Arsenal boss Arteta refusing to rule out Champions League hopes

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has refused to rule out a return to Champions League football for next season, but is adamant on taking things one match at a time.

Our side have turned things around after enduring back-to-back losses following the restart, with four consecutive wins, a feat that we hadn’t achieved previously this season.

We now occupy seventh place in the Premier League with only five matches remaining, meaning that our European hopes are now down to us.

Finishing in our current position would be enough to guarantee Europa League football for the coming season, although eighth place may well find themselves gifted entry also depending on the FA Cup winners, and if Manchester City’s European ban is upheld by the CAS.

When asked on our chances of qualifying for the Champions League, Arteta told Arsenal FC: “I think we have to win every game and then wait and pray. It’s not about winning one game. I think we need to go game-by-game.

“A few weeks ago, we were really far from even thinking about Europe and now we are a little bit closer at the moment. So let’s go game-by-game and see where it takes us.”

Is Arteta right to be coy on our chances or should he be rallying the troops for a strong finish to the campaign?


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  1. It is good to have an ambition and not succumb to failure, like his attitude and approach, but this should have been spelled out clearly when he took over. If you analyse the table, ManC and Leicester have lost 9 games as compared to us losing 8. We are not that bad as what we make ourselves to be. Our failure was our inability to convert the draws to ugly wins, we were to soft in the mid field and final third. While our defense always got the brickbats (and rightfully so) our midfield was never targeted and the mediocrity in the midfield was hidden behind the dramatics of the defense. This year the pundits and most fans have realized that our weakness was the center of the park and have started discussing that. Though I am not a big Arteta fan (but I do wish him all the very best being our current head coach), he did give equal opportunities to all senior players to prove their worth and finally he has found his winning combination. No fans out of bias to their idols should criticize or question his selection. Last week we defeated a very well organised Wolves, this should be out template for future games, and winning one game at a time, who knows where we may reach?

    1. I agree Loose Cannon, we just have to play with tough opponents the way we played with wolves, And I support Arteta too even though I’ve not been one of his biggest fans. And I wish him well and hope he can really turn things around for good and what we’re seeing is not just a flash in the pan. In all the game he’s managed, I was the most convinced about him with his tactics against wolves, it was impressive and he deserves full credit, though I did think saka was probably being wasted on the right wing but he got a goal despite struggling a little from that position but Arteta’s substitutions were spot on. I hope we can win the remaining games and at least get a draw at Anfield.

      1. Unlike the two posts above mine, I DO much appreciate Arteta and am sure that he will prove them both wrong (neither has much regard for him, as they write). On this point I find it incredible that with a man who Pep Guardiola, was desperate to keep by his side and given the huge success of City under both Pep and MA, a number of Gooners are not seeing what is clearly in front of their noses. That in MA we have one of the very top coaches around in top level football anywhere.


  2. An interesting read LC

    There were too many draws and I know exactly what you mean about being unable to win ugly. It was the lack of a winning mentality

    The players had decided to absolve themselves of the responsibility for what what was happening on the pitch. The Ozil /Emery saga was ongoing and Xhaka lost it.

    Enter Arteta who has had to embark on a monumental task Most agree the culture within the club was rotten and attitudes have taken time to adjust to Arteta‘s way. I don’t know that he didn’t spell it out straight away, but it just may have been difficult to instil it to the point we are at now. Even after 6 months Arteta is still having to deal with Guendouzi being silly.

    I’m hopeful too after the well deserved win against Wolves and please Arsenal make winning good or ugly the new normal

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