Arsenal boss claims he has open cheque book this summer

Arsene Wenger has claimed that he has as much money to spend as he wants, as he looks to go one position better next season.

Arsenal capped off an extremely passionate finish to the season by snatching second-place in the table from neighbours Tottenham. Their 4-0 win yesterday was enough to leapfrog their near-rivals as they went onto get embarrassed by already-relegated Newcastle United 5-1.

The Gunners boss Arsene Wenger has now claimed that he has all the funds wanted to strengthen in hope of winning the Premier League title next year.

He said: “Stan Kroenke is completely behind myself and the board investing as much money as we want. It has to be in respect of a balanced budget, we have resources but the problem is finding players. Everybody has money in England and they’re all after good players.

“The good players aren’t legion, you have to be shrewd and be a little bit lucky.”

The club are already believed to be close to completing deals for both Granit Xhaka and N’Golo Kante, although it is not yet known whether they will follow through with both central midfielders.

A striker is also expected to be brought in, with Danny Welbeck having been ruled out for the next nine months, although an additional option up front was on the wishlist of Gunners fans prior to his succumbing to injury.

Wenger has previously stated he has funds to spend however, and he has still failed to strengthen satisfactorily, and we have now gone 12 seasons without picking up the coveted PL trophy.

If Wenger could sign any realistic target, who would you take? Do we trust Wenger to bring in a big striker finally this summer?

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  1. Finding the right players?Bayern Munich seem to always find the right players at good market value like Hummels and Sanches,the transfer of Kante to Arsenal is a no brainer he has a release clause that should be met and we would then get a player in him who has proven themselves in the EPL!

    1. The problem isn’t finding the players it is moving quickly when you do find the player you need and want. Bayern has just won the German League again and is getting anew manager and was in the semis of the UCL and they have already bought a player/confirmed the transfer of two players.

      Arsenal has finished second, not won a the BPL trophy for 12 years and only reaches the round of 16 in Champions league and has the same coach but we take forever to confirm transfers or complete transfers.

      We need to move quick and if that means paying a little more to get the proper player then so be it. Suarez 40 goals for Barcelona and if we bidded more we might have had him in our team. So sad but true.

      1. Players i think we should buy (in order of preference):
        1) Lukaku (ST)
        2) Carvalho (CDM)
        3) Mustafi / Manolas (CB)
        4) Lacazette (RW)
        5) Xhaka (CM)

      2. True @Awesome gunners
        One thing I always ask myself is that…Why do Wenger and the board not see what we need as a team when every pundit, fan and their grannies see it as plain as day?
        I’m still hurt by missing out on Suarez.
        Barcelona made more signings than Arsenal even when they had a transfer ban.
        A wise man once said…The early bird gets the biggest worm.
        Wenger, Silent Stan, Board, take note.

        1. @ admin. Is there no way of getting a reply sent to your email if someone replies to your comment. This way we can get a conversation started if you agree or disagree on the reply.

          Not sure if this option is there already so sorry if it is.

  2. Action speaks louder than voice.
    If the money is there and Kroenke supports Wenger as he said,then why not just go out there and buy the best players for us????? Instead of these explanations and stories..

    Bayern, City,Chelsea, ManU,Barca..etc….they WANT a player,they go out there,pay the fees and the player joins..period!!!
    Eventhough they are rich,they don’t explain to the public again,they show they are rich by simply spending..

    But in our own club,talking is the main thing,real action is far behind,the same with the players.They talk and perform less..
    All these “we have money BUT no really good players” IMO is a big excuse not to do what is needed!

  3. Heard those comments before.
    He doesn’t need luck. He needs to fukin throw that money he’s sitting on out and get the players we need. We have more money than most teams in Europe.

    ‘i will buy when I find that top top top player. But it’s not easy to find players better than flamini, arteta, giroud and Walcott’ (Wenger in every transfer window since 2006)

  4. It will be another disappointing transfer window, especially given Giroud’s last day hat-trick, and our best league finish in 11 years. Wenger will now be convinced, that not many, if any, changes are needed. I’m sure in a few years, Wenger will let slip how close he was this summer for pulling off deals for top players, like throughout his career.

    “Yes, it is true. We were in contact with Neymar, we had a desire to bring him to Arsenal, but negotiations became difficult, and Man City then came in with a better offer. It was a shame, Neymar is technically excellent, but we have technical forward players at Arsenal in: Walcott, Chamberlain and Giroud.”

    “Ibrahimovic, was a different situation. I offered him another trial, and again, he refused. What more could I do?”

    1. “Neymar is technically excellent, but we have technical forward players at Arsenal in: Walcott, Chamberlain and Giroud.”
      hahaha, these are our technical players vs Neymar …

  5. People
    save your breathe…you guys never learn. You all go on speculating about who we are going to buy then get upset when he doesnt buy anyone. So… what i suggest is, don’t waste your time speculating about transfers, enjoy the euro’s, come back in August and you wont be dissapointed AS wenger will not be buying anyone again.

    The worst thing about yesterday was that Giroud scored a hattrick thus cementing a reason for wenger as to why we DONT need a striker. Also, I have never seen Wilshere play so badly in a game that we needed to win. As someone had mentioned, he slowed up our play ydy. The minute he comes off, we score BUT again we will not need a midfielder because we have Ramsey and Jack…

    1. Your about right there Ozgunner
      as soon as I saw that Giroud had scored I saw any forlorn hope I may habe had in getting a new striker fly straight out of the window.
      Jack can be more consistant when playing regular football but Theo is the one I wanna see gone as I feel he’s had his chances and has done nothing but grow a beard.

