Arsenal boss brilliantly trolls Arsenal rivals´ transfer madness

While some rival fans have been taking to social media sites to take the mickey out of Arsenal because of Arsene Wenger´s failure, or refusal, to spend any money on new outfield players in the summer transfer window, the prof has been doing a bit of trolling of his own.

Over the years as the man in charge of the Gunners, for better or worse, Wenger has developed a reputation, probably well warranted, of being partial to the signing of young and unheard of players, especially if they happen to be French. So you might have expected him to be impressed by the player signed by Manchester United on transfer deadline day.

Arsenal have made our fair share of last minute or `panic´ buys but at least the likes of Andre Santos and Kim Kallstrom did not cost us too much, other than our pride and dignity. Anthony Martial, however, appears to have cost United more than we paid Barcelona for Alexis Sanchez and a report in The Mirror makes it clear that Wenger does not think they have spent well.

He said, “What happened last night with Monaco, who sold Martial to Manchester United for 80million Euros, I’ve heard.

“Martial scored 11 goals in the French championship – that sums it up well. That means it’s not the money that’s missing at the moment, it’s not the desire of investment that is missing, it’s the number of players available who can strengthen the big clubs.”

If you are not fluent in football manager speak, I will translate. He said that United have been taken to the cleaners and have signed a player who will make as little impact on their team as having a can of diet coke has on a 20 stone bloke.

Would we have wanted Wenger to sign Martial even if he was only around £10 million? No because he would not even get in the team.

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  1. He can troll he wants, We are not concerned with Man Utd, it is Chelsea Man City, Barca, Madrid, Juve etc we should be concerned with. Oh have we forgotten what Martial did when he played against Arsenal in UCL. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Mr Wenger should be worried about delivering.

    1. guys its interesting about some of you rate our players. it seems even everton and tottenham are better than us
      people here would say
      coleman is better than bellerin
      stones is better than mertz
      baines better than monreal
      mccarthy better than coquelin
      barkley better than ramsey
      lukaku better than giroud
      those are six players so that means everton better than arsenal
      lloris equal to cech
      rose equal to monreal
      vertonghen better than mertz
      ericksen better than ozil
      lamela better than walcott
      harry kane better than giroud
      so 2 players equal and 4 players better
      thats tottenham better than arsenal
      its not my opinion but that of chelsea and tottenham fans on this site

        1. I look at all his comparisons and they are all true. They are factual.
          What Wenger worshippers and AKB’s like myself don’t realize is that its easy to improve this squad.
          I have watched Bafetimbi Gomis play…he is a big guy, strong and very mobile with good footwork and quicker. He is better than Giroud and only fools will think other wise. Dzeko was also another option. Andre Ayew for free would have been a harmless deal.
          Another striker and for me the best option we could have gone for is Lukaku.
          Dybala, Icardi are amongst others that we wouldn’t have had to destroy the bank for.
          All of these strikers could have improved the squad and offer a lot more than Giroud.

          1. I must have missed your posts eulogising Gomis prior to this season. I’m sure your opinion is not based solely on the guy popping up with 4 goals this season – to go with his 7 total last season. I bet you will tell us all you have closely followed his career for 11 years now. Do you guys hold a consistent thought for more than a week? Monk for manager now, Koeman 6 months ago, Pochetino 9 months ago, Martinez a couple of years ago, Laudrup…………that is some vicious knee-jerk affliction you have there fella.

            1. @jonestown1,
              READ….I did not mention anything about Gomis goals. I only lauded the way he plays.
              Its not knee jerk. Lukaku, Benteke, Dybala, Berahino…I have rated there talents for a while now. They are better choices than Giroud.
              I have not been able to watch Bafetimbi Gomis play until late last season. He only came last season and its not taking him long to make his mark. But the way he plays and moves for a big guy striker is very good you have to say. There are things he did against Manchester United I have never seen Giroud do…..DRIBBLING, MAKING HIS OWN CHANCES, PACE!!!

