Arsenal boss admits to formation change possibilities

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed he may opt to field a new formation this season, with both Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez giving him food for thought.

The Gunners sealed a 4-1 win over Sunderland this weekend, with Alexis and Giroud both picking up braces, and the pair are now expected to battle it out for the central role in the first-team.

The Chilean may of course find himself dropped back to his role in behind the French striker, but the former Barcelona forward has been shining in his new position, and it could prove bad for his morale should he move.

Wenger has now revealed that there is a possibility that he could field both in attack in a more conventional 4-4-2 formation, the system used to win the Premier League last year by Leicester City, although he is eager not to change anything whilst his side are in form.

He said: “He [Sanchez] is doing extremely well and I believe that he enjoys it [playing as a striker].

“But we can as well play 4-4-2 with two through the middle as well, because Mesut can play in behind or on the flank. I will see. Let’s not create problems that we don’t have at the moment.”

Does Giroud stand a chance of displacing the Chilean from his central role? Would you like to see a change to 4-4-2 to accommodate both stars?

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  1. Keep og on the bench for now he was hungry and had a point to prove, who knows what black November might bring? Injuries, losses or great victories?

    1. I agree, Giroud looks a different animal when he’s fully rested and when others are tiring. No point tiring him and Alexis out at the same time, unless forced. One should get mentally and physically prepared whilst the other runs himself into the ground making sure we win this title. And then we’ll have a fresh player to come in if something happens or if they need a break. Wenger should start thinking more tactically rather than trying to keep players happy. We’ve already seen all of our creative CM’s out at once, I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen, I thought it’d be a while anyway. With the strikers Perez and Danny are already out, what’s the point now risking the only two available at once, or even upsetting our plan A and plan B when for when it’s needed.

  2. Honestly, I never thought I’d see Wenger going back to a four four two. I said as much in an earlier comment which now looks like I’ll have to take back. Who would be our best two CM’s in a four four two, someone asked this earlier today but no-one seems to have answered him. Depends who we’re playing. Santi is a huge player for us but if we’re away against a good side I’m not sure I’d pick him. Elneny and Coquelin are our most defensive pair, they’d be the safest bet but with four midfielders you do need something extra. I think there’s still allot more to come from Xhaka. As he begins improving I would think about going with Coquelin and Xhaka. Ramsey’s box to box nature is complimentative in theory, but he needs to rise to the challenge like how our strikers and defenders seem to have done so far. When at home I’d do things a bit differently.

  3. 4-4-2? Lol…as long as the sun rises from the east there is no way Wenger will sacrifice a midfielder for a striker. Have you forgotten him playing Ramsey and Wilshere as wingers! If he could have his way he’d play 10 midfielders on that pitch.

  4. The Only 4.4.2 formation I’m willing to take is the following:

    Right now this would be the team in preps for Tottenham match next weekend…we will win the match 3-1…if this is what we play.

  5. I remember when also said “let’s not create a problem that is not there yet. I believe he would still stick with the formation he used against sunderland in our next game,then Giroud would come off the bench.

  6. 442 is bad not just cos Giroud brace shouldn’t make us forget who he is and how he kills the tempo of game but also cos for a 442 u need a complete midfielder to partner ur DM which cazorla isn’t, he is a deeplying playmaker and ll struggle in a standard 442 cos he lacks the workrate and defensive qualities n also Ozil always struggle when he starts from the wing. Best idea is to just stick with the startingxi n formation and bring giroud in in the 2nd half of games

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