Arsenal boss admits he MIGHT start Szczesny at Man City

Despite dropping his number one keeper for the last two games, the Arsenal boss has offered some encouragement to Wojciech Szczesny and even suggested that the Poland international could be back between the sticks for the trip north to fave Man City in the crucial Premier League clash on Sunday, as an ESPN report reveals.

It might seem a little unfair on our replacement keeper David Ospina, as the Colombian international has not conceded a single goal in those games against Hull City and Stoke City and has only just been given his own chance after recovering from the injury he brought with him to Arsenal from the World Cup finals, but it sounds like Arsene Wenger is really trying to build a strong competitive spirit between his two main shot stoppers.

On who would face Man City the Frenchman said, “I don’t know, I haven’t made a decision yet.

“I made a decision for today’s game. Szczesny is our No.1. He is competing with Ospina and [Emiliano] Martinez and that’s our job. We have to accept that.

“I don’t want to talk too much about that [Szczesny smoking] because the more I talk, the less I inform you.

“I don’t know [how Szczesny took being benched], but how can you take a decision? You know how you can take a decision.”

So it would seem that the boss is not holding any grudges against the young Pole and is giving him every chance to get back in the team for the weekend. He seems to want them to fight it out on the training pitch this week, which can only be good for both players and the team.

I do feel a bit sorry for Ospina though, and wonder if he had been tested a bit more in the last couple of games it would have put him in a stronger position, whereas we have not really seen what he can do. Who do you think should be in goal for the Man City match?

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  1. Brada b says:


  2. Budd says:

    I don’t believe he will start Szceszny. Most probably he doesn’t want to totally destroy his morale for the games to come. I doubt Ospina will be left on the bench. But it may happen, you know. He can get sick, injured in training and so on.
    I want to see Szceszny sidelined for ten games just to wipe out that fu cking arrogant expression on his face. He’s no better than ANY keeper in EPL yet he thinks he’s a fu cking legend at Arsenal. He needs some humility and I am sure he will come out strong out of this one.
    Any other manager would have dropped him long time ago.

    1. TrophyCab says:

      Szczesny criticism a bit unfair in my opinion, however, Ospina starts next game for me, after two clean sheets, it’s a no brainer and he deserves it. Then Szczesny should get his chance in the FA Cup and we’ll see how these two battle it out from there.

      Let me settle these Szczesny “howlers” for everyone who is overreacting… first goal at Southampton, the people at fault were Kos (he just had a stinker that game) and Per. Kos got the wrong side, was outmuscled and Szczesny had to come out as there was no one there. He did the right thing and forced Mane out wide, his finish from that angle was clever but Per really should’ve got there, he looked about 80 years old trying to clear that. Second goal was Debuchy’s fault, he was rusty unfortunately, but you just clear those, you don’t try and take a touch that close to goal. Szczesny tried to do the right thing and just get rid, whilst grounded, unfortunately it went straight to a player, that was just unlucky. Typical of our fans though, the hate mob started went for Szczesny. Calm down. He was unlucky. His actions after, if true, were the worst part of it all.

      We’ve got a great young keeper in Szczesny and I think any other club would love him (and at least have a song for him!!!). Youngster who’s come through the youth set up, seems to genuinely support the club and is a great character, yet we’ve never really taken to him as well as we should. Believe me, we would be losing out if we sold him and he’d go on to become a great, but at another club.

      1. Budd says:

        You sure you are not his father?

        1. TrophyCab says:

          Very sure, I actually talk sense.

  3. muda says:

    Ospina is yet to concede, I don’t care weather he wasn’t tested, who knows may be he organize and talk to his defenders more than the other guy. #Ospina should keep his place!

    1. vijaygunner says:

      he actually 3 goals so far 2 in a league up game against saints and another one against gala because wojciech went all neuer. But yeah ospina over wannabe neuer

      1. vijaygunner says:


      2. Mozart says:

        2 of those 3 goals were penalties though.