          2. That you agree with what he has to say is independent of whether the info is factual or not. I will give you an example of a fact, hopefully that helps:
            – Our “crappy” Arsenal team has more points than the other glorious teams you mentioned, factually discrediting they are better teams than us at the moment.

          1. @tatgooner my apologies … here is a better way I hope

            coleman is better than bellerin
            – yes … but a guy from within the arsenal system that has fit in the first team nicely with all that potential, this might be the year bellerin overtakes coleman

            stones is better than mertz
            – hahaha, I dont like mertz, but the guy had the most accurate tackling percentage of any starting defenseman in the league last year (fact). also ignore that the comparison is done against mert and not kocielny, or even gabriel. Stones is a currently a liability if you watch everton play, and is another overrated English talent.

            baines better than monreal
            – In what way?? Monreal has been a revelation last season, and one of leagues most consistent performers, what has baines done lately … oh yea, injured, out for 3 months (fact)

            mccarthy better than coquelin
            – HAHAHAHA, coqelin is out-performing matic, veratti, busquets, in a DM role, most interceptions per game, most tackles (again facts) and you are comparing him against who sorry?

            barkley better than ramsey
            – Different roles, one is AF/SS and the other is CM/RM … i’ll let you figure
            out who is who

            lukaku better than giroud
            – yes, with more upside as well … congratulations

            those are six players so that means everton better than arsenal
            – Nope, because a team does not consist of just 6 players. There are world class players that can make everybody on the team better, ie suarez in liverpool a couple of years ago. Look at germany in the last world cup, they beat brazil argentina who had more “better players” but the dreaded “cohesion” also makes a difference as well

            As for the spuds comparison, they are in a relegation battle currently, so I will reserve my analysis until they are in better shape.

            1. @Yoe i’m pretty sure or maybe think that tatgooner also has the same opinion like you and was bashing on the people who seemingly hate every one of our players on this page ^^

      1. What a load of shit, lets for arguments sake combine both of their teams
        Lloris < Cech
        Coleman = Debuchy
        Stones = Mertz
        Vertonghen Monreal
        McCarthy = Coq
        Barkley < Cazorla
        Eriksen < Ozil
        Mirallas =< Theo
        Lamela <<< Giroud

        Even our subs would then be better.
        So combining 2 decent top half teams and we get
        +4 =5 -2
        counting Theo as equal
        might have missed some of their players but i think i got everybody impoortant..

        1. dont know what happened there supposed to be sanchez there instead of giroud and then Kane or Lukaku better than Giroud

    2. Well well well!!! Am sure united will be above arsenal come may 2016. Such a stupid Man in other news ozil is injured so is Jack, Rosicky and Welbeck interesting times ahead.

    3. i hold Arsenal and our players dear and would get behind em……..but i won’t get behind mr WENGER!…………He’s done for!

    4. He’s actually not trolling Manure but praising them for having the balls to do it. He didn’t included the part where Wenger said Martial is a huge talent and it required huge investment. But the guy posting the article speaks management language so he must be right. Got to be trolling.

  2. Its interesting that he always has something to say about others clubs, but when it comes to others speaking about Arsenal he becomes over protective and very arrogante.

    Worry about our club and not others, you incompetent senile old fool.

    1. Well… he criticizes other mistakes to show that his action weren’t so wrong like the media wants to convey to you mindless people ^^ oooh yeah he’s soon arrogant :O stop it with this hypocritical BS…

      OMG he wants to defend his stance by comparing it with a situation how 80 FRIG*ING MILLIONS were wasted :O how could he do that… you would obviously never ever do it..

      he did nothing wrong there and wasn’t even disrespectful… which i obviously can’t claim from your comment

  3. Yes Arsenal didn’t sign a striker,
    Yes Arsenal won’t win the league,
    Yes Arsenal sucks,
    Yes Wenger needs to go,
    Yes Giroud, Arteta, Flamini, Ozil etc (hated players) all suck,
    can we please get back to supporting the greatest team of all now? As much as the criticism is justified-its starting to get annoying now, if Arsenal makes u this angry then go support Chelsea or Man U or Man City then (until Wenger leaves-then u can come back)….#COYG #YaGunnersYa #WhenIDiePleaseTakeMeBackToHighbury

  4. time to move on window shut. well done to hector bellerin picked for spain national team, someone should do an article on this kids rise.

