Arsenal boss challenges Ramsey to PROVE he’s a CM

While I can understand the frustration of the Arsenal and Wales international star Aaron Ramsey about having to play out on the right side of midfield for the last year or so, when he has been fit to play of course, I can also understand the thinking of Arsene Wenger in his decision to prefer Santi Cazorla in the central midfield role.

To be fair to the boss, if Ramsey had been performing and banging in the goals from the middle like he was a couple of years ago, the decision would have been tougher, but injury problems and a loss of form meant that Ramsey was not the killer he had been, while the Spaniard’s creative stats have spoken for themselves since Wenger dropped him into a deeper role.

So the Frenchman has nothing to feel bad about and it is up to Ramsey to prove his value in that position now the Cazorla injury has given him a chance, as Wenger explained in an interview on the Arsenal website.

The Arsenal manager said, “It is a possibility [for Ramsey], yes. For him it is a good opportunity if he plays there, that is where he prefers to play. I can use [Chambers there too] if needed, he can play there.”

It is not just Chambers that Ramsey needs to worry about either, because there is a certain Jack Wilshere chomping at the bit and not far from his own injury comeback and he has done really well for England in a deeper role. I really hope Arsenal start to see the Ramsey that took the Premier League by storm and put us on track for the title, but he is under pressure and has sometimes tired too hard in those circumstances.

What do you think we will see from Ramsey in the next few weeks?

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  1. Well, he proved that he could play there. The problem was Cazorla proved he is a God there lol

    Seriously, Ramsey is better in CM than RW.
    Ramsey should do well in that position till Santi comes back

    1. You can’t compare Cazorla to Ramsey they have different styles, Cazorla is a playmaker while Ramsey is a goal maker.

  2. Turning around with the ball in central midfield can be very dangerous, if he can stop trying to do his usual tricks and play a simple pass backwards or to the front he should be okay.

  3. Ramsey better not try holding on to the ball like Carzola does, Carzola has magical feet to get the ball away from tight corners and spaces and he dribbles better than Ramsey so as long as Ramsey doesn’t try uneccesary skills and loose the ball,leaving us expose then am fine with him.. I want to see him and Chambers play today, all these while i hope Chambers has been watching Coquelin and how he’s a discipline DM, he should do what Coquelin does, he shouldn’t try looking for goals or bombing forward,he should focus on protecting our back four and keeping the ball away from opponents.
    I wish him luck on that

  4. I cant believe how underrated ramsey is ! This guy plays with his mind. Just wait till he starts linking up with ozil shows his talent.

    1. i really hope the “2nd” string players (flam,campbell,ox..) can challenge themselves and rise to the occasion. we’ve seen streaks of good play from all of them (esp ramsey). if they can tide us over in this period of major injuries, i say we could still win the PL (not that wenger deserves it).

  5. We just need to see out this month to retain the title challenge. We cant drop too many points now and must stay very close to mancity. Wenger needs to be tactically perfect because everytime we have suffered a title breakdown its been in December. Also the match against city is going to be very imp. (obviously) seeing how we started the season I wid hav wanted to beat them but the tables have turned and a draw will be great. Please Wenger don’t throw it away.

  6. “while the Spaniard’s creative stats have spoken for themselves since Wenger dropped him into a deeper role.”

    Actually his creative *stats* have fallen since moving to central midfield. He has only 3 assists compared to Ozil’s 11. We all know he can do better than that.

  7. Tips for Ramsey

    – Get the ball from under your feet quickly
    – Don’t try to do anything fanciful
    – Team first, scoring goals second

    1. Couldn’t have summed it up any better! When he tries to do too much it kills our tempo. A flowing midfield is our strength, need that first and foremost.

  8. Both Ramsey and Ox have a big, big opportunity. They both have every bit the capabilities to be great players. Now’s the time to shine! And with the form Ozil’s in it should be much easier for them..

  9. All the comments about Ramsey trying to do too much of tricks and flicks are just spot on….keep it simple laddie, move the ball on and leave all that playground flicks and tricks aside… annoying when he does that

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