Arsenal boosted as reports boost Champions League chances

Arsenal could be gifted a route into next season’s Champions League according to latest reports.

Apparently UEFA have had to reevaluate their stance on division’s completing their respective competitions, with the Belgian Pro League already calling time on their campaign.

It is now reported that the Champions League and Europa League spots for divisions unable to complete, could use UEFA coefficient points in order to fill next season’s edition, which would see both Tottenham and Arsenal usurp Chelsea and Leicester to fill entry to the elite European competition.

This will come as a huge blow to the Blues, who currently occupy fourth place in the division, and with Manchester City banned from playing European football, they would only currently have needed to hold onto a place in the current top five.

Entry into next season’s Champions League would supposedly see players given a bonus after their decision to accept a wage decrease, while it could also play a huge role in our bid to keep Aubameyang this summer.

Chelsea are the latest team to be linked with an interest in the striker, and this scenario would no doubt come as a huge blow if they were to follow up their interest with a move, while our qualification to the CL may also give our club the financial boost needed to offer him a more lucrative deal.

Mikel Arteta has already admitted that the club are preparing for three different scenarios when it comes to the summer transfer window, assuming that he means with or without Europa or Champions League football.

Would the FA have a say in how their European slots were filled? Would there be uproar from Leicester and Chelsea if they were denied CL football in such a way?



  1. If this unlikely suggestion should come to pass, it would be unjust and I just don’t see it happening. It would only help us financially if games were even played by then which is far from likely, at least not with crowds allowed in. In fact, unlikely all round. Though I have learned in life never to rule out anything that remains at least possible , unlike the fantasy of finishing this season’s Prem games which IS an impossibility.

  2. I don’t know why I felt so, but I was so sure we would make the top four this season. With the way Arteta is handling matters, there is no how we would not have beaten Man City in our return match that was canceled on the eve of the encounter.

    And my confidence has not changed a bit. Whether the league will be completed or the positions as at the beginning of the season would be used, I am sure we are playing champions league football next season. Whatever the final decision, however, Liverpool should be given the league title for this season. They deserve it, and no miracle would have deprived them of it this season.

  3. If UEFA use this method to select the champions league qualification it will unfair, I know it will favour Arsenal but that will be a direct elimination by substitution, are we solving quadratic equations in football, no amount explanation will justify this, Leicester City and will not forgive for such an unfair judgment.

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