Arsenal boss called an “evil, evil man”

There is a sad story coming out of Texas this morning about an old man that committed suicide after being told to get out of his house on land belonging to the Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke. It is being reported that Kroenke bought some real estate in Texas totalling around 520,000 acres for a price in excess of half a billion dollars.

On this massive piece of land there are ‘several houses’ around a lake that were being rented to mostly old poor people, but they have all received ‘notices to quit’ and were told to move out by the billionaire owner. It was one of these, Rick Ellis, with no money and nowhere to go, who decided to take his life.

His wife Annette spoke to a St Louis TV station. “The very first line of his suicide note was ‘Stan stole my home,'” she said. “[Stan] is an evil, evil man. My husband was worth more than all of your money, Stan. The love he gave me. The life we lived. We worked together, we were best friends… we were never apart.”

“[Stan] knew none of us had the money to fight him in court, he knew, and you know what? He didn’t give a dang care in the world and that’s really the sad part about this, that there’s a human being that just doesn’t care,”

One of Ellis’ neighbors, Rick Smith, said he was waiting for something like this to occur. “I did expect something like this to happen,” Smith told KFDX-TV. “And I do believe this is not the last tragic news we’re going to hear, because there are elderly, disabled people out there that have no where to go and no money to do anything with and are going to turn to that option.”

“It’s going to be very tough for her,” Smith said of Annette. “He didn’t have any insurance, she doesn’t have the money for burial expenses. She doesn’t have the money to move. She doesn’t have the money to do anything. She’s just at an impasse where she doesn’t know what she’s going to do from day to day.”

Well you have to feel sorry for these`people. If they are elderly and infirm surely Stan could have them stay there for however longer a life they had in front of them. It’s not like they are going to get in the way with another 520,000 acres (bigger than New York City and Los Angeles put together!) to play around with?

It certainly doesn’t show the Arsenal boss as a very caring, sharing person, but maybe this publicity will make him change his mind on carrying on with evicting everone else?


  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Really sad story
    My uncle commited suicide so I can def feel for her
    Obviously a person’s life and home is vastly more important than us getting Aubemeyang but this just increases my dislike for Kroenke

    1. Arunavameister says:

      Stan sure as hell didnt do it to get us Aubameyang!
      He couldnt care less…

  2. Big Gun says:

    What concerns me more is how the guy commits suicide knowing his wife will be left a widow with nothing. Even in a dire situation like that you should never give up especially when you have others to care for.

    Also what about the families of those being evicted? Surely they could have helped with the situation. The internet and social media can make miracles happen.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Sad but true. That was the first thing to come to my mind the moment I heard love and wife. You don’t do something like this if you have a loving partner. Suicide doesn’t work like that, he would’ve been in a low place for a long time. I’ve had two people close to me make this terrible decision, a close relative and an ex girlfriend.

  3. frank says:

    Well he didn’t make his money from being charitable. He comes across as a person that doesn’t care about anything or anyone but himself. Once a c@#t, always a c@#t.

  4. pubgooner says:

    OT: Why do I get a feeling that without Santi we are doomed!…..I am in a pub now.

  5. dragunov762mm says:

    My condolence to Ellis family.
    S(a)tan at his best and we are in his hand. Need bigger balls than Usmanov has, to overtake (to buy his majority stocks) Arsenal from him.

  6. Olivier's toe says:

    Wait until the deadline day comes and they have a possee of police and bailiffs on the land throeing out the old and sick pensioners with nowhere to go. Then the $%&$ really will hit the fan!

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