Arsenal boosted in number 10 chase but there’s a catch

Arsenal could well be set to close in on the signing of Martin Odegaard from Real Madrid this summer, but the catch is that the Galacticos are in want of a buyback clause.

The Norwegian international arrived in North London in January and became an instant hit in behind the striker, quickly earning regular playing time under Mikel Arteta.

Odegaard eventually returned to the Spanish capital in the summer with the belief that he was set to get his chance to impress, but latest reports claim that he cannot be given the assurances he needs on regular minutes, which is believed to be swaying him to consider a return to the Emirates.

This will be music to the club’s ears, with the Athletic previously claiming that Arsenal had made the 23 year-old their priority signing this summer, and with us yet to find a suitable replacement this summer.

The problem may well be the deal however, with Real Madrid believed not to be interested in a loan deal, but are set to demand a buyback to be included in any prospective sale.

While the report in ABC is no doubt good news, in that Real are coming around to the idea of Odegaard joining us this summer, it would be no shock if we had our reservations about agreeing to the buyback clause.

Could the Gunners reject a deal that includes a buyback clause, or would the player’s return outweigh what could happen down the line?


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  1. Thought I read they were wanting interested clubs to pay £50 million transfer fee.

    Personally I think it’s way too much for Odegaard, especially if Real insist on a buy back clause.

    With only domestic games, ESR & Willock competing is better for the club and players now and moving forward.

    Odegaard had 2 impressive games, but not impressive enough to bench ESR and Willock.

    Rather Arteta coach up these talented homegrown players than continually reach for the checkbook.

    1. I think that he was unlucky as you said he had 2 very good games in a row and then got injured straight afterwards on international duties which disrupted his form.

    2. Agree Durand, even if AFC are in fact looking
      to splash the cash to upgrade the attacking
      options in midfield MO wouldn’t be on my
      short list of possible players. An elegant
      player but for his price tag Arsenal could
      consider a number of other additions to
      upgrade the starting 11.

      H Aouar and Bruno Guimaraes.
      Bissouma and a new RB (Mulder)
      Perrera and Bruno Guimaraes
      Perrera and Bissouma

      MO is a talented player but just doesnt
      move the needle enough for me when
      considering the financial outlay to secure
      his services.

      1. Houssem Aouar has somehow deteriorated in value, such that Arsenal is now not prepared to pay half what they were prepared to pay last year.
        Lyon needs to sell players, because of their financial situation. Should Arsenal buy Aouar and Bruno Guimaraes, they only have to deal with one club, Lyon and the cost is less than Leicester want for James Maddison.
        Just get off your collective backsides, make a decision and get the deals done.

    3. Totally not worth it. Ode is decent player but he was a fringe player in RM. To me he’s worth ard 25m.
      RM is just trying their luck n cause they need the funds to sustain n also purchase n lure 2 famous players in future. Think most of us knew RM are after.
      And buy back clause what a joke. Even Willock has done a better loan deal then probably he’s worth 40m at least.
      Ode not a good deal. Move on. There are quite a number of players Arsenal can go after. Just a matter of scouting more n enquiry about it.

  2. If the buy back clause is the same or more than we pay then fine. Works out cheaper than a loan fee.

  3. Talk about having your cake and eating it! Sell for big money then get first dibs if he’s a big success then asks for a transfer – suits Odegaard and RM but not us…

  4. We paid 50M for White and Brighton have included a sell on clause I doubt that a buy back would be a problem sadly these are the type of concessions that as a club we have/need to make to get the players we really want.

    1. True very true actually do you need how these buy back clauses work? length price… I’d love to know more about?like surely they can agree on a specific fee since no one knows how much they’ll be worth in a year or 2 how the players will progress.

  5. they can provide him with a discount and have a buy back at a decent profit. It will be a fair deal.

  6. Matheus Pereira or Joaquín Correa are IMO a good alternatives to Ødegaard as attacking midfielder.

  7. My not of the opinion of signing MO,we should rather sign auoar and guimaraes.signing odegaard 40 or 50m is wasting of our resources.i see auoar doing well in arsenal fc,I doubting if MA will sign aouar bcos his not a fan of french players.

  8. Odegaard adapted in arsenal squad with he is a good player for building on the team without buyback clo

  9. Seems all these deals center around Real Madrid and Odegaard’s return to Madrid, the club he ACTUALLY wants to succeed at.

  10. Buy back is fine if RM pay the money AFC paid plus the wages AFC paid to MO during his time spent at AFC

  11. boosted eh? sounds like a real punch in the junk to me…nothing quite like being someone’s settling option

  12. We should not go in for MO. Rather either go for Pereira+Guimaraes or Aouar+Guimaraes or Bissouma+Pereira for the same amount of money. Anyway we have Willock as back up to ESR.

  13. As a details person I think it silly to be against a buy back clause UNTIL you know PRECISELY what the to be agreed terms are.

    I believe for any fee approaching RMs demand of approx £45-50 mill, we are better passing on MO and seeking better value.
    BUT to banish all thoughts of him RIGHT NOW when we do not know the final negotiated price(which will be onAug 31 late in the evening, as all realists know and NOT before, is plain daft.
    That is precisely why we, as with other clubs too, will be keeping several irons in the fire almost until the last hours of deadline day.
    Though such last minute negs are far from desirable, it is the reality if how more valuable transfers so often work. To deny that reality is foolish and the work of fools!

    The devil is always in the detail, though to read so many hasty and uneducated posts on JA, you would not believe it. Fortunately, those in charge of our team are not hasty panickers but professional people.

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