Arsenal boss backed by LVG! Get a room you two!

Just the other day it was Arsene Wenger showing what I thought was a surprising amount of support for Louis van Gaal, especially in the build up to Arsenal heading to their ground for a crucial FA cup game, with a Wembley semi-final as the prize.

Wenger claimed that van Gaal´s job to turn things around at United in his first season was tough and he should not be under so much pressure, no matter how much money was spent on players in the summer transfer window. Now van Gaal has returned the love, as reported by Sky Sports.

The Dutchman was talking about how finishing in the top four of the Premier League was his primary focus for the season, as our own manager has said many times. So basically the Man United boss is saying that the so-called `Wenger´ trophy is better than the FA cup, something the football media and Arsenal fans have slammed the Frenchman for over the last 10 years.

The United boss said, “I think that Arsene Wenger is right – I think that Arsene Wenger is always saying right things – for a club, Champions League is the highest level and that’s why he’s saying that.

“To finish in the first four is a fantastic result and for us at Manchester United even more I think. If you win the FA Cup you are not in the Champions League but you have won a title.”

I am not sure how much more of this mutual back slapping I can take between the two managers. I wonder how long it will last on the Old Trafford touchline? About one feisty challenge I reckon.

VIDEO – Greatest Arsenal v Man United FA Cup Highlights

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  1. Hafiz Rahman says:

    we definitely need a new manager this summer….Wenger has to go…

    time for a change…

  2. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Ozil, Flamini, Rosicky, Diaby, BFG, Arteta, Monreal, Jenkinson, Giroud, Ryo, Sanago, Campbell, Poldi, needs to be released this summer

    Loan: Akromp, Ox, Chambers, Bellerin, Gnabry, Zalelem…..

  3. pubgooner says:

    As per the Media – a rift developing between LvG and Giggs. Kind of agree, the personalities do not match. At the start of the season would see Giggs with a notepad and pen taking notes, similar like what his boss does at the games. This was very unlike him, giggs more of a hands on person. Slowly this notepad and pen have dissappeared from his side and only LvG left taking notes down. Hope this rift works in gunners favour, and we maul them and leave Shrek seething with fury…

  4. Godswill says:

    They two have given up on title so they have to support themselves as they are failures by the standard of their clubs. If we’ve been winning, Arsene won’t back LVG. How did we get to this level? Hope for change for the better.

  5. TGOONA says:

    All he did was agree top 4 is important stupid article

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