Arsenal boss and Ramsey rave about star man Alexis

I very much doubt that I will get many Arsenal fans arguing with the suggestion that the Chile international star Alexis Sanchez is absolutely vital to the Gunners and our chances of lifting the Premier League trophy next May. His team mates and manager in north London were blown away by his impact during his debut season and there is no reason for us to expect any less this time around.

Arsene Wenger has told Arsenal Player about how the striker is already focusing on next season with Arsenal and about how he is absolutely determined to help Arsenal to more trophy success. The boss got in touch with his star man after Alexis scored the coolest of penalties to win the Copa America for his country.

Wenger said, “They had quite a comfortable lead when he took the penalty but I was a bit worried because he missed one with us.

“He has shown again that he is scared of nothing. He took the ball and chipped the keeper. It was quite audacious but I was of course over the moon to see him bring the trophy to a country that has waited for such a long time.

“It is an historic achievement and when you’re a football player, you want to do that, so I’m very happy for him.

“I texted him [after the final] and he texted me back. He was already focused on next season with Arsenal and wants to win everything with us. He was thrilled and very happy.”

Alexis took over the role of MVP at the club from Aaron Ramsey and the Welshman has also been heaping praise on his team mate, even saying that it was impossible to say when asked who was the better player between him and the most expensive transfer of all time, Gareth Bale, who Rambo knows well from their international duties with Wales.

He said, “That’s a tough question. Gareth’s a lot more athletic, you’ll just knock the ball in behind and he’ll get on the end of it, create things and score goals.

“Alexis’ work rate, determination to succeed and win the ball back and score is quite sublime as well. I’m just really happy for him to play for Arsenal.

“They’re great players and it’s hard to separate them.”

Will Alexis be our top man again this season and will he be able to inspire Arsenal to the title, or do Arsenal need more transfer action this summer?

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  1. Join the club lol

    Alexis is awesome.
    Fans love him not just because he is a wc talent but also because he works his socks off and has the best attitude

    I was so happy for him when Chile won the Copa because he deserves good things and my favourite player. (My mobile wallpaper is Alexis holding the FA Cup next to Mert)

  2. No question on Sanchez ability, but we have got to make sure we dont fall into the trap of becoming a one man team. So dependant on one players abilities and skills that if anything where to happen we go from table toppers to getting our arses handed to us by teams like stoke(hint liverpool). Suarez made people like Jordan Henderson look good because of his intensity, it was infectious a bit like sanchez no question he raises the performance levels of the team, but there is no sense in having a diamond if you’re only going to coat it in $hit, we need to make sure the players around him can hold their own and can deliver when required.

  3. as much as we need a striker and DM…

    we need a backup for Alexis…he cant play every game….

    and name me a player in our team that can carry the team like Alexis does?????

    1. Hafiz… Name a player in world football who can ‘carry a team like alexis does’ and would be content with a back-up role?? You’re living in a fairy-tale.
      Why would you want us to make a marquee signing to sit on the bench? It makes no sense at all

    2. Hafiz its not about carrying the team, if 1 player carries the team your a one man team. If your players can go from one minute looking like world class players and by the removal of one player , don’t even look like they belong in league 2, you dont deserve to be thinking about silverware.. We need people around sanchez, that don’t need to be spoon fed can actually make a contribution to the teams performances especally like in the beggining of the season when he may not be at his fittest/may not even feature.. You cant have excuse as in because we didn’t have Sanchez we lost the title etc its unacceptable. there are 11 men on the pitch at the end of the day.. if it takes one man to be the decider in you winning a match, you have seriosouly got to re-evaluate your life

  4. So thankful for alexis. One of few players at arsenal that almost forces the rest of his teammates to elevate thier game or be at risk of staying on the bench. I really can’t say enough good things about him. I hope he enjoys his much deserved rest and is able to stay injury free next season. He is arsenals fear factor and no doubt will lead the line by example in 15/16.

    And viva chile! I think all gooners are behind u now

  5. We need a Striker that suits Arsenal style of play. And Ibrahimovic is in d market. If U can’t get him, get Muller. Act Arsene act!!!!!

  6. O.T. Seen a fair bit of hate on here over the hypothetical transfer of Benzema.
    Just curious as to why? And please if you’re going to reply don’t just say ‘he’s not world-class, get me lewandowski!!’ or whatever… I’m just curious as to what areas of his game his detractors feel aren’t good enough.
    He’s a pretty complete striker in my books. Behind Suarez and Lewi, but well ahead of Higuain and Cavani. Spreads the play, links midfield and attack with ease and creativity and is a pivotal part of why RM have one of the most deadly counter-attacks in the world. If we’re looking to start the season with Theo and Sanchez on the flanks, and an extremely capable scoring midfield with the likes of Cazorla, Ramsey and Wilshere and having a flowing attack, an intelligent striker is a must. Big-Man Benz has been criminally under-rated by a lot of fans from what i’ve read on here…

    1. The most important area which is goal scoring he’s not good at that,we need an upgrade from Giroud yet Benzema has a similarly poor record as Giroud’s yet he has had people like Alonso,Modric,Ozil,Di Maria,Kroos etc feeding him over the years in a 2 team league

      1. And don’t begin to tell me that it’s because of CR7 that he doesn’t score,look at Barca they have Messi who scores like CR7 but because Suarez and Neymar are actually world class they still get their great quota of goals,it’s because of people like Benzema RM have only won one league title in 6 years they don’t contribute enough!

  7. Another O.T.
    Just been perusing a few stats. Holy Smokes!! I knew Cazorla had a great season, anyone who watched us at all surely knows that!
    In the league alone.. 87/121 completed take-ons!! 78 Chances created!! The guy is a superstar

  8. Sanchez is a superb athlete. So glad he’s ours- can’t get Over that Copa Chip (thats what like to Call it)

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