    1. First of all, using caps isn’t going to make your comment any more valid. Second of all, how many times must dimwits like you be reminded that after 2005 we could not afford to buy and accommodate world class players??? We had something called THE EMIRATES STADIUM being constructed which cost us between 550 – 600m pounds. On top of that, we had at least two of our best players leaving every season, forcing Arsene to bring in sub par replacements and rebuild our squad each and every new season YET he still managed a top four finish while Chelsea, Man United and later City were all strengthening. He deserves credit for that, but instead morons like you will slander and berate Wenger without taking the above facts into consideration!

      In 2013, we bought Ozil for 42m, breaking our transfer record and sending a clear message out we had the finances to spend on top players. Since then we have won 7 trophies, (correct me if I’m wrong). Things have actually gotten better whether you like it or not and this is why I continue to believe and trust in Wenger.

      1. You also continue to believe and trust in Santa Claus, And that the world is the centre of the universe and that we are made in…

        Oh forget it, when someone is a fanatic and sees any logical explanation as dim witted or idiotic there is not much to say.

        Some of you are just as bad as religious zealots. The obvious escapes you.

      2. @ BIG GUN

    1. Blind faith and prayer my son. When there is faith, there is no questioning of logic. Once you suspend disbelief then its easy to be an AKB.

      It is crazy, they have simply stopped questioning.

  5. Man United have taken a very large risk…if you believe they have money issues.

    Let’s be honest here – Man United have just shelled out £250m over 2 years. This is not backed by oil money, this is not a sudden injection of cash. This is how much they have tied up in the club and can earn thanks to their global brand.

    It may turn out that this does nothing for their first team this year or next and he may get sold on and be just like Di Maria. Doesn’t matter. They aren’t concerned by the money. It’s not even a risk. It’s a chance of unearthing the next Ronaldo. For the club that is FAR more important then losing a few million quid. The chance to unearth a quality star has no price tag if you have infinite reserves of money.

    I may be against this preposterous money situation but that signing is gonna do 0% damage and has a decent chance of reaping rewards. Sadly, a signing like that at Arsenal is impossible. That would completely dry up our money for the year and if it went wrong, we’d be trying to recoup the damage the next year too and truly effect us…well that is if we actually spent any money…

  6. some signings this window have been a Little over the edge I admit.
    It doesnt mean we coulddnt have gotten one or two more…just for the mental factor in them.

    Now he has this squad to deliver…fo the love I havce for Arsenal I hope he does.

  7. Wenger must believe there is no room for improvement in the squad. There is no other explanation. He has the money at his disposal and there are plenty of top quality players available. His scouts have scoured the world and could find no players better than Arteta, Rosicky, or Flamini. Clearly, according to Wenger, Arsenal are favorites to win the league and the Champions League otherwise he would have strengthened the squad.


  8. For the sake of trolling, I can see a lot of ways other managers can troll Arsenal over transfer. But instead of talking about Arsenal, they are busy concentrating on their own clubs.

    Starting from Wenger, we always like to talk about others.we are the only club in top five European league that didn’t sign on outfield player. Every body said that we need a strengthen our CF for 3/4 years. It’s been clear for everyone that we need to strengthen our CDM position. But at the end we only spend 10mil.But here we are talking about other clubs who is ambitious enough to take a risk and use their own money to buy a player. what ever happens, it’s their problem.

    We like talking about others,i just don’t get that.Its as if bashing other clubs will help us to hide our flaws.

