Arsenal boss blames defending and refereeing bias for defeat

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has risked the wrath of the FA after insinuating that there is a clear agenda by referees against his side.

The Gunners succumbed to a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Stoke City yesterday, and our manager has not taken too kindly to the result.

We had three shouts for penalties which were all turned down

The French boss said: ‘We know we don’t get penalties. Look at the numbers and you will see.

‘We had last year the highest number of penalties against us at home by a mile and the lowest number for us. So I give you just the numbers. I don’t say anything else.’

Despite hinting at a conspiracy against his team, he then went onto admit the failings of his side, and admitted we must be better at defending.

‘I believe it’s the kind of night when you are angry because not only did we not score with the chances we had, but we made stupid mistakes centrally [for Jese Rodriguez’s goal],’ Wenger added.

‘First by losing the ball and then we didn’t defend properly.

‘Last week we conceded three goals from three shots. Today we have to look at ourselves.

‘The goal we conceded we were 100% guilty.

‘We made a stupid mistake for the goal and we were unlucky with some decisions.’

We’ve certainly been unlucky when it comes to certain decisions, but I think you have to keep those frustrations to yourself, as the FA will not take too kindly to the comments, and certainly won’t favour us in the future.

Do any of you believe there is a conspiracy against us? Should we have beaten Stoke comfortably? How many penalties should have been given to us?

Pat J


  1. Remember Resource? says:

    OT: Lemar deal is looking less likely due to multiple issues. In short arsenal are too weak and do not want to pay monaco’s upfront demands. Penny pinching, similar to higuain’s 27m offer but real wanted 31-32 and arsenal ran away from the deal. I have stated this before.
    Ox is most likely on his way out. Arsene needs to get players off of the wage bill. It is hard to sell the deadwood due to high wages that they are on. Alexis is most likely staying and club will let him leave on a free next season. To compensate for this it is my source’s understanding that arsenal would not turn down a 40m offer for chamberlain. Negotiations for new deal with ox have not even begun. This is what my source has to say atm. Again take the ox news with a pinch of salt. Draxler also on the radar. Without any departures club will not sign anyone new in the window. This is a struggle because of high wages to players like debuchy. I will never understand arsene’s logic for selling chamberlain if that indeed does happen. I think the fans will revolt heavily if that happens.

    1. Nayr says:

      We are past lemar mate.
      please stop.
      no more updates

    2. John0711 says:

      its a contradiction to say the club is penny pinching over a few million for Lemar and then sanchez will go for free?

      1. Hass says:

        Not exactly. I’m sure you’ve heard the debate which is – if Sanchez gets us back to champs league, it’s worth more than the transfer fee to us. Advertising, tickets and competition payouts. 60mil might be great but missing champs league again will be a disaster financially with greater long term issues. Our full payout with puma might be effected with non champs league exposure? Even the resigning of kit sponsorship will be greatly diminished.

    3. GonnerSam says:

      @Dear Resource, pls stop posting this B*. We are not interested in your fake stories. We can wait for another 11 days and it will be clear whether we will sign anyone or not.

      1. wiehn says:

        thaht’s right. the problem with Arsène, he is no longer picking out the french young talents….Now the German spies on the ligue 1 are far more clever

    4. muff d says:


      why are u still here? ud said ud leave this site if u were proved wrong,
      clogged up this site with lies, an took shots an fatboy an others cos they saw thru your bs

      proper tool.
      an not a useful one

      we do not want your updates here !

      1. Gooner Craig says:

        Everything resource has claimed I could get from any transfer site lol he’s probably just bored and begging for attention! Sad really ?

      2. Windsor Bob says:

        well said. Now the knob may disappear for good

  2. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Also the bigger boy’s would not give us the ball. It was raining down our end and the sun was in our eyes. Same old same old. 10M a year for waffling on.

  3. ozil10 says:

    If only fans could abandon games at the Emirates…
    It’s not feasible coz there are many fans who go to the Emirates just to enjoy themselves & they will easily fill the stadium… 2-3 home games with minimum attendance would surely make the board sit up & notice..

    1. John0711 says:

      spot on but believe it or not some fans actually still support wenger. yea i know they probably think Trump is a positive step forward

      1. Mobella says:

        We don’t have a choice or do we. He is here for the next two years. I for one will continue support him and players until he f..k off I’m not ready to give up on arsenal because of him.

        1. John0711 says:

          Only a fool would blindly follow someone and say we don’t have a choice?. I didn’t say not support Arsenal I said Wenger you can support the club but don’t put money in. If u choose to pay into the club suck it up and carry on

    2. Ken says:

      Our defence and midfield is very poor.why can’t Wenger construct a defence like invincibles where we had a thin but powerful defence on planet,few but strong midfielders who could play in defence when needed,thirsty strikers and attacking midfielders like for stoke Edu would have butchered their goalie in the name of scoring.I can say wenger’s whole team is useless!