  6. We can sign the right players. All we need do is act quick, move fast and avoid complacency in the market.

    We have been here before. I hope this time’, we sign a couple of players that will help the team. Maybe we get that ‘Striker’ we have been craving for.

  7. Lol….already this has begun!

    He says stuff like this every year. They won’t buy the players we really need and always look for the cheaper option if at all. The papers will start on their Benzema rumour being linked to us …that mystery Turkish agent/contact will come up with his crazy transfer rumours that never materialise and they will extend the contracts of Ramsay and other players that have under performed.

    Giroud scored….you can guarantee we won’t get a top quality striker so let that thought go and move on from it.

    Just relax and enjoy the Euros and to heck with this nonsense. At least we finished 2nd and above the Spuds, it isn’t much but it could of been worse and and least it’s progress from fourth!

  8. NO!!!!! I personnally dont think Wenger will bring in the calibre of players needed, plus if Sanchez really is playing up I can see half of the window being used up by Wenger in his commentary on the Euro’s and the other half being taken up with keeping Sanchez and probobly trying to keep walcott. One of whom Id be happy to keep and the other happy to see go.
    Too much Bull$hit flying around again at the precise time that season ticket renewal letters are sent out as per usual EVERY SEASON.
    Giroud scoring a hat-trick against an already relgated team means ziltch in my book as he always dissapears when there are big things at stake.
    Wenger will NEVER fall into line with the thought that if you want a top notch striker you have to pay for one so look out for cheap unknowns and mediocre squad players touted as the new whoever

    1. Yep….the important part being the sentence “Season ticket renewal letter”.

      It’s that time of year again, we have heard this all before haven’t we at this time!

      As a season ticket holder it is time for me to try and justify for another year to my wife the expense involved….perhaps I can just tell her Arsene has promised some nice sparkly new signings? Promised us the league? Stan needs a new wheel cover for his lambo?

      1. Im NOT renewing mine this year a) I cannot justify the expediture any more especially when I come home from a game more unhappy than ever, my mrs rightly askes me why I am spending over a grand a year to be a misrable arse every season
        while I will miss it terribly I feel its time to make my own private protest in order to make myself feel better so thats it for me, though I will compose a letter and send it to the admin at Arsenal to explain why Im not spending the money any more.
        Not that it’ll make a jpot of difference but hey ho it makes me feel better

  9. So AW thinks 3 players are needed well MA MF GR going then Danny then Carl them Matthew D all gone or out for a year but only 3 players needed? BFG going by the sounds of it TW on his way then the French miss fit OG then we need a number 2 to take over from AW in 2 years god man this team needs work. DM powerhouse needed world class CD or 2 seeing as LC is in and out at the moment and you no West Ham have that lad left footed CB get him very good player. As for a striker well we no a little man has just left PSG so go get him for a season and another world class player. Then a few EPL players that don’t need to be so gifted but can come on and do a job. Everton just sacked a good manager why not have him as number 2 in place to take over

    1. you forgot our youth setup?

      Jon Toral?
      G Zelaleam?
      Jeff R-A?
      W Silva?

      3 good buys is all we need and we can use our reserves and kids to pack out the team, some of them look ready to step up and they came with a lot of promise… time to see if some of them are ready to step up.

      There is nothing wrong with trusting your own development of players, we have Bellerin due to that trust and I am grateful to watch such a talent in the red and white of Arsenal.

  10. I would buy Harry Kane or Jamie Vardy as a striker

    In Midfirld I would buy Pogba.

    In Defence it would be Mats Hummels.

    I have heard Wenger say before he gas an open Cheque book and bought only kids. He with dither and haggle until the last day of transfer window, fail to reach an agreement and have to make an emergency buy from the unwanted players (scraping the barrel), probably have to pay them top wages because time is running out to find an alternative. The same as usual in other words. The only signing I am interested in is another manager.

    1. @Arsenal1Again
      Which Hummels are you talking about again ???
      Is he still in the market ?? Except you waylay the guy on his way to Bayern Munchen

    2. Vardy wouldn’t do the same job for Arsenal, we play differently, I bet he would become a bit like Theo.
      Vardy makes some great runs and as they have played counter football so much, his runs have had more effect, great tactical play by CR.
      How would he perform when he is in a team that dominates possession?

      Harry Kane can take a long walk off a short bridge, how could we allow that spud to wear the red and white?!?!?! Some players can never be considered, no matter how good they are, Harry Kane is spud to the core. The price he would cost we could buy Lukaku, he would fit our team much better and he isn’t a damn spud!

      Hummels is going to Bayern and it would take a major miracle for him to turn them down for us, a team that can’t get past the last 16 in the UCL…

      Stick to football manager.

  11. with the news that they haven,t been selected for the euros im hoping that walcott&gibbs decide to look for new clubs forcing wenger to buy 5 new players!!what do you think??

  12. I hope Silent Stan has seen the potential for even greater income if he just invests a bit more into the team.

    Buy Ozil and win FA cup.
    Buy Alexis and win FA cup.
    Buy 0 outfield players and nothing, we bought a GK and got the golden glove though!

    We are getting the highest amount of TV money by reports I have read, £100 million or £101 million… something like that. How much more could it have been if Arsenal just paid to get a world class CF?

    The Arsenal brand covers more than his American teams so in some ways we are ‘special’, I hope he thinks of us as special and worth investing more into than his American teams because the evidence from them shows he stays in the shadows and collects money while the team suffers :'(

  13. call me cynical, BUT, Season Ticket renewals are out, and amazing Wenger is going to buy some players, season ticket renewals close, and nothing changes… this is the 8th year i have heard this, with the exception of Ozil and Sanchez, we get short-changed every year.
    for once Wenger, do what you promise, don’t short-change us fans again

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