsenal will not enter the fray anymore?

        1. Ahh yeah I saw that lol, I just cannot understand the logic behind his thinking at all, most business gets done in the last week, especially when it comes to arsenal

    2. Take a thread off mate, we already
      fully understand your stance on
      the rest of the window.

      It’s becoming a little repetitive

  2. Been saying for a couple of weeks on here, Aouar is ours to lose.

    The pre-move “dance” continues with his valuation being the bone of contention ( would you expect anything else).

    Us circa 38M , Lyon circa 50M – got a spare 12M Stan ?

    I’m wary of Juve hovering.

    Partey alternative – Diawara of Roma.

    By the way, loved Bale on his bloody phone just now whilst his “new” team were playing in front of him.

    Mind you he has played more golf than Tiger Woods of late!

    1. People firstly Arteta needs to put somethings in order, 1) nkieta is not good enough to compete in this league poor work rate , lazy and arrogant. 2) Xhaka, the only pass he can make, is back to the keeper or defense and inconsistent. 3) Pepe, totally inconsistent and a very average contribution. 4) Holding, not good
      enough. Laca, tries works hard, holds up the ball well given his height for challenging tall defenders but mus be able to kill the game when given open chances.
      So these are a few areas Atrte must look at and stop sugar costing a poor performance. We must believe we good enough to challenge the best otherwise mediocrity will be our benchmark
      But then again as always we have outpatients galore, there must be some issue in our medical staff, other clubs generally have their guys up and running soonerthen we can. Understandably, the degree of injuries may very but we seem prone to have many players out for months.

  3. Before the Liverpool game we all knew our team was half baked and needed improvements. It will therefore be unfair to bash the coach and team after our poor display yesterday. Our coach knowing his team was not ready yet definitely would have been tempted to play the same way he did to win against Liverpool previously.
    I yet struggled to come to terms with why Maitland-Niles lasted the whole duration of the match, why Magalhaes did not start and why Xhaka lasted that long on the pitch.
    However, none is perfect so I know MA will make mistakes but will get it right.
    I know he knows what or who he lacks in the team and will definitely fix it.
    I strongly believe that Aouar and Partey or their alternatives are joining the party by the end of the transfer season. It is unfortunate we our playing the usual Arsenal “no money…delay tactics ” but I believe it won’t be this gloomy come 6th October.

  4. Apparently Juve is getting linked with him now. Not totally convinced seeing how many midfielders they already have on squad and how they are always looking for deals in the market instead of paying full price. Once Torreira is sold I will hope things wrap up quickly.

    1. It’s BullshÎt… Don’t buy it.
      Juve has no money and are cutting their losses with players, plus they have a large wage bill to trim.
      They can’t afford Aouar now.
      The same guy who said Gabriel was joining United is the same one that started this Juve and interested in Aouar

      1. 1/5 into 1/2 today which shows to me that we have not signed him ,if we was close to signing him the odds would be 1/20 on .
        Betting markets are very rarely wrong

        1. Lol…Okay, we will see.
          What were the odds when it was Gabriel to Arsenal then Gabriel to Man Utd then Gabriel to Arsenal again?

          1. When we was close to signing Gabriel the odds was like I said around 1/20 ,when we are interested in a player it’s the first thing I look at and will keep an eye on it until something happens .

  5. I’m still waiting to see what Matthew Smith has to offer, considering his fa cup final medal and the faith MA obviously has in him.
    But it seems that he has disappeared for some reason – despite being a midfielder and deep lying playmaker tasked with controlling the tempo of games and picking out runners in the final third – according to the official handbook anyway!?!?

    If he was good enough for the Cup Final squad, should we expect to see him Thursday night?
    Obviously, the one MA selected on Monday wasn’t good enough it seems.

    As much as I admire and support Mikel Arteta, some of his decisions are starting to baffle and worry me a little… like the dropping of Gabriel for Luiz.

  6. Thanks Sue and RSH, so I guess I’ll have to follow this information up with the question… if he is now deemed only good enough for Swindon Town, why was he in the fa cup squad?

    As I say, some baffling decisions being made, not just from the team selection against liverpool.

    1. Does make you wonder, Ken…..
      I would ask who do you think will play on Thursday, but if you’re like me, you won’t have a scooby!! 😆

          1. Well that’s good then SueP…if you “sure do” know why I asked the question, please tell me why you think he was in the fa cup squad and is now at Swindon Town?

            Same goes for Lenohappy – can’t wait to hear your explanation as to MA’s thinking on this one!!!

            Sue, like you I have no idea whatsoever…can’t understand why we haven’t seen Saliba yet, why Gabriel was dropped and why Torreria hasn’t played…still, SueP and Lenohappy will know why I’ve asked the question, yep they sure will!!

            1. Apparently he’s gone to Swindon scoring a goal and an assist, if anything, it’s a case in point as to why he was picked ahead of ozil, he was sent on loan purely to gain more experience in addition to how good he is, secondly due to our large squad, and lastly because of his low wage. Which leads me to believe an Ozil would have been sent to say a Coventry on loan if he was on a low wage and had a few more years on his contract. But since according to the manager’s selections, he doesn’t fit into the team or he is not improving, he has to stay put training and doing whatever it is he does in training till his contract expires.

              Would you have questioned Arteta’s decision to play Luiz(who didn’t have a bad game) instead of Gabriel(who is just one man and can’t do all the defending by himself) assuming Ozil was in the starting lineup. Be honest Ken.

  7. Oh I see, you think that me questioning why a player who had never played a first team game, before being selected for the squad that would determine whether we played European football next season, was down to Ozil’s exclusion then?

    Here we are, all agreeing that our midfield needs strengthening and yet the player selected (I assume on merit and nothing to do with any other player’s ability or otherwise) for that squad role has now been shipped out to a club two leagues lower than us.
    I find that rather puzzling to say the least.

    Try and forget Ozil and his salary just for one minute if you can and try to explain such a baffling decision.
    If it was for “experience” then why haven’t we seen him featured before the cup final?
    What salary has to do with it I haven’t a clue, yet alone the fact that he’s able to score a goal and an assist at mighty Swindon Town for heavens sake!!

    Your obsession with what you think is my obsession, ensures that you are not asking /answering the riddle of Matthew’s selection in such an important game – that, along with some other examples of puzzling decisions, is why I asked this question and if I knew the answer, why would I have needed to ask it in the first place?
    But you have explained that to me now, it’s because of Ozil and his salary – silly me for thinking that we could have a debate without him being involved.
    Never mind, SueP and Lenohappy will explain it all to us.

    1. Not in a million years Ken will I answer a sly question about Ozil on an unrelated article
      Kstix did rise to the bait
      I’m done with it

      1. And there was I thinking you knew why MA selected Matthew Smith was selected for such a crucial game and then disappeared, only to be loaned out to Swindon Town – never mind, perhaps Lenohappy can back up his thoughts, who knows?

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