      1. RSH says:

        Arsenal having a good defense was a one time fluke from Wenger. It has been completely ignored since that back 4 left. Arsenal will never have a good defense under Wenger. And honestly, our attack isn’t too great right now either without Alexis. Ozil is just broken. Only reason i want him to sign a new contract is so we can make money off his sale.

        1. Ranjan Das says:

          I agree – it is the more of the mid field combination which is a problem. We let pure DMs go in the transfer market because honestly Wenger never wanted to buy one.
          I have time and again said I do not understand what ramsey’s role in the midfield is – Xhaka does not have pace and does not WANT to tackle (which is good because the moment he does we will be a man down) – so why is then Ramsey bombing up the pitch – because everytime Xhaka misplaces a pass the opposition will easily outpace him and run straight at the defence. We have so many creative players then why do we need Ramsey to bomb fwd – if doing defensive duties is NOT Ramsey’s game then he needs to be benched. Gerard hit the nail on the head when he said Arsenal do not have a player who can put out fires. Wenger knows this better than anyone else and still why we did not go for Kante /Matic is beyond me. For me it is not just about buying players -(that ship has sailed) ; it is getting the balance of the team right and right now we have got it horribly wrong. Even if we are not buying – we should be asking Ramsey to sit back for the next 10 games – we have enough offensive ability – we need to stop leaking goals

          1. AndersS says:

            Exactly, it is the midfield, that is the problem.
            We know, Ôzil won’t defend. Wellbeck and Lacazette are not supposed to do much defending.
            In that situation you need a strong defensive midfield. Then it is suicide playing Ramsey. Not only is he totally unreliable defensively, he also competes too much with Özil offensively.
            Xhaka was never the DM midfielder to play right in front of the defence. In fact his strength is also offensively, and putting him back in front of the defence, makes us vulnerable, and with both Ôzil and Ramsey in the team, Xhakas real qualities are not able to come out.
            Finally, OX is absolutely useless defensively. He is almost Ôzil like in his arrogance at times. He could have stopped the attack, that led to Stoke’s goal, but he did absolutely nothing.
            All this comes down to the manager, and it is a problem we have had for so many years.

          2. Turbo says:

            We could really use a killer imposing defensive midfielder, but I’m not optimistic we’ll get one. Even if we did, I’m afraid it might still be Xhaka and Ramsey starting. If Ramsey is going to be allowed to bomb forward at full pace from that position there really has to be some disciplined strategic attention to situational cover, just way too many gaps in midfield to be exploited on the counter, especially if we give the ball away too easily.

      2. Jakseth says:

        When I saw our defense against stoke I wasnt very happy. When you have a 3 men defense you can totally afford having one central defender not as fast. Metersacker should have been there. He knows what he is Doing and has a calming presence. Amateur choice from
        Wenger really. Our main defense 3 should be mustafi/mertesacker/Koscielny. Holding/ chambers and others as back up. It’s so simple.

        1. 86thGunner says:

          Its not the defence that killed us against Stoke, the defense did well to let in a single goal, where was our attack? nothing

  4. Victor victory says:

    Remember Resource, pls save us your baseless transfer stories. I don’t know what angers me more.. Your transfer update or Wenger inactivity in the transfer.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    He blames the defending…well then here’s an idea: don’t play two LB’s in a back three, maybe sign a DM for once in your life, and don’t play an out of form RWB on the other side of the pitch. I would have thought that’s just common sense. Wenger earning his £8 million again!

  6. Nothing changed says:

    TBH If we had given Laca a tiny bit more service instead of some of our forwards being selfish or if we had even a modicum of ruthlessness in some of our other players, Ramsey, Welbeck, Giroud all missed very makeable chances, we could have won this game.

    But we continue to rely on the old hands who have shown over the years simply not to be able to be ruthless when it counts. If you get 8 shots on target many of them we no defenders in between you have to put some of them away. And you need more than one player who can score.

  7. ZEN2OH says:

    Wenger should go and sit down, Did the Ref Pic Monreal over Metersacker? Did the Ref Remove Kolasinac when Bellerin didn’t do so well in same position? Get ruthless Defenders Koulibaly, Van Dijk et all and a Commanding CDM Fabinho , Idrissa Guaye. then we are good to go

  8. Samij says:

    He should kip shut! Papa Wenger is the reason Arsenal isn’t making progres… His selection is always poor , his decisions are usually very poor ,papa Wenger believe a RWB SHLD b played in LwB.. Papa Thinks deadwoods such as welbeck , wilshere, walcot are world class players… Wenger is clueless and obsolete…He isn’t willing to learn for his pas mistakes (still makin the same mistake again and again)… If u ask wenger wats our performance he will tell u we give top top quality performance the referee deny us.. Clubs are busy buying wenger is pricing players as if he wants to buy fish €1m, €1.1m,€1.2m

  9. “We know we don’t get penalties.” Arsene, teams don’t just get penalties. They win them. You tell your boys to keep passing the ball sideways and backwards at a chameleon pace and you expect to win penalties? Continue with your excuses every time you lose a game. We are used to that for not less than thirteen years now.