  9. No good criticising other teams now Wenger… At least every other top team across Europe made at least one out field signing to bolster their teams. If injuries start cropping up again, we are in trouble

  10. Listen guys you will never convert people like @Budd, you have to think he’s rare and here to make people laugh
    But Wenger has made a decision that he could not find Any player that would improve Arsenal
    If he had signed someone and we didn’t win the PL some would blame him but some would say he tried, BUT if we don’t win the PL this year and I personally don’t think we will finish in the top 2, anyone with any sense will say Wenger made his decisions and he failed , yes the players share some blame but they cannot improve the squad only he can.
    I am fine with this Wenger runs the club from top to bottom as long as when it goes wrong HE takes the blame
    I think this is the beginning of the end of Wenger ,
    It’s simple spend the money you have on marque signings and the fans will buy the shirts and follow you, the kids of today start by supporting the teams that win leagues
    I have supported Arsenal for 30 years I’ve coached at professional clubs and I’ve never known a man so deluded in his own way of thinking
    He could of been remembered as one of the greatest managers ever, but I fear he will always be remembered as the most stubborn man at AFC
    Only on Budds bedroom ceiling will he remain loved

  11. Martial is only 19? …. I think €80 million is a bit exaggerated,
    But Wenger is good at that! And also he is good at deflecting the real issues with himself.

    Look at the young Portuguese player Utd signed many years ago! Wenger didn’t think he was good enough or worth his transfer fee either…
    Yes, I’m tallking about Ronaldo!
    And the same goes for Bale, Yaya Toure and Ibrahimovic.

    So if wenger is laughing at Utd paying so much money for this young talent now,
    You can bet that this kid will end up being world class in the near future!

    Wenger’s a joke!

    1. Only thing is that Ronaldo was signed just by chance by Ferguson being convinced by the players after a friendly. Price was a meagre 12 mil quids which by today’s standards will buy you only surplus players. Bale was a left back and at the time guess who was the best LB in England? Maybe Ashley Cole? Toure could not get a work permit if we are to set things straight. Ibrahimovic should have been signed though once he said he does not give trials with anyone. Yes, I give you this one, Ibra was my favourite of them all and a gambler like Wenger should have signed him. In fact, this is biggest regret not Ronaldo, Messi, Toure or Bale.

    2. You can put spin on whatever you like.

      As Budd said:
      Toure – no work Permit
      Ronaldo – fluke friendly game
      Ibra – Was a young kid who was being a douche, why would you sign an attitude problem like that?

      Bale is the ONLY one he didn’t snap up, but considering at the time we were already buying up hot young prospects and had an academy with many players tipped to be the next big thing, I kind of understand why he didn’t.

      Retrospect is a beautiful thing. None of the players you mentioned went for a fee that represented the HIGHEST AMOUNT FOR A TEENAGER EVER PAID.

      1. Hahaha ??
        My point was… Wenger missed out on all of them players,
        Yaya Toure could have been loaned out until he got his visa,
        Like Campbell and Silva were!

        We didn’t sign Bale because of Tony adams,
        Wenger sent that donkey to scout him ?
        he obviously chose to get drunk in some pub somewhere in Southampton instead of doing the job he was instructed
        To do.

        As for Ibrahimovic, Yes he had and still has a big Ego!
        But that’s no excuse not to sign him.

        Ronaldo was having trials at Arsenal before Utd signed him

        1. Toure could not get a visa to play for Arsenal. He had offers to play elsewhere. Why sign for a team when you know in advance you can’t play for them? By the time we could have had a work permit for him, he signed for Barcelona. Since then we’ve changed our approach on signing players but the concept of loaning until you get a work permit was just not a thing then…I don’t even know if you could!

          An ego IS a reason to not sign a player. Plenty of great players have ruined their careers by having massive egos. At the time you’re talking about we still had some of the best striking talent in the world and a certain Mr RVP coming through. Why would we shell out money for a loose cannon?

          Ronaldo was put on a platter for United. If everything transpires to take a player to one club, you can’t really fight it. The Portugese coach and Fergie’s ex assistant wrapped up the deal for Man Utd. Yes – we were damn close to signing the kid but you can’t help it if everyone around a teenager pushes him in another direction.

          As for Bale – Adams fudged up. Big woop. It happens. Wenger can’t sign every great player who appears through youth systems.

  12. so does it mean that by us finishing in the top 4 is all due to wengers brilliance but
    not because we are able to?
    adrian better than szczeny
    cresswell better than gibbs
    reid better than mertz
    tomkins better than better than bellerin
    song equal to coq
    payet better than eye witness
    carrol better than donkey.

    1. It would be all due to Wenger’s brilliance according to your logic, because even West Ham have better players than us 🙂

  13. The board and manager failed to see the return on investment a WC striker would bring.

    Merchandising and brand recognition globally, guarantee of Champions League revenue…more often than not you have to invest if you want to grow.

  14. By the way, for fans who wanted Draxler, hear what Juventus says:

    “I officially pulled out of the running on August 19,” the Bianconeri director general told reporters on Wednesday. “It was difficult to deal with Schalke, a very mysterious club where nobody knew with whom we could talk.

    “It was thus difficult to deal with them so we pulled out.

    “They had also demanded a disproportionate asking price and the player’s motivation wasn’t the highest. He did not want to come.”

  15. Wenger is certainly a troll.

    Stubborn, deceptive creatures that live under bridges just waiting for an opportunist meal to pass overhead.

  16. I like the way we bring on young players.

    If we were not sure about buying a world class striker, why the hell did Wenger go back on his word and let Akpom go out on loan. It’s not as if we didn’t have space in our squad.

  17. @K-ool…….i must have skipped the Line where u called urself a “Wenger Worshipper” ……… Have u no shame?……do u even have a(Arsenal) future without wenger?

  18. It all goes back to what I have been saying for years. Wenger and the board don’t give a sh-t about the fans, they just want to balance the books. A LA the accountant called Wenger.

  19. Managers and players r only temporal and will one time depart leaving us the fans with our great club and new faces.Though we are the most disappointed fans in the world after high expectations of summer signings we got no option but to rally behind our brilliant soldiers to the end.There comes a time when the club is more important than an individual, all in all I am proud to be a gunner from Kenya.

  20. Wenger you can only troll our rivals when you win the EPL this season until then keep silent. Actions speak louder than words.

  21. The “balls” on that guy… lol
    Misplaced arrogance for someone who has won very little in the last 11 years.
    Even Barcelona managed to recruit despite their ban!!

    Only the gullible will recognise themselves in that bullshit…
    This is a farce and Wenger is taking centre stage once again.

    That is not stubbornness or even belief… That is something else!
    By the way, Wenger never said he wanted to win the league, he never said it.

  22. The least you could do is keep quiet mr wenger.
    Who said us gooners give a s##t what other teams spend
    Sort out your own squad and f##k the other teams.

  23. Reading some of the stuff in here one wonders whether some people have any hint about what they write. How can you blame Wenger for refusing to spend on someone he didn’t believe would be good? Is being a prophet one of the qualifications of a football manager? If you went about spending money anyhow hoping your investment might produce dividends your club would just run bankrupt. Blaming Wenger for refusing to spend anyhow is to say the least idiotic! Did you expect a top level manager to just spend money without due regard for the value he would get from such an investment? If this is the kind of fan we have then it is unfortunate. We don’t have to spend because our rivals have spent but for a well identified need. When we lost the opening game and Man U and Liverpool won their two opening games some of our fickle fans were already up in arms. Then what happened? The two clubs have since drawn and lost and now we at par on 7 points each. Why can’t some people have patience? The season has just opened and there will be a lot of twists and turns. The most consistent team will win. Our major problem was not buying players but selling our best and injuries. Now that we have solved both problems I believe we shall compete favourably.

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