  4. red14 says:

    Wenger always says, that the 3 goalkeepers are competing for the no.1 spot, but that just isnt right. he always prefers his “number one” keeper, and there is no competition at all. for me ospina should be the no.1 until he makes mistake. but if wenger starts scz at the etihead, he will just prove there is no competition. when fabianski were in his form of his life, he had to sit on the bench because wenger has layered him a no.2 goalkeeper. and that is whats happening to ospina righ now. sadly. how can wenger say that there is a race for the nr.1 spot, how big are the odds for emi martinez? its 0% i tell you. and if szcz dont turn into almunia, he will be the no.1 whatever happens. sad for ospina

  5. fred cowardly says:

    Play Ospina

    Play Szczesny against Brighton

  6. Godswill says:

    Ospina should start Mr Wenger because we need clean shit. Let there be competition and not favouratism. For now I can’t say Ospina is not good until it is proved. Let Szceszny and his father learn a lesson first. Demote him to FA cup for now until we are sure Ospina is not good enough.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      A clean shit? Giggles..

    2. Budd says:

      That’s wishful thinking when Aguero is one of the threats at Etihad. Would be really amazed if we manage a clean sheet. For that we need not only Ospina but the whole defense. And we know the sorry state our defense is in. Who wants to bet that Chambers will play ahead of Bellerin?

      1. GOONSTER says:

        We should keep Chambers away from the defense for now. We have tried him at RB and any half decent winger just keep exposing his lack if pace and reading of the game. Just a bit of trickery and pace is enough to expose Chambers.. We have tried him as a CB and DM but he looked clueless… Just keep him out of the team for some time and let him learn from the others..

  7. mesüt says:

    Szczesny is a very good goalie but needs to cut out his cockiness. At the moment ospina should replace him.

  8. ArseOverTit says:

    “scez is our No.1 keeper” but “they are all competing”. For me this is a contradictory statement from AW.

    If they are all competing based on performance why would Scez be No.1 as he has recently made a couple of mega f@ck ups (in and out of the game).

    If it is solely on goal keeping talent then I don’t see why the pol is better than our coloumbian. For me Ospina has safer hands, is more balanced, has better distribution and communication.

    So what ensures this No.1 status for Scez?
    Back and foot Massages given to AW post matches? Shares his lunch and smokes with him?

  9. Skandalouz says:

    The biggest differences between Ospina and Szczesny is that the first one is able to read a game around the box way WAY better. Versus Stoke I saw a couple of mid range free kicks that were slinged into our box and Ospina was just calm and coaching his centre backs where I know Szczesny would’ve came out and tried to stomp the ball, causing alot of neverse amongst players and fans. Another difference is probably that Ospina talks way more in general to his players, despite the language barrier. It’s just a very easing thing to see a more relaxed goal keeper, it has a major effect on our defenders (especially Mertesacker). Hope he will start vs City.

    1. Budd says:

      Of course he talks more than many of them. He’s a Latino, they talk even when they are silent. This is what we need, someone talking with the defenders every minute of the game.

      1. akuma gouki says:

        Szczesny talks with his followers @ social media.
        Bench him!!

  10. Gunner says:

    Wenger has already made up his mind who he’s going to play…don’t listen to “Wenger Hints” or “Wenger Says Might” in the media….Wenger knows the media too well and gives nothing away…
    can see that from this comment “I don’t want to talk too much because the more I talk, the less I inform you.”…..
    Sorry Szcz, I think u gonna be warming the bench at Man City….

  11. akuma gouki says:

    Eat less train hard, stay humble!
    Or warming the bench!

  12. says:

    I think the boss should start who among his 3 top keepers that has the pedigree to deal successfully with goalkeeping errors and has the most goalkeeping reflexes for this all important must collect all the 3 points game at the Etihad.

  13. ikrajb says:

    Ospina is now my starting GK in Fantasy Football, I think he’s gonna be our nr 1 for the remainder of the season because frankly he’s just a much better all around keeper imo.

  14. muda says:

    I meant in the last 2games, since szczesny was dropped!

  15. rambo says:

    Oooooooooooooooospinaaa! Love this chant for him

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