  10. Victor victory says:

    Imagine West Ham going for Krychowiak and carvalho. Barcelona rapping up Seri’s deal. Man United going for Lemar. And what is Wenger doing? Trimming down his unmanageable large squad. Oh dear.. I am gutted. Pls wake me up when the window is closed.

  11. Ken says:

    If a small team like Stoke can mastermind Arsenal ,then where are we? I fear if we can go beyond No 4 on the table . Can this be a reason why Sanchez wants out?

  12. RSH says:

    Lmao, the fraud continues to find excuses. There is no way Arsenal makes top 4 this season. Our downfall has been a long time coming. I dream of the day Wenger finally leaves and Kroenke decides to leave us alone.

  13. Stu889 says:

    Unfortunately we are this season where we have been for the last several seasons. We have a manager who to be honest is clueless tactically. His team selection is poor, plus his transfer policy is abysmal. There are opportunities to get rid of players he no longer requires but he is pricing them out of a move. I think unless a new top class central defender joins and a top class keeper we will be no better than last season. I hope i am proved wrong and only time will tell. But do not be surprised if we lose to Liverpool in our next game. Then everything snd everyone will be blamed; the manager will not blame himself.

  14. John0711 says:

    rumour that city will offer 70m for sanchez in the last week, if thats true do you really think the money making team will say no lol

    1. Nothing changed says:

      I would not object to 70 million if we use that money to buy an attacking player. You?

  15. maigari33 says:

    As far as Wenger is concerned, arsenal have the right squad to compete for 4th position. As far as the management is concerned, 4th place is all they want. As far as these set of players is concerned, whatever position is fine for them, plus their lofty wages.

  16. Dangote Save Us says:

    Real Madrid’s midfield costs 60 million. One needs football acumen to build a team and just money. Unfortunately our prof doesn’t have any left.

  17. Ronny says:

    I want to talk about beautiful football.
    Did anyone see kurzawas goal for psg from a neymar corner? It made the game 5-2 and the goals near the end.
    Astonishing technique from neymar and an amazing finish for a Left back!!
    #gulf in class 🙁

    Only positive for me this weekend is that spurs lost which is justice considering diet and vertongehn could have gone but stayed on the pitch.

  18. Sam-afc says:

    Wow so that’s why we lost this time around then, didn’t get awarded enough penalties ??
    As another summer comes to an end, Arsenal STILL haven’t got the players/leaders that are so clearly needed. Catalyst for change we were told….

    In other news Joel Campbell sent a cryptic tweet about heading to the UK. Maybe we might see him play in goal against Liverpool!! Seeing as Wenger likes playing players out of position recently ??

  19. ZA_Gunner says:

    Wenger has to step down, even with top new players being brought in, the man can simply no longer a good manager. Now with a top manager we would also need sufficient funds given by the owner to invest and so with Kroenke that will not happen therefore Stan will need to go as well. I do not care who goes first and in what order, what matters is all the rotten and bad fruit in the organisation must be removed.

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      Oh and yes if some miracle does come and both mentioned above leaves, then we gotta look at those responsible for keeping those two there for so long.

  20. ZA_Gunner says:

    Excuse making from Wenger has become his full time job, coaching and being a football manager is secondary.

  21. Ronny says:

    Sanchez will go I’ve said it before and I stand by it. If he goes at the end well have no time to find any other players let alone a good 50-70m player.

    Joke. We should have made signing number 2 by now. I say 2 as I know there’s wages but kolasinac was a freebie.

    What does annoy me is all weekend I’ve seen teams with the likes of matic and wanyama/dembele doing there thing.

    I can’t believe wenget doesn’t see the importance of having a mf enforcer. If he thinks he bought that with xhaka he didn’t. Good passer but a dm player absolutely not!

    Look at the difference in mu since matic came in suddenly the rest of attacking players particularly the creative mf players,(mkitaryian, herrera and pogba) have come alive knowing matic is covering.

    Wenger two weeks to prove to me that your not out of touch and have lost the plot. The set up of the back 3 at the weekend showed arrogance from you and the cheek to criticise the players after the game when it was you who placed them out of position.

    I still can’t believe bellerin on the left!! Two lbs at cb and the only true cb not in the middle!!
    Sign all the players you want this side just slowly seems to be getting worse and worse.

    Intrigued to see how we fare in the Europa league this year. Want it or not we could be up for some embarrassing results against sides called ‘Beer Shaver’ and the like.

  22. John0711 says:

    Trying not to sound nasty if Wenger had any other job and made decisions where the only Cb plays RCB, two LBs plac CB. The RB plays LB he would have to be assessed for a mental illness. I’m actually thinking he means to destroy the club. What ever happens from here( as we won’t win the PL) he has spoilt his legacy. Once he was up there with Ferguson now he’s so far behind I genuinely feel that he’s not a full bag of shopping. When Kronki leaves someone will have to spend so much money just to catch up, and to think we once had the invincibles

  23. Kay says:

    Why is nobody seeing what I am. Against Leicester. Three shots on target and three goals while we had eight or nine and four goals. Yesterday, two shot on target and 1 goal while we had 6 but no goal. Peter cech is finished, we can’t win anything with him this season. Mark my words. Allowing Szesney leave and keep cech was a bad piece of business.

  24. A middle east Gooner says:

    Signing of Laca was political one to silence the fans just like signing of ozil was.Arsenal board and Wenger are not sincere want to strengthern the team to compete with the best but they only signing for political reasons when they are under pressure to sign big names.They only sign one top player every season to look like they meant business but if left without being pressurized they will never ever signing quality players.they will do just like when the last time when they signed only PETER CECH brainwashed fans that he had quality Squad already..he wenger alwys claimed to find difficult to sign quality player while others did or do,he alwys promised fans to sign quality player when available and end up with nothing…Same Old Wenger with his Same Old arsenal

  25. Arsenal_Girl says:

    It’s Wenger’s fault
    Why play Monreal at CB when we have Mertsacker or Chambers.
    Next match we will have Koscielny back so that will help. Please play Koscielny, Mustafi and Holding or Koscielny, Mustafi and Mertsacker or Mustafi, Koscielny and Kolsanic. No Monreal at CB please

    2 weeks to save our session. He can still try Lemar, Draxler or Mahrez. Seri is gone, but Wenger could still go for Carvalho, Goretzka, Gueye, Matuidi. Getting a top CD would help too especially after selling Gabs.

    If we had got Seri, Lemar and Van Dijk we would be knocking on the door of the title. Now Barcelona will get Seri for only £36 million. United may get Lemar or Draxler.

    Wenger started well with Kolsanic and Lacazette but seems like he will screw our season again by just selling a few players and either getting no more signings or get average players like Brozovic.

    1. Ranjan Das says:

      A player will not change our fortunes – we have enough quality in the team if the manager does not force people to play out of their positions and if the players do their job – Next match Arsenal should just focus on shutting shop at Liverpool and go for a cleansheet – the midfield needs to be told to focus on disrupting more and just give the ball to ozil/Sanchez – just sit back and stop attacks. But we all know what is going to happen – we will go gung ho – try to attack for 90 mins and get hit on the counter. We may not have world class players but even with our players we can improve defensively only if we are a bit more disciplined.

  26. Turbo says:

    Though I agree with much of the dissatisfaction expressed in this thread regarding playing Monreal in the middle and other matters, I do think we were also very unlucky with the officials this week. Lacazette’s goal was right after a defender’s touch and should not have been called offside. We had three decent shouts for a penalty, none were given. All three seemed judgment calls rather than obvious and indeed it’s hard for the officials to see everything like a quick touch off a defender, but nevertheless it was an unlucky match for us re. calls/no-calls.

  27. vickguns says:

    dear Mr wenger. I know you are the boss, please do all u can next week to get me my 3pionts and a clean sheet. play these guys.

    mustsfi, kos, moreal
    ox, coq, xaka, kol,
    Ozil, lac and iwobi

    sub, take ozil off and bring in Nelson, or bring in welback or W14 to seal the game against liverpool. I don’t want to see cech in BTW the sticks, nor ramsey starting,

    Ramsey, Welback and G12 are our super subs.

    if I had manage the team with the quality of players.. with sanchez or not, I will beat stock city.

    G12 and Laca I would have started them, I would have benched bellerin and bring him in as a sub, Iwobi would have played instead of welback,

    ozil is not functioning becasue the players in the midfield around him is not functioning, ramsey and ozil is failed combo. iwobi and ozil will feature better….

    my wenger take not, cause anything shot of 3pionts match day 3, means that I will discard U and arsenal as a whole. cause I’m too young to have an heart attack.

  28. Gooner Craig says:

    The team selection is to blame and choice of substitutions! Is Holding injured? I’m sure Chambers is fit isn’t he? ?? the 2 LB at CB! RB playing on the left! Has the squad size become soo unmanageable that AW has become confused and can’t remember where everyone actually plays? Lol ? ffs sort it out Wenger, you’re embarrassing yourself now

  29. Gooner Craig says:

    Mustafi BFG Nacho should have been the back 3 at least for the first 45-60 mins, if BFG is struggling then put Elneny there or something loool ? ah man has it really gotten THAT bad? Lol ffs

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