Arsenal boss believes Rooney could join Premier League rivals

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes Manchester United star Wayne Rooney could make a return to Everton this summer.

The Gunners are set to take on the Merseyside club in Sunday’s crucial campaign-ending match, and nothing but a win will be enough.

Wenger will be happy not to see Rooney on his opponent’s team sheet, given Wayne has notched up 14 goals and seven assists against his side, but he can foresee a return for the Man United striker in the future.

The Arsenal chief was asked if he believed Wayne Rooney could return to his former club Everton, to which he responded: “Why not? Why not, it’s possible, yes.”

He added: “Look, he started there and I believe first of all he’s under contract at Manchester United. I don’t know if he wants to come back to Everton.

“At the moment, maybe he has a decision to make. Will he finish his career at Manchester United or will he go back at some stage to Everton, I don’t know.”

at 31 years-of-age, Wayne Rooney should still be in his prime, but in recent seasons he has hit a downward spiral. Jose Mourinho has allowed him only 14 starts in the league this term, while last year Louis Van Gaal even attempted to move him into midfield to bring his game back to life.

The England and Manchester United captain now looks destined to quit the club, with moves to China and the MLS both mooted, but maybe Everton could be an option.

Rooney left the Blue side of the Mersey to join United 13 years ago, and has scored 183 league goals in that time, but maybe he could return to Everton this summer to add to his tally of 15 that he notched up prior to that.

Would Everton welcome Rooney back? Does he still have enough ability to play in a mid-table PL side?

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  1. John Ibrahim says:

    With usmanov billions we can spend big every season…thats what the fans be chelsea, city or psg

    New manager

    Griezmann 100m

    Mppae 120m

    Bakayoko 50m

    Bernado 55m

    Varane 45m

    Boateng 70m

    Reus 50m

    Lets spend big every season,

    We want a Fifa all star team

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Fork fat boy Rooney ? ?when Fat Boy Usmanov is doubling his offer!
    Get in there fatboy.

    So one billion wasn’t enough for Kroenke, but how about two billion?
    According to the Express, Usmanov is determined to try and own the Gunners:
    Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov is reportedly preparing a second bid worth around £2billion to seize control of the club.

    Reports claim the American has knocked back Usmanov’s initial offer and has no intention of selling up. The 69-year-old reportedly intends to stay with the Gunners for the long term.

    1. Robert Newton says:

      2 billion pus one bid could be enough.

  3. Robert Newton says:

    No thanks Rooney is over paid, over rated and past his prime. We need 4 world class players and new manager and owner with ambition.

    1. stubill says:

      So you’re an Everton supporter are you? This article is about Shrek going back to Everton, not coming to Arsenal.

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        Lol well spotted ?? this just proves that most fans can’t even be bothered to read past the headlines lol

  4. Robert Newton says:

    Renew Alexis, Ozil and Ox contracts and spend spend spend spend spend.

  5. GrahamB says:

    Thought this was Just Arsenal not Just Everton!
    WTF has Rayne Wooney going back to Everton got to do with us.
    Unless by asking the question “Does he still have the ability to play in a mid-table PL side?” Mean us of course ?

    1. FRANK says:

      Hahahaha my thoughts exactly.

    2. Wolf says:

      hear hear

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