Arsenal boost as Welbeck double does it for England

If there was a good chance of Arsenal starting with the new signing Danny Welbeck down the middle for the next Premier League game against Man City before, then I reckon the bookies will have stopped taking bets on it now.

The newest Gunner on the block got his chance for England tonight in the absence of Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge and he grabbed it with both feet, or at least with one foot and a shin, but I am not going to moan about his finishing. Welbeck was well involved and caused problems for Switzerland.

If the finish for his first was a bit lucky to go in off his shin, he bust a gut to get to it and it went in cleanly. His second, as England hit them on the break, was cool and composed and took strength and speed to get into the right position.

I thought his link up work and all round play was pretty good as well, especially as England in general looked a bit nervous and huffed and puffed for much of the game. Jack Wilshere, playing in an unfamiliar role, had a night to forget.

But Arsenal fans will surely feel encouraged by what they saw from Welbeck tonight and the fact that he has just bagged an international double will see him start his Arsenal career in confident mood. But will he be able to enjoy playing against Man City this weekend as much?

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  1. well done danny, keep the up that form when you get to arsenal!!!
    he brings the work rate we really lack, him and sanchez are hard workers which is really good to have.

    1. Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
      From glen to glen, and down the mountain side,
      The summer’s gone, and all the roses falling,
      It’s you, it’s you must go and I must bide.

      Hell to the f**king YES , Danny !

  2. Danny only need fans support and confidence. He might ended up be our next King Thierry Henry. I guess Arsenal will experience a new dawn and goal galore with Welbeck upfront, and with support of Walcott and Sanchez. Watch out for this terrific attacking options. Can’t wait for ManShitty game…

  3. I’m worried Wenger will stick with his Sanogo project and play Welbeck out of position or as a sub.

    Wenger should use Welbeck’s confidence and momentum into the Man City game but I just don’t think he’ll be told what to do.

      1. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

        Sir Nogoal

  4. Good goals scored by our new striker, well done Danny!
    OT: Sanogo too scored a couple goals with the under 21 France team on friday.

    1. weak goals against Kazakhstan though. he scored tonight as well. all Welbeck needed was a chance as a striker and he got it. buzzing for the City game

    1. couldnt agree more, i thought the exact same thing straight away, the way he opened up his body left the keeper with no chance

  5. Welbeck 10/10 work rate
    Sanchez 10/10 work rate

    Teams defences will need to be top top athletes to cope with the rigours of marking them n constantly stay switched on.. It won’t be easy πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰


    1. Then you can ad Walcott to the mix and (hopefully) Ozil in behind them threading passes through the eye of a needle.

      On that note, Ozil must be delighted with what will be in front of him over the coming weeks.

      Happy days

  6. that’s more like it, I’ve always believed this guy not that shrek that always wants to boss. welbeck is the type of striker we need with pace,strength & workaholic just like our legend Henry, with our potent midfielders he will score goals and not lose possession every bit like giro.coyg

  7. Welbeck scored 2 goals against Switzerland
    Sanogo scores 2 goals against u21 Khazahstan

    Good weekend for our strikers

    Wenger has a big choice in front of him

  8. Welbeck! Welbeck, How do you do? (2x)

    Happy to see you, happy to meet you;

    Welbeck! Welbeck! How do you do?

  9. I can picture Sanchez passing to Ozil on a break and setting up Welbeck scoring past Hart and Nasri looking angry and shouting at Sagna for poor defending.

  10. Even though I have seen Welbeck play a lot I noticed how his work rate is really good. Add that with Sanchez and they will exhaust defenders.


    Any thoughts on Cazorla?
    Not easy not play him.

    1. Ozil/Cazorla/Rosicky are interchangeable, all excellent at CAM and piss poor on the wings.

      To have 3 fantastic CAMs is a luxury we should use, rest them, rotate them, keep them fresh and hungry.

      Welbeck.Sanchez,Theo,Ox,Campbell,Poldi. We have enough up front as well.

  11. Wellbecks performance illustrates
    that Arsenal has talent.
    Arsenals has 17 players
    in the mid/attack who like
    Wellbeck have all shown they “can”.
    Unfortunately over the past 7 years
    many “do” only one in 3 matches
    then get injured.
    Achieving a higher yield 3 good games in 4
    and a major reduction in injuries is desired.
    Not saying there is any magic formular.
    However for long suffering fans
    we know the talents there and just
    want to see it displayed on a regular basis.
    Is that too much to ask?

    1. – says “we” in his interview when describing Arsenal
      – continues to talk about how he’s always admired our club
      – scores goal today for England – immediately hugs Chambo Sr and Chambo Sr on the bench

      I think he’s becoming more of a Gunner than you think

    2. More fool you.

      You do understand that teams do not own players for life, don’t you?

      He’s a gunner whether you decide you can force yourself to cheer him or not, dude. So best just raise your arm and hop abourd the Danny Wellbeck Scoring Express Bullet Train


  12. For Welbeck to score two goals for England is so encouraging for Arsenal fans. And we have better midfielders than England in Ozil and Sanchez, so Welbeck will get better ball delivery, especially with Walcott back soon.

    I’m feeling better about not having a top striker with Welbeck playing better and Walcott/Sanchez scoring too.

    As long as we are injury free we should be fine.

  13. If Djourou had been wearing an Arsenal shirt, he’d have been red carded, sent off and given away a penalty with that tackle.

  14. Even though Danny hasn’t played for us yet, I was surprised that I felt so proud for Arsenal when he scored.

  15. i think with Welbeck upfront, he seems to be a good spear head for counter attacks with his pace.

    the the 3 behind should be Alexis Ozil Walcott ideally.

    but for what we have now, Podolski Cazorla Alexis behind welbeck would be just as awesome.

    I would like to play Ox as well for his work rate, but podolski needs a start to get him to the groove of things.

    the most likely line up would probably be:
    Cazorla wilshere Alexis
    flamini Ramsey

    which i really don’t think will work.

    1. Podolski needs starts to get him into the groove?

      For 100k a week?

      Anyone that thinks Podolski should start ahead of Ox, ever, needs their head looked at.

  16. Big game this weekend which will tell us where we’re at. I just can’t wait for walcott to get back and no new injuries.

  17. If you believe in playing players based in firm – Corzola must push Ozil out if the middle.
    Honestly Ozil has talent, but other players give more to the team, and can also add goal threat. He